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  1. Thanks ExCONS, no break in service and I’ll definitely make sure I get 6 and a half more good years! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Slightly related, 06 year group traditional reservist that doesn’t have any desire to do ACSC or make O-5: Can I make it to sanctuary now without needing to be granted continuation? My primary AFSC is 11M but I am not in a flying duty so I’m not sure if it is as “automatic” as if I were actively flying. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Any idea on the appointment process once separated from AD. PC was completed awhile back and I hit my separation date last week. My new unit is trying to get me out for the new-comers orientation during the October UTA but I haven't been moved over yet on the AFPC/ARPC side so they can't in-process me. ISR said it could take 45 days, but 45 days from when? Will I end up with a break in service? I should have figured it wouldn't be as easy as off AD on one day and a TR the next but man this is stupid. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  4. July interviewees have October and possibly even November class dates. Things got pushed back a bit lately. SW typically has a 120 day window (IIRC) from invite to class to keep candidates from stringing the company along and they were getting close to not meeting that requirement on their end lately. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  5. For anyone trying to figure out timelines; I got the news about my Scroll approval today. Submitted around the middle of December. Back in the PC office's hands for final approval.
  6. Scrimp, Mine would have been the 5-7 days. Got the email on the 7th day that they were ready to process it, but I'm still not Scroll approved so they cannot until that happens.
  7. Does anyone have a recent timeline for Scroll approval? My ISR sent the paperwork up in December and it has been at HAF since January. AFPC is ready to do the final approval for my PC, but can't until I am Scroll approved. I know you try and give 6 months for the process, but HAF sitting on it since January seems a bit much. Any ideas?
  8. It depends on your separation counselor that you get assigned at the A&FRC. The verbiage for the DOL Workshop (days 2-4) exemption is "Full time" employment. Mine accepted my Intent to Hire letter from my Reserve unit. The counselor is the one that signs off on your TAP completion paperwork.
  9. That table specifies voluntary separation incentive separatee (think VSP or other incentivized RIF programs), so no for PC we are not authorized PTDY. I think part of the documentation for PC includes signing a statement that acknowledges that we are not able to receive PTDY.
  10. I'm guessing the GI Bill is because it is really a service commitment. Reserves, Guard, AD are all eligible. If you're worried about the 4 years after signing, separate and transfer once in the Guard or Reserves. I had 5 months off my PCS ADSC approved. I'm not in my career field but am going back so they are, "unexpectedly happy to have me back." -verbiage from the functional." Only about 48 days from submittal to initial notification. Just finishing up the 1288 details from my Reserve Unit. Good luck everyone! Anyone with experience of getting a mortgage approved during transition PM please.
  11. When did you submit? Just curious how long it took to get to SAF.
  12. Finally submitted as well. About 5 months off PCS ADSC with a hire letter and position number.
  13. Thanks Whitman. Hopefully they don't take 6 months for everyone right now. Trying to start terminal in July. It's a PCS ADSC so maybe it will be in a different flow. Should get that letter this week.
  14. Not airdrop. I've been out of my community for quite a few years but never changed my RDTM code so hopefully since I'd be more useful to my community if they let me PC I might have a chance. Who knows if the board can comprehend all if that though. How long since you submitted?
  15. Any recent parolees? I have a PCS ADSC that expires Feb '19 and am putting together a package to take 5 months off and PC in September. I have about a 99% chance with the reserve unit I am working with. Should I wait for the offer and or position number from yhe unit to submit my PC package or just send it now? Just trying to stack the deck in the best way to get the approval from the board. 11M Edit to add AFSC
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