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  1. I may be mistaken, but I believe Houston has MQ-1 Predators now, but yes, Tulsa, OK has Vipers.
  2. Really, really awful stuff. We had just finished a P-51 ride in Gunfighter for my dad and were headed to a post-flight lunch when we saw the news hit—our hearts dropped out of us and it’s been a very solemn ride back home. The CAF folks are such wonderful people, and they treated us like royalty through our flight experience. My deepest condolences to their families, as well as my most fervent prayers for them.
  3. TBTN from Duluth as well. I had what I felt was a really, really solid quote I was going to throw into an interview from Michelle MacKay--Duluth's very own favorite tutor from D2: The Mighty Ducks--primed and ready to go, too. But in all seriousness, I get it: it always sucks to get a TBTN, but hey, we're still the fight y'all! Keep grinding fellas, it's gonna pay off. All the best to each of you!
  4. Right on—thank you for the intel and congrats on taking a step forward there! Hopefully they haven’t finished phone screens yet, so we’ll see what the rest of the week brings. Best of luck!
  5. Right on man, thanks for letting me know! And yeah the board is Sept. 10-11, so hopefully we’ll be hearing back soon!
  6. What up y’all! Anybody apply to the 327th AS and hear back? I know the deadline was only a week ago but figured I’d ask since the board is in 3 weeks. Thanks for any intel!
  7. Also, anybody hear anything back from the 176th FS or the 179th FS? Thanks for any intel you may have!
  8. Right there with you brother. Not even going to lie: I had to take a little moment to myself after getting that email. The 175th is a great group of guys on an awesome platform, and man…yeah, just a huge, huge bummer! But as disappointing as it was, that’s all a part of this process with so many qualified, competitive applicants, and I’m sure we’ll both land somewhere soon and be in a great situation—gotta keep that chin up, keep getting better, and keep applying! Many before us have had to have to absorb more “no’s” than they’d have liked before getting that one “yes!”, but that journey only makes that first “yes” that much sweeter. Keep focused on that! Hang tough y’all, and all the best to you—it’s gonna work out, just stay at it!
  9. Right on brother—thank you so much for the intel! I think I can swing 10AM; hope to see y’all there!
  10. Would anybody happen to have any details on the Cheyenne C-130 open house this weekend they could share/PM me? This weekend is a bit crazy for the fam and I on the prior obligations front, but I'm trying to get specifics on timing so I can try and move some things around/cancel some stuff and try to swing this as I'd love to get out there (but also want to be sure I can swing it before reaching out to RSVP). Thank you so much in advance to anyone who may be able to help!
  11. Anybody hear anything from the 179th FS, by any chance?
  12. 100% worth it bro. All it takes is one, and you never know just who might think you're exactly what they need. Never stop improving, never stop applying. Stay at it, and it will work out man!
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