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  1. I technically did this and I don’t think there was a single waiver. Only difference is that I was selected AD pilot, then interviewed with and was selected by a unit, then declined the AD spot. Not sure if that’s enough of a difference from your situation, but there weren’t any hang ups for me.
  2. Per the HIANG instagram account: UPT board is happening. Start the application process by contacting TSgt Sharon Pasion at 808-216-3322. Joint board with all three squadrons - 199, 203, & 204. No other details and I have no insight to offer, unfortunately.
  3. How does this forum keep falling for this same troll? JC! It's the same dude trolling you all with a new account each week.
  4. Confirming that I got the extra Verizon discount to work...total of $45 off per month.
  5. I highly recommend kahnacademy for math. Start at lower levels they have on there and it has an algorithm that determines your level of competency and will move you forward faster/slower as needed to make sure you understand the concepts. I used it with good results, plus it's free.
  6. 100% keep it. You lose nothing by keeping it...I can't think of any downsides at all since USERRA protects you. I kept mine and I'm back from OTS with a job and income while off orders until UPT starts in February. Holidays would be interesting had I not done that.
  7. Active Duty Aug 2016 selected Oct 2016 FC1 Feb 2017 FC1 stamped approved Mar 2017 security clearance interview Mar 2017 received OTS class date of Jun 2017 ANG May 2017 interviewed Jun 2017 selected Jun 2017 DEP discharge from AD Oct 2017 swear in Feb 2018 MFS Apr 2018 packet sent to NGB Apr 2018 packet returned to unit for corrections May 2018 packet resent to NGB July 2018 NGB approved (70 total days from resubmit) 1 Aug 2018 dates received: 12 Sep 2018 OTS 28 Feb 2019 ENJJPT
  8. myflightbook is free and does the trick.
  9. ANG has their own slots to give out separate from AD slots.
  10. Anyone seeing this in your Verizon "My Offers"? If it really is $30 off on top of the current military discount, that's a total $45 off. I keep getting an error page when I click continue, so I can't confirm if it works.
  11. Is there a limited amount of times you can apply? Why wouldn't one just keep applying each year while improving their application year to year?
  12. The vast majority of recruiters I've worked with on the civilian side have been colossal wastes of time. However, if you find a good one they are worth the pain & time you put in to finding them. The good ones have strong relationships with hiring managers within companies and can easily put you on top of the piles of resumes. That's how I got my current position. The flip side is that they make money by putting you in a position, so sometimes they're pushing for the easiest/quickest way to do that. I've seen recruiters try to pressure people into lateral moves for less money or into bad companies/positions. In my experience, finding a good recruiter is almost as much work as landing a good job but can be worth it.
  13. Just as an explanation, however I caveat it with this is via my experience and word of mouth NOT actual regulations, you "swear in" twice on the AD path. The first one is where you swear into Inactive Ready Reserve and into the Delayed Entry Program. Declining from this status is completely painless and will cause near zero repercussions in your life for anything, except for if you try to go AD again. The second swear in is approximately a week before OTS which is the more permanent swear in that will make things much more tricky if you try to back out or switch to something else (I don't know much more details about this one since I didn't get that far). I was in IRR/DEP status when I made the switch, it was relatively painless. For the paperwork, I'm probably not the best test case. MEPS lost my physical and it took 3 months to recover it; it was a comedy of errors. Everything else had been completed by then. I think all the other paperwork was done and transferred within a month.
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