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  1. Attack! It took us a year and a half to close that squadron after sequestration and now he's boosting our European presence. It's just one insane situation after another. What the fuck is happening?
  2. Exactly. It's the same way we ended up with CSEL. I always think of Homer Simpson's car design when people discuss programs like LCS, CSEL, JSF, