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  1. Interviewed at the NDANG 119th Wing UPT/URT board. Board was three members.It was a pretty relaxing atmosphere, chuckles and laughs all around in the beginning. They began with some pretty easy questions: What do I know about North Dakota and am I okay with cold? Do I have a family and are they okay with moving to North Dakota? Why am I interested in the North Dakota ANG? Do I know the difference between UPT and URT? If I am transferred over and worse comes to worse where something happens and I am either not able to attend UPT/URT, or I washout, what would my plan be
  2. A for creativity and the 1.75L bottle, but Roll Tide.
  3. “Once you are in, you never get out alive - only when you are dead,” -Donnie Brasco (Joe Pistone)
  4. I am going to double down on this statement. That's all we got?
  5. Does anyone know how the seats in tfot work? I was talking with an AD recruiter and he said that tfot is booked into 2020. What I want to know is tfot as a whole booked that far or do the seats for Guard/reserve fall under a different projected schedule so to speak? For instance, in each class is so many seats reserved for AD and so many for Guard/reserve
  6. Last week I got a big fat no for the 176/168th dual upt board in Alaska. To old, to low of a PCSM score.
  7. In case anyone was wondering, there is no specific age limit for entry Undergraduate Remotely Piloted Aircraft Training (URT). Based on a few changes recently, according to AFI 36-2105, Chapter 3, paragraph 3.1.1 spells out the age restrictions for persons seeking to enter UPT. Paragraph adds an exception for URT candidates. " Exception for Undergraduate Remotely Piloted Aircraft Training: must meet maximum age for appointment in the various grades as specified in AFI 36-2005, Appointment in Commissioned Grades and Designation and Assignment in Professional Categories – Reserve
  8. I’m going to try the RPA route in the Texas Guard before I try anything else. The next board is in October, so even if I wait that long to push for a ppl it won’t set me back but a couple more months, less if I get a rejection letter before the boards.
  9. I did, and I was not selected in Alaska. Age was the biggest factor, and my PCSM score was next. It was a 46 without flight hours. I can do something about the PCSM, but "I ain't getting any younger". I am still submitting for a RPA slot in Texas through the TXANG. I'm getting my package together now.
  10. I decided to take the plunge and submit a package for a traditional spot in Houston, TX. I am already in the TXANG, so I've got that going for me, but considering I live in Alaska (temporarily) I won't be able to get down for weekends prior to a board to help get my face/name out there. Don't know what I'd do for work down there if I get selected, but I'll figure that if it comes down to it. Boards for the next selection will be "sometime in October", based on the recruiter. I'll update here as I move through the process.
  11. I am considering submitting a package for an RPA spot in the ANG. After reading through some posts here, it seems that the consensus is this is a black hole, borderline career ender with not much room for advancement. Now, I’d need a waiver to join for age (34), and I've already got 12 years of service (AD and Guard) under my belt as enlisted, but it couldn’t be that bad of a move. Are those opinions mainly coming from people who were hoping to actually fly and got assigned to RPAs instead? I can see how they’d think it’s miserable.
  12. My AFOQT scores are as follows: 84 Pilot, 85 Nav, 67 Acad Apt, 62 Verbal, 67 Quant I don't have a PCSM score yet, but I also have no flight hours. I will be taking the TBAS beginning of June, and I hear without flight hours, the best you can do on a PCSM score is 70. So other things being constant, and considering my pilot score, if I ace the TBAS, the best I could feasibly do is about a 64 PCSM, give or take. GPA: Currently 3.38, but I'm projecting close to a 3.5 by graduation in end of August, with a B.A.A.S. in Technical Management I am 34 years old, I'm also an enliste
  13. Anyone here ever boarded at the 168th in Eielson? I’m submitting a package for the dual board in JBER. Wanting to know some info.
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