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  1. I'm an 11M looking to see if there are any non-flying positions in the Wright Patt (Dayton / Cincy) area if possible.
  2. This topic was touched on in the FY15 VSP thread, but no one had any real answers. Has anyone who has been approved for the FY 14 or 15 VSP received any concrete info on Transfer of Education Benifits (TEB) for children? The PSDM states: "6. Impact on Montgomery GI Bill and Post-9/11 GI Bill Benefits: If a member has transferred benefits prior to approval to separate under VSP, then the member’s service obligation will be treated as complete. However, if the member attempts to transfer benefits for the first time after approval to separate under VSP, the member will not have sufficient retainability to enter into a service obligation and would not be approved for transfer." Most people only associate the GI BILL TEB to the 4 year ADSC, but the VA site mentions: From http://www.benefits....11_transfer.asp "Children May start to use the benefit only after the individual making the transfer has completed at least 10 years of service in the armed forces" According to the verbiage in the PSDM ("obligations....complete") with not specification on 4 or 10 years, it sounds like anyone under 10 years is covered. But on the DD 214 when presented to the VA, it will say Service of < 10 years. I see this being a huge problem in 15 years when I want to send my kids to school. No one at the AFPC or VA will give an answer, and if they do, they just say "If you didn't do 10, then you don't qualify." I'm thinking about lawyering up, but only have so much time left. Thoughts?
  3. I thought this was BS too, so I went to the VA transfer benefits page. Doesn't look good, and I'm hoping I'm wrong considering I'll have 9.5 years in. Does anyone have any definite info on the VA transfer for those less than 10 and VSP approved? From http://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill/post911_transfer.asp "Children May start to use the benefit only after the individual making the transfer has completed at least 10 years of service in the armed forces"
  4. Submitted mine in mid June.....wasn't at the VSP office until 24 June. Good luck. I think that First come First served is BS. The PSDM says thats not how it's done, hence the waiting period from 30 June.
  5. Everytime I recage my patient meter to August, it's quickly crushed by a post from you. Haha. Don't get me wrong, I hope your are correct and we get some answers. Good Luck all.
  6. If this is true, does anyone know why they would hold off telling people such a life changing piece of information. Just to update a spreadsheet that can be fixed after they announce? Seems ridiculous to me....but definelty somthing AFPC would do. EDIT: Called the TFSC once again...the rep said people will be notified next month. Said "there is no way they'll announce in July." I hope she's wrong and just handing out the company line, but August seems to be real target.
  7. Call TRICARE and/or TRICARE DEERS...they helped me answer some questions. I believe you become ineligible if you have even 1 day break in service from active to reserve for TAMP. http://www.humana-military.com/south/bene/TRICAREPrograms/tamp.asp#1 From some dudes I talked to who have been VSP approved and are not going into the reserves, they have said that they are covered with TRICARE Standard for an extra 180 days FREE, which I'm skeptical on and believe your benefits end on your DOS. If that's the case there's the CHCBP that your can purchase. http://www.humana-military.com/south/bene/TRICAREPrograms/chcbp.asp#1
  8. Called TFSC yesterday and also got zero info from them. They admittedly knew nothing. I did call on 10 or 11 July and he rep contacted the Separations office and relayed to me that things were moving slower than last cycle. It was projected to be end July or even early August. I'm not expecting anything next week...even though I jump at the sound of a new email in my outlook.
  9. Haha. Don't worry about me. I'm fine. Just speaking about the numerous types of other people out there that are eligible. They might find it tough if they are expecting that money on their DOS. Has anyone heard any other new rumors about announcement dates? My CC is very out if the loop and TFSC gives different answers to different people.
  10. Our finance reps have been telling our FY14 VSP winners that payments are behind and it could be 30 days after their DOS before they see their money. Not bad for a potential tax situation, but sucks for those that need to live off that money (rent, food, healthcare, etc).
  11. The PSDM 14-144 says: " officers should not enter into any irrevocable commitments until they received approval of their request." I guess it's how you interpret that line, because the next sentence discusses finding employment and relocating families. So that could include agreeing to another ADSC. Hopefully they get working a bit quicker and we find out sometime this month and it won't be an issue for you.
  12. Called TFSC to get the most up to date info. The customer service rep contacted the separations office who said they are processing these apps slower than expected. We should hear at the end of July to early August. Not what I wanted to hear, but also not surprised. Hopefully they are being conservative in their estimations, but I think that's doubtful.
  13. Haven't heard that, but wouldn't mind. I'd say yes, then take terminal leave with that extra time.
  14. I agree. This is much quieter than the last, and your post got me excited at first thinking someone was posting their results. I think since this round does not have any major changes and far less applicants it's all a waiting game at this point. I'm expecting to that we'll start hearing next week, but wouldn't be surprised if it's delayed based on AFPC historical trends.
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