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  1. Raising this more as a fun-fact to your point that shocked me, too: Sold a used 2017 Dodge Challenger in May than had been in a wreck that required rebuilding the front-left side of the vehicle for $25,000 to CarMax. It was leased (Dave Ramsey taught me after afterwards to never do that again! 🤣 ) for a hair under that price. Couldn't believe it, as a previous offer from CarMax was only for $18,000 in February. IDK what happened between February and May, but they jumped the price by $7.5k. Recently looked into selling my wife's SUV but not quite getting the same level of offers from CarMax 3-4 months later. So IDK if there was a huge spike in demand/panic in May, or if maybe something specific to sports cars is in demand, or it was a mistake, but you best believe when they handed me the paper with $25k on it I immediately said "YES. WHERE DO I SIGN!".
  2. Mind if I ask where you’re reading/hearing that? Not questioning the veracity of your intel, but genuinely curious.
  3. Thanks a ton, @mightymighty! I've got what I believe will be 1-2 to things that may put things in jeopardy with the FC1. Definitely gonna come prepared with paperwork, and quotes/highlights from the Medical Directory and Waiver Guide. I may need a bit of lady luck on my side, but hoping I can thread the needle here and come through clean!
  4. This may show massive ignorance here, but if you get an SG waiver approved, could that condition waivered by the SG still bust you from passing the FC1? Or does an SG waiver essentially mean you're good to go, don't even have to think about it any more? And another potentially silly question: When WP receives your MEPS physical, is it all of the documentation you as an applicant submitted to MEPS, or is it just the documentation the MEPS (appeared to only) use during your physical? I noticed there was paperwork paper clipped to the top of my folder, and a bunch of paper inside...and it seemed like the paperwork on the outside was where all of the MEPS folks were referencing summaries of my medical history, making notes, writing pass/fail for tests, etc. I could be wildly mistaken, just seemed that way. Thanks to anyone who has that insight!
  5. Right on--thank you so much, and all the best to you on your quest. I'm in a similar-ish boat and in the MEPs process now, Lord willing moving to a successful FC1 after. Feel free to reach out/PM anytime as I'd be happy to provide any insight I can.
  6. I wish I could offer some insight and not a question to you, but would you mind if I asked where you've seen the <5 AHI as the criteria for being sleep-apnea free? Is that an AF reg? I've seen it stated some places online, but not finding anything official from AF flight docs. Not doubting you, just genuinely curious! Thank you!
  7. I'll give my 2 cents as someone who believes themselves to be a devout Christian and a recent off-the-street UPT select who's never killed anyone and won't be flying a combat mission, but did interview for a platform that could go kinetic and thus I had to be ready to take life before throwing my hat in the ring. I'll go light on the scripture and keep this relatively agnostic from a faith standpoint as I know you didn't specify your faith, but if you ever want to chat on more nuanced aspects of this topic (religion, philosophy, etc.), please feel free to PM me any time. I've given this one a lot of thought and it's good that you're doing so, too. So here's my perspective--and again--as nothing more than a civilian UPT select who's never been in combat, most likely never will be, and is nothing close to an expert or tough guy: I'm an avid shooter, and, once I'm in a CHL/CCL-friendly state soon, I'll be carrying my Glock 17 with me basically everywhere...and especially in church, as odd that may seem. So, whether I'm in church, a grocery store, a movie theater--whatever--if, heaven-forbid, I'm pushed to the point where my only option left is to engage a threat with my pistol, at that point, morally, I'm feeling pretty free and clear. Similar to how many of us were raised with our parents saying, "You don't start fights, but you have our permission to finish them," that's how I feel about engaging a threat with my concealed hand gun (or weapons at home during a home invasion, for instance). At some point, you're forced with the decision to take a righteous stand to protect life or to allow evil to prevail in that given situation, potentially letting it take the lives of others, even that of you and your family's. The latter is wholly unacceptable to me in every way possible, and I see no conflict with that philosophy and what I read in scripture. For me, if I may be so bold, it would be the same in combat. This may not be apples to apples, but, IMHO, it's close enough: If you're put in a position today at CostCo where you're armed and you see a bad guy indiscriminately shooting innocent people, do you believe that your religious faith prevents you from taking that shooter's life in order to save others, even your own and your family's? If so, I respect where you land--I have true pacifists in my family who share the same faith as I do, who have served honorably, and who have ultimately come to own different convictions than my own. But if that's not you--if you see no issue with taking life in such a scenario--then let me lay out a bit more insight into all of this: First, from my relatively limited understanding, you're not dropping any ordnance