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Found 3 results

  1. (moved this thread as I realized I posted it in the wrong subsection) Hi all, I'm currently in the ANG/AFR Hiring Circuit looking to make a long time dream into reality. As I'm just starting to get past the point of my first few applications, I have some questions/reservations regarding the 2030 Form and Questions about marijuana specifically. I find that some upcoming and past boards (which I couldn't apply to in time) request a filled out 2030 Form, and some units even specifically ask about prior usage/number of times on their squadron questionnaire. Having searched deep through this site and others, I find much conflicting information and opinions on how to handle these questions, with much of it outdated and before the AF's loosening of policies regarding prior marijuana usage (in 2017 I believe?). Full disclosure, I experimented with weed as a young and dumb high schooler once around 2011. I quickly found out it was not for me, along with any other types of drugs and haven't touched a thing since then. A fair amount of past feedback here and elsewhere points to the idea of incriminating yourself as a foolish notion and it seems to be that the status quo at one time was to simply fib about something like marijuana experimentation, otherwise you are putting yourself at a huge disadvantage. I'm certainly not keen on the idea of lying, but that being said I have a few questions that I'm hoping some Gray Beards and other with past experience may be able to help answer. 1. Are units usually looking at the 2030 Form to judge your character/application or to simply to make sure you don't have any automatic disqualifications for commission? As I understand it, my situation is not disqualifying. 2. In current AF culture, would the average guy on a hiring board or in a squadron look at a decade old one time MJ use as negatively affecting an application? How would you judge it personally? I'm guessing it must be of some importance if they include it on their own questionnaires as well. 3. The 2030 Form says that, although experimentation is not disqualifying, "Preservice marijuana use may render you ineligible for certain skills." Is this true practically from a pilot perspective? Has anyone heard of this applying to any sort of flying mission/qualification or any job for that matter? Like I mentioned before, I don't like the idea of lying, but past info seems to suggest you should never present any information that could hurt you or your chances. I want to be honest, but I also don't want to negatively impact my chances even a little for something so frivolous when the applicant pool is competitive as it is, especially if its an unspoken suggestion to "omit" certain info. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!
  2. Hey everyone, I recently took the TBAS and feel kinda bummed about my PCSM score of 52. My AFOQT scores are 82 (Pilot) / 72 (Nav) / 64 (Acad Apt) / 83 (Verbal) / 45 (Quant) I only have 1 flight hour, and if I were to get my PPL (41+ hours) my PCSM would go to 71. However, I knew after taking the TBAS that I didn't do great. I did well on the directional orientation and multi-tasking, except for the math. I feel that if I practiced with the same incredibly stiff joystick and got faster on simple math problems, I could improve my PCSM score by retaking the TBAS. However, I've been gearing up to apply for the active duty board in June 2016. I can't retake the TBAS before that. My recruiter is not turned off by my scores. My recruiter also told me I would have to list Pilot, Combat System Officer, Air Battle Manager, and Remotely Piloted Aircraft in order of choice on my application. I would rather just apply for pilot. Has anyone else had to apply for all 4? I'm wondering if applying with these scores will hurt my chance to get a pilot slot - or worse, get me an RPA slot. Obviously the "whole person concept" comes into play, but I don't have an abundance of extra-curricular activities to list in my application. I have a good GPA from Virginia Tech, 3.63 / 4.00 overall (3.77 in-major), but it's in English. I've worked a lot of computer jobs (including some employed by VT and some while self-employed), and I took computer programming classes. I feel that a Private Pilot License (and volunteering) would greatly enhance my application. There just isn't time to get a PPL before June. Should I wait and apply later? On a side note, I just turned 26. Obviously applying is the only way to know how things will go, but I'd like to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey all - dumb question: when applying for an ANG unit, what should I put the required documents in? A manila envelope? I've applied Active Duty before, but this is my first time applying ANG. Everything was done via email for AD. Thanks in advance!
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