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  1. I had someone respond, it was worthless as all hell, but it was a response. Let me know if you need their .mil and I’ll PM you.
  2. I’ll preface this with being a poor soul in ACSC 7.0. I finished a class and signed up for another thinking I’ll get some poop done while teleworking. But apparently I missed the deadline (Which I couldn’t even see until I finished the last class to sign up for the next. Standard AF catch 22) and now I have to wait a fvcking month. Anyone have the topics for the papers for Leadership part 2? I’d like to at least get this garbage done. I appreciate the help.
  3. https://taskandpurpose.com/air-force-mobility-wing-sexual-assault/ ”Howard sought a relationship with “a very junior airman” in his command, the formal reprimand stated. He made “disgusting remarks” about his penis to her and regularly attempted to flirt with her, the reprimand stated.” https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2018/06/02/fired-air-force-wing-commander-charged-with-sexual-assault-cruelty/ “Between July and September 2016 at or near Royal Air Force Mildenhall in the United Kingdom, Howard is accused of maltreatment of the senior airman, whose name is redacted, by rubbing his groin against the senior airman and making inappropriate comments on at least two occasions, according to the charge sheet.” We sure know how to pick ‘em.
  4. When we briefed for a sortie at IP school he looked at me dead ass serious and said, “Hey man, if you see any ducks we need to aim for ‘em. I’m serious, I’m gonna kill every one of them fcukers.” He was one of the best pilots I ever had the pleasure and privilege of flying with and learning from. His intelligence and flying skills were only trumped by his personality...he was one hell of a great dude and aviator. Prayers to him and his family. Tailwinds to you brother. -Herk
  5. His entire post is par for his anal spelunking career. The entire thing is right out of AF PME.... Step 1. Relate to your audience: “while I consider myself a pretty salty major”. Bullshit...salty majors don’t cry when they’re not a first look school select. Nor do they tell me to zip my flight suit pocket the day I get back from recon after a 6 month deployment. Step 2. Tow the party line: “I would challenge all of us to do some introspection and stop poisoning the well when we talk to the up and coming pilots.” GFY, you didn’t come to this conclusion, the brass at the top dropped that down your gullet like free shots at the Blue Oyster. Also, only GOs use the word “introspection”...not heroes like us with masters from Trident/Toro/TUIU/whatever they are now to keep them in business. (We all know the best schools change their name to maintain accreditation.) Step 3. Boast to the world how awesome you are. “Hey Pilot Network, I just sat down with the CSAF. Everyone look at me and how I just sucked my way to Sq/CC!” I would love to read that OPR bullet.
  6. And now the vice wing commander is in charge of the J model Airlift Wing...he’s a nav. I like Rooster, he’s an old school dude who doesn’t put up with shit. But this is the 2nd time big blue has put a nav in command of a J model “Airlift Wing”. The other being the schoolhouse, which is why I use the term “Airlift Wing” loosely. I don’t understand putting a guy in command who can’t fly the only MWS assigned to him. (Yes there are ways he can fly on a J, but that’s not the intent.) A WSO in charge of the Bomber Wing or a Fighter Wing with Strike Eagles, sure. I get that. But this is just silly, especially to have done it multiple times now. I assume I’m missing something.
  7. I thought the ground OCPs are still bloused. They have the little straps at the bottom that the BDUs had. The 2 piece OCP flight suit is un-bloused. I got some 2 piece flight suits about 5yrs ago, but I swore we called them multi-cams.
  8. Talked to a buddy in the Guard Dawgs, he said they had some guys out on the ramp who watched the PRANG take off. They said it looked like they lost both engines on the same side. They tried to return to 28 when it happened. Prayers and tail winds to our brothers and their families.
  9. Per an 18AF buddy of mine. Macdill loses its Gulfstreams to Ramstein & Hickam. Ramstein & Hickam lose their C-40s to Andrews. The C-40s at Scott belong to AFRC and don’t go anywhere. FY19 is supposed to be the completion date, but this hasn’t been signed off by HASC/SASC (one of them) yet.