without a good amount of teamwork to confirm the target and to get approval to be cleared to fire. You'll have a knowledgeable and often highly experienced team of professionals around you all contributing to getting this right. You won't be going at this alone, and your teammates almost assuredly won't want to take any more life than they have to either...and when they do, they'll want to get it right just as much as you do. To me, that counts for a lot. Second, if you are in a position in a fighter to take life, odds are you're hitting a target who is either actively engaged in harming Americans (or innocent civilians), or they are planning to do so in some capacity. For me, if there are American lives (or other innocent lives) to protect, I want to be the guy doing it--I can't think of a more fulfilling or noble task than that of stepping up to the plate--even putting yourself in harms way--to support troops on the ground or to protect innocent civilians. Those kind of kills are the kind that--again, if I may be so bold--I don't believe I'd struggle a whole lot with. Having a few really close relationships to folks who have taken lives (and are still involved in doing so in the active duty Air Force and the Air National Guard), what they've told me is that they've yet to have a kill they wrestled with morally...but that it's actually the shots that they couldn't take or couldn't make (for whatever reason; if you ever read "American Sniper" by Chris Kyle, i believe he shared very similar sentiment) that still eat at them. Imagine having troops in contact and you can't get there in time before more casualties are taken or lives are lost...or, somehow, you drop on the wrong location. How do you think you'll handle that? How do you think you'll handle seeing/knowing that something horrific is happening to civilians on the ground, you're armed, nearby, and mentally ready to take action, but--for whatever reason--you are not cleared to intervene and stop that atrocity from happening? What if you see footage of that atrocity the next day on the news or shared on another message board somewhere, and now that's with you forever? I say all of that to say this: While I'm certainly not trying to tell you how to think about these things--just help as best as I can with my limited experience--situations like those above along with fratricide were the things that were a lot more prevalently on my mind, and that I gave even more thought to before submitting my applications. I hope that's helpful--my apologies for the novel this evolved into--and best of luck to you.
  8. Anybody apply to the Iowa MQ-9’s? I know the RC-26 guys also out of DSM don’t send invites ‘till the 15th, but I I believe the MQ-9’s noted all invites will be out NLT Dec 6...just curious if anybody heard back on those yet, as it seems to suggest they could have invites already going out up to and until the 6th. Thanks as always; all the best to those who applied!
  9. Anybody happen to confirm how to submit to the Nebraska -135’s, is it via email or mailing in a hard copy? The posting reads like we should mail it, but figured I’d ask here just in case as an email is listed, too. Thanks as always y’all!
  10. If there's anybody with info to share on that and is willing to loop me in, too, I'd appreciate that a lot!
  11. Please forgive the stupid question, but that's incredibly low, right? And would it be just as stupid to assume that's somehow related to COVID delays for current classes?
  12. Same for Tucson; best of luck to those selected to interview!
  13. +1 Bay Area flying also tends to be in the 60-70 hours range for PPLs. I'm post-solo and at about ~45 hours total in a Diamond DA40 (btw, I solo'ed after ~30 hours. FWIW, for some folks, it all just "clicks" later than others. It took awhile for it all to click, but when it did, it felt almost as second nature as driving. While I still need to polish and fine tune some things, I feel incredibly confident in the air now. I used to feel embarrassed by it, but now? Whatever, I'm where I need to be with a strong grasp of the concepts, so it was all worth it). I think I'll be hitting my checkride and completing my PPL in that 60-70 range, and honestly, due to weather/fires (5 flights cancelled to start September), instructor availability, crazy busy airspaces/local rules to learn/etc., and only being able to fly in the early evenings due to a full-time job, it's just taken longer. I feel about 80% ready for my checkride--I just need to brush up on the weather and cross-country stuff and I'll feel good heading into that...whenever it can actually be scheduled, like @Jester203 noted. I think if I could have quit my day job and just flown and studied for 2 months straight, weather and checkride availability permitting, I could have been done in 40 hours, but everyone is different, and every location can be different, too.
  14. I got a very polite TBNT, but I can confirm that interview invites have gone out for Maxwell. Best of luck to those selected to interview!
  15. FYI, GAANG UPT board for E-8Cs cancelled: http://www.guardreservejobs.com/newjobboard/jobs/pilot-14/
  16. Anybody else not gotten a yes or no from Maxwell yet? And anybody been notified of an interview with them? Seems they’re being super kind and giving a lot of personalized feedback if they say no to an interview this time around, so I’m just trying to gauge if there’s still a possible yes here or if they just haven’t gotten around to me yet with that feedback.
