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  1. Exactly the sort of guidance I was looking for. Thanks @brabus.
  2. Reading the U.S. Department of Labor’s Fact Sheet 3 for USERRA it states: ”USERRA establishes the cumulative length of time that an individual may be absent from work for military duty and retain reemployment rights to five years (the previous law provided four years of active duty, plus an additional year if it was for the convenience of the Government). There are important exceptions to the five-year limit, including initial enlistments lasting more than five years, periodic National Guard and Reserve training duty, and involuntary active duty extensions and recalls, especially during a
  3. Congratulations dude. When did your board convene? Curious how long it may be to hear results when mine convenes.
  4. If they offer it and you're abiding by your employer's policy, I wouldn't think it would be unethical to use it every year. That's why they made it a thing. Add onto that you work for a corporation and not a small-business, and it makes the answer even more clear. Assure your supervisor/administrative people you enjoy working with them and wish to continue your career there once seasoning is over and that would help a lot.
  5. All staff were welcoming, polite, efficient, and knew how to do their jobs. Polar opposite of MEPS. There's a small café upstairs at the USAFSAM building that sells food/drink. Bring a warming layer as it's a typical cold medical building. One of the small waiting rooms had an older television with VHS and DVD players built-in, so if you want to bring movies for everyone to watch go ahead as the tv is for your use. Cell-phone reception is about non-existent everywhere in the building where you'll be authorized to be at, so take their recommendation to bring paper reading material seriously or
  6. Something good happened. Nearly last minute for office workers, I got orders for the flight physical and the order document addresses travel reimbursement up to a certain amount of money, what is authorized for reimbursement, and how to get reimbursed (submit two forms) along with all receipts.
  7. It was refreshingly quick, but it doesn't matter since the entire process is so slow. For every quick 2 weeks, there's a 3~6 month wait for something else. 👎😑 Positive thinking though! I tried to get you and I answers for this, but I'm empty handed. I've called everyone I can reasonably think of. My Officer Accessions Recruiter, the unit's recruiter, the finance unit, and the squadron's point-of-contact for me. From what I gathered, it's all up to the finance unit for travel payment/reimbursement. The Airman in charge of the finance unit seemed squared away, but the civilian empl
  8. Reserve side here. I’m trying to figure that out as well. If I find out something I’ll let you know.
  9. From MEPS to AF Surgeon General to approval was, if I remember right, 2 to 4 weeks.
  10. @DSG What's irritated you with the Air Force enough to the point you'd want to be pushed out?
  11. Here’s three document titles that may help you: - Air Force Instruction 48-123 - Air Force Medical Standards Directory - Department of Defense Instruction 6130.03 I found all of these using a search engine. Check the documents’ revision date for the most current you can find.
  12. @tkownedu5 I hear you on money being tight, it sucks right now. If you need to, grab a second job and find a way to make it happen. We're in odder times than usual. From my layman's perspective, it would still be in your best interest to get the certificate anyway to boost your chances. Apparently the number of applicants has been skyrocketing even before the pandemic. Bogidope's website has made it easier than before to see what units are hiring and how to contact their POCs directly. Also as I mentioned earlier with C.W. Lemoine, his videos are getting a lot of views. I had an inte
  13. @tkownedu5 In that case since you’ve got your bachelor’s degree with a good GPA, get your certificate done, because you’ll need it to stand out whether you’re going Active/Reserve/Guard. Especially in this high retention time the AF is experiencing. I included a PDF in this post to you. Open it only on a desktop in an Adobe PDF viewer so you can open the attachments. One of the attachments has the Officer Accessions Recruiter for your geographic location that I think only handles the aviation related officer accessions. Be advised, the PDF may have been revised since I got it in the
  14. Thanks for the kind words. Inspiration to others is what I intended with that post. Also, C.W. Lemoine has exploded in popularity with his videos, if you haven't watched them, check him out. His saying of "Make them tell you no." rings true throughout this entire process. I was assigned to different Officer Accession recruiters for different reasons over the course of several months due to the various recruiters switching units, or being promoted (thus I was in limbo until their replacement arrived), or retiring (as in the one recruiter who was worthless at his job). I think I had to send
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