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  1. I just got an email back from a guard mobility unit stating that AETC has restricted all mobility guard and reserve squadrons to 1 UPT candidate per year in response to a covid induced back log in training. However, they also stated that people eligible for the new Civil Path to Wings program will be apart of a totally separate pipeline. So, this is making them press for people eligible for CPW. Has anyone heard about this or have more information about this?
  2. Thank you! That’s definitely a good idea, I will do that.
  3. I am starting the process of attaining LORs and I have a couple questions. First of all, I am wondering if these will be good people to get letters from. I have already asked each of them and they are all willing to write me an LOR 1. LOR from my sister's boyfriend (probably will have that part left out) who is an active duty HH-60 pilot (0-4) 2. LOR from a former professor who flew KC-135s 3. LOR from my former CFI who is an aircraft maintenance officer (O-5) I could also get a letter from my former boss (I worked for a CPA). Or, I could get a letter from another CFI who knows me much better than my CFI in #3. My other question is how I should have these letters addressed. Since I plan on applying to multiple units, should I have them write the letters in a way that is general enough for all units? Also, I have seen a lot of units require that the letter is addressed to the CC. How should I go about this?
  4. Thank you @elvis and @brabus for the feedback. I was always under the impression that fighter units liked younger guys, but I can see why’d they would pass on a 19/20 year old. I’ll be getting my CFI this summer and I am planning to instruct at that point. Will work experience as a CFI help with my young age? Also, is my age something I should explain/justify in my cover letter? What else can I do to make myself a stronger applicant being so young? It seems like my best bet would be to rush units early and show them I’m more than just a young kid. Sidenote: Assuming airlines start hiring in the next couple years, my worry is that I’ll get on with a regional before I get hired at a guard/reserve unit. If this happens, won’t this be a detriment to my package?
  5. What is your PCSM at 201+ hours? Some units look at that PCSM to make the determination from what I have heard.
  6. I see in the AFRC UFT Guidebook that they are no longer taking unsponsored applicants. What is the reason for it, is it just temporary? Will the unsponsored route ever come back in the future?
  7. Hello everyone, I am 18 years old and I am currently working on my bachelor's in aviation (79 credits completed). I am on track to graduate in May of 2022, which means I am graduating a year early from college. FWIW, I also graduated a year early from high school. I am primarily interested in F16 units. My AFOQT scores: Pilot: 99 Nav: 92 Acad: 77 Verbal: 66 Quant: 81 College GPA: 4.0 (Again, 79 credits completed), Dean's list and President's Honor Roll every term, no classes switched to pass/fail PCSM/TBAS: Have not taken yet (scheduled 1/6/2021). I understand it is hard to give a good answer without this. EDIT (1/6/2021) - TBAS Completed with a 96 at my current hours and 98 once I have 201+ which will be soon Flight Time: Currently at 185 hours with private and instrument. Will complete commercial single/multi in the next few months. Organizations: Academic chair in my fraternity, member of two aviation clubs at my school Volunteering: Participate in JDRF fundraising and awareness events and I do peer tutoring Once I have more info and I have taken the TBAS, I will update this post. Thank you for the feedback!
  8. I have a similar question. I am a current junior working on a bachelor's in aviation with 80 credits completed now after this fall semester. I am currently awaiting results from the AFOQT and I have the TBAS scheduled early January. At this rate, I should be eligible to apply for units late 2021/early 2022. There are a few units I have strong interest in, when should I start to contact them? Would a brief email about myself expressing interest in the unit be appropriate as of now? I know visiting units is on pause right now, but should I try and visit units within the next few months if I can? Thank you!
  9. Do guard and reserve units always advertise when they're hiring for UPT positions? Or do you sometimes have to call around and talk to people to know if a unit is hiring?
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