  17. Welcome man! Fellow 33 year-old here also vying for a UPT slot. The short answer is yes 🙂 The fact that you already have your commercial/multi and I can only assume hundreds and hundreds of flight hours, you've got a great foundation. Have you taken the AFOQT and TBAS? Once you've gotten those scores, you've pretty much gotten all you need from "Big Air Force" to start locating units of interests, finding out when they have UPT boards, getting the application/package requirements, and then submitting. Speaking of which, there's a great thread here to follow on that, too: Best of luck!
  18. Thanks for the head's up on that brother, and I'm sorry to hear this one didn't work out. Have no doubt you've got a slot coming your way though man. I've yet to hear anything from them...maybe it's one of those things where they'll eventually get to you individually one way or another as opposed to a bulk invites/TBNT emails.
  19. And to add one more to the watchlist: I know it's only the Monday after decisions were planned to be made, but hey, I figured I'd ask if anybody got any news out of the 357th out of Maxwell for interviews?
  20. Thank you so much for confirming; just the signature it is! 🤙
  21. Last sanity check question: For the AZ F-16 Apps, for the Form 369, are you basically just signing where it says “I hereby consent to release from your files the information requested below?, as that’s the only place it notes “To be completed by applicant.” Or are you filling out the top portion too? It says to be filled out out by the Recruiting Service, but feels a bit odd shipping this having just been signed?
  22. Keep in mind that I'm 33 years old, so it'll likely be inherently more difficult to get an interview, but let me offer my 2 cents: I've been at this game since I was 22 years old coming out of college...that's right, going into year eleven of this game in some form or fashion. I've applied to all of the following: 2009 - 2010: Air Force Active Duty (2x; non-select, then board cancellation) 2010 - 2013: 13 different ANG/AFRC units (12x non-select; 1 interview, 1 selection by a KC-135 unit...had to eventually relinquish my slot due to some tough family stuff that would have certainly interfered with successful UPT completion and more) 2013 - June 2020: Get the personal life situation in order, while everyday thinking about applying as soon as things were. And they are now. June 2020 - Present: 6 applications submitted (2 outright rejections due to age, 3 I've never heard back from, 1 that still has the chance to interview) I'm old, but have decent numbers: 96 Pilot, 87 PCSM (97 with 201+ hours), ~60 flight hours (post-solo) and on-track to finish my PPL this Fall, assuming CA wildfire issues don't keep grounding my flights. At my age, I've come to learn to learn two things: 1. Patience isn't just a virtue, it's the ardent protector of sanity. While life is indeed short and years certainly do go by fast, unless you're already in age waiver territory chances are you've got several years to make this happen. I know we'd all like to be picked up on Application #1, but man, patience is key. We're all pursuing a career that is as cool and as fulfilling as it gets, and part of that career is the process: Enjoy it! Don't let impatient steal the happiness that's found in all of this! I know it seems like, if after 13 applications it hasn't happened that it may never happen, but I promise you: keep at it, improve in someway every month, quarter, etc., and simply don't stop pushing. It will work out. Be patient, and let the math (i.e. # of apps submitted over time) work in your favor. Eventually, even after years of applying, there's gonna be a unit that's gonna be like, "Ya know, this is the 3rd year in a row this guy has applied, he's visited several times, and wow, he's now got his PPL, instrument rating, and his PCSM just hit 99. Let's get him in here to interview." 2. Be yourself. ALWAYS. And when you get that interview, come more prepared to this interview than you have anything else in your life, and be yourself. Take it from someone who's done it: pretending to be anybody else but yourself is incredibly difficult, a cancer to the soul, and I have no doubt squadrons can see it coming from around the corner. My granddad used to say, "I can tell by the way that joker walks what he had for breakfast," and I'm sure these hiring boards are no different. I highly doubt you'll secure a pilot slot simply saying everything the board wants to hear, and if you do, you're likely to be eventually be weeded out, one way or another. So be yourself--and always strive to be your best self, but that's a different topic--and take comfort in knowing that, whether or not it worked out, it did or didn't based on you being you. There's solace to take in that, I promise. Eventually, it will work out. And in the off-chance it doesn't, and, somehow, it's become official that being an ANG or AFRC pilot wasn't in the cards for you, you'll be able to look yourself in the mirror knowing you didn't sucker out, and you'll likely have some awesome civilian flying and ratings to sustain your love of aviation as you move into the next phase of life. Best of luck to all, and as many others have said, don't stop improving, and don't stop applying!
  23. @CavGuy @Fat Tony Thanks a ton, fellas; truly appreciate it! Here's to hoping we'll all get some good news soon, one way or another! @Terminator5lf Thanks for that insight brother! I figured that was probably the case, but I wanted to be sure before completely dismissing it. Best of luck to all submitting!
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