  10. Military Aviation — ANG/AFRC — Palace Chase Info
  11. That makes perfect sense, not a side of this I’ve paid attention to before to be honest. Whenever all my ANG/AFRC bros deployed I never looked at who was/wasn’t deployed on the AD side. Though between all the Slick units there was always someone out there moving those MRAP tires back and forth to justify their existence. Though your eloquence is much more gooder than mine. You mentioned hiring folks in this shit...are there a lot of vacancies in the ARC? I can only assume that’s the case with them approving all these place chase apps. Makes sense to triple the remaining commitment and big blue keeps their grabby paws on them all the while trying to help the manning on that side of the fence.
  12. Just heard a buddy say that he had 2 place chases approved in his squadron in the last 5 days. Dude #1 requested almost a year off his ADSC. UPT complete, but it was a PCS or training ADSC or something. Dude #2 requested 16 months off ADSC for GI Bill. That one was approved by AFPC, some stipulation allowed it to remain at that level and not go to SAF. Strike while the iron is hot!! -Herk
  13. Just heard a buddy say that he had 2 place chases approved in his squadron in the last 5 days. Dude #1 requested almost a year off his ADSC. UPT complete, but it was a PCS or training ADSC or something. Dude #2: requested 16 months off ADSC for GI Bill. That one was approved by AFPC, some stipulation allowed it to remain at that level and not go to SAF. I’ll never understand the AF, but my best guess is that you at least retain that experience in the total force since they have to serve their remaining commitment times 3 in the ANG/AFRC. Also, does this mean that ANG/AFRC is hurting even more than AD? All the while 3 dudes in the Little Rock reserves quit at the last UTA since they were handed 120 day deployments. Yes, handed, not asked, but fvckin handed a deployment. It’s as if that AFRC squadron had an influx of AD and they feel the need to run it like AD. I love how it’s collapsing on all sides! (Will also post in the palace chase thread since this is pertinent in multiple areas) -Herk
  14. I’ve seen plenty Chiefs of Safety in the CC holding pattern, but never in stan/eval. Have the stan/eval future CCs been worth a shit as opposed to the Safety, or is it all the same level of CYA and inability to make a decision that we’ve come to expect of a typical Sq/CC?
  15. Herks in Peterson, and almost everyone other location across the country...start looking for contacts. I've seen that thing on AMS with vacancies, but that will NEVER get you hired. Network, talk to UPT bros, and dudes in your squadron about who they know where. If you're a good dude they'll put in a good word.
  16. Anyone know if this "Total force board" or whatever the fvck it's called is making recommendations that SAF/PC is actually listening to? I figured it was the standard AF game of let's ask for inputs, sh!t can said inputs, and do whatever the hell we want.
  17. Herkasaurus


    Anyone know much/have any experience with USAA's managed portfolios?
  18. I thought they went to 2.0 across the board at all active duty J units, not just the 41st.
  19. Are you passed over? Seems like a lot of time for big blue to give away on the verge of rumored stop loss. Especially for an 11S, which I assume is AFSOC...the hardest place to get out of.
  20. They further reduced? About 2yrs ago they left a 2.3 crew ratio, so they reduced it again? No way in hell big blue would use any foresight when it comes to manning.
  21. If they just hired 3 new guys I'd say they are hiring. Have you met them face to face or just phone/email?
  22. Herkasaurus


    This is gonna sound dumber than shit, but I know a SMSgt who talked to the USAA rep after hitting a deer. She told him that it's all about the wording. If "you hit a deer" it's your fault. If "the deer hit you" then it's not your fault. I called shenanigans, but he's not the type to make that sorta thing up.
  23. A buddy of mine a few classes behind me at UPT was a Blackhawk guy in the Army. He got picked up to fly Herks with the ANG. All he had to do was T-1s, and he had a completely separate syllabus. This was about 9yrs ago at Vance, so I don't know how things have changed or what his unit did to pull that off.
  24. It's called the trunk line for some dumb ass reason. It's 2 SNCO's that work cases and can tell you the status without having to check CMS or whatever the system is called. I used it a year ago when I dropped my PC papers. They put my application on the next round that went to the SECAF's monthly meeting where the O-6 looks at the apps to make a final decision. They only did it cause my requested separation date minus days of terminal leave had already passed with no answer in sight.
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