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  1. I have been waiting just about 4 months was told to expect 6-8 Timeline: selected: Nov 2020 @ Guard fighter unit MEPS: Completed prior to hire Sep 2020 SG Approval: Jan 2021 Enlistment: After NGB approval NGB Approval: Processing FC1: ? TFOT: ? UPT: ?
  2. Allowed usually right after hire. Expected/required after enlistment
  3. Must be nice lol. Mine took from the time my recruiter said my MEPS packet was at the surgeon general to the time he said it was approved was just over 2 months. YMMV
  4. Correct. I think the guard is allocated 1 maybe 2 T38 tx courses each year. I’m guessing the 115th got one of those lucky slots last year.
  5. I interviewed at the 115th’s last board (176th fighter squadron F-16 unit) and one of the RC-26 pilots was interviewing with them and he got picked up. So yes definitely possible. Best of luck!
  6. I was pursuing the AD route when I got picked up by ANG unit. I already had my MEPS done through AD because they require it to be done before any recruiter will submit you for a rated board. So if you wanted to game the system and reach out to an AD recruiter and start that packet then that is the only way to get MEPS done before being selected. Your choice if you want to spend that time doing that. My personal opinion spend your time and resources making connections with the units and if one likes you enough and wants to entertain the age waiver not sure if MEPS complete or not would tip the scale one way or the other at that point, but the choice is yours. Best of luck!
  7. Been told too my face by more than one squadron that “You interviewed really well and we really like you BUT the squadron has been burned by hiring people not from the area and then they leave so not this time, but we’d love to see you apply again”... it sucks but it’s just how it goes sometimes. Just keep pushing it can get very frustrating though.
  8. Haha right there with you man, hurry up and wait. Ty for info though, that cleared up a few things for me.
  9. Gonna migrate the conversation over to this topic. @FOX3 Were u guard or reserve? And what’s ur timeline look like? I’m assuming u enlisted/got gained by the unit before u dropped OTS dates? But anyways congrats!
  10. Yeah that's exactly along the lines of what I was thinking. @ryleypavDo you have confirmed OTS/UPT dates now prior to your FC1?
  11. Not sure if NGB and the reserve board works the same. But once my package gets approved by NGB is that when they issue OTS dates? If that is the case then my recruiter is sending my package to NGB now and that is prior to me getting my FC1 so it is definitely possible. However, I can see it being the other way around as well with them not wanting to issue OTS/UPT dates to someone who may not even be eligible considering their FC1 has not been done/stamped approved yet.
  12. To the the best of my knowledge no it does not. Only bars you from AD applications/selection. I have multiple AD friends that have twice declined a rated position offered and can now no longer apply AD. They plan on fulfilling their AD commitment and then going guard/reserve. Your situation is a little different with the age waiver instead of 2 denials, but I don't see why that would be any different and bar you from guard/reserve. Just talk with units you are interested in and see if they will entertain an age waiver for you. Best of luck
  13. Lets go! Huge congrats man. Know you have been working towards this for awhile.
  14. Really good to see all the hiring boards popping up on Bogidope again. Everyone can dust the covid cobwebs off the resumes
  15. This is 100% accurate to my understanding and knowledge with buddies at UPT currently as well.
  16. 457th actual interview board was first week of October. Although there was video interview before hand. This year they had over 400 apps and with all the delays it was hard to keep everyone up to speed. 4 of the 6 interviewees were un-sponsored 2 mid pilot training and 2 had not started.
  17. 1 of 2 hired at ft. Worth 457th this year was unsponsored no high up connections just a normal dude. It happens. Little bit of luck and timing is key
  18. I think you need to clarify ANYTHING. I’m all for not shooting yourself in the foot, but I had a good friend of mine who took this advice a little to literally and didn’t disclose a couple sports surgeries he probably could have simply gotten a waiver for and the docs found the scars on the body examination and he got DQ’d and barred from service.
  19. Haha both of these are spot on. Don't go overboard and slather it on, but be genuine and carry a quick convo with them or ask how they are doing and I do agree it helps to at least somewhat alleviate the salt most of them seem to carry. However, you can't fault them 100% because they deal with a lot of recruits (a lot of which are fresh out of high school) and some of the stuff I saw would drive anyone crazy. We were told about 20 times to make sure we showered and put on clean clothes and deodorant. In spite of this some of them showed up smelling like dead animals saying they forgot deodorant, took about 40 mins to even line up outside because no one could listen to directions, over 30 people didn't have the proper paperwork which they had told the recruiter who checked them in the night before they had, etc., etc. Show up on time, be polite, do as your told and you'll be fine. Welcome to the military
  20. No I have seen multiple friends of mine who were regional pilots get hired by heavies and fighters. Just stay humble through the process even if you go into a interview with 1000’s of flight hours. The unit just wants to see that your A. A good due that meshes with the squad and B. That you can pass training/Are trainable
  21. What's up ya'll. Blessed to have been somewhat recently picked up and wanted to share my experiences in the interviews with hopes that this can benefit others as this site was a huge help to me. I was selected on my 8th interview so for those of you all out there that don't get your first one keep pushing! Below are some of the questions I received in the interviews to the best I can remember. The questions with an exclamation after them I was asked in multiple interviews. These were all fighter squadrons. Tell me about yourself and what got you here today (!) What is your biggest strength and why? Why do you want to live in "fill in unit location" and be apart of "fill in specific squadron" (!) Biggest Weakness and how this has affected you as a leader. A time you have failed, but it turned out to work in your favor. Tell me about a failure you have had and how you handled it. (!) Squadron is chilling at the bar, you have to put on a movie. What are you picking? (!) What is your biggest accomplishment? (!) Biggest role model and impact they have had on where you are today. (!) Why do you want to fly the "fill in squadron aircraft" and what makes you think you will fit into our culture? (!) Convince me you won't flunk out of UPT Would you break a rule to have the back of your friend or squad mate? TMAAT you helped someone else succeed. Why not active duty? Have you considered other routes to UPT? (!) What is your 5/10/20 year plan (!) How do you feel about shooting down an airliner? TMAAT you disagreed with a peer and you ended up being wrong and how you handled that. TMAAT you had to make a tough decision very quickly (!) What do you love about flying and why do you want to fly? There are a lot of other qualified individuals we are interviewing. Give me some things that make you stand out above all the rest. (!) Best of luck to ya'll and happy to answer any questions if anyone has any. Cheers!
  22. Post it here, good luck! http://www.flyingsquadron.com/forums/forum/8-what-are-my-chances/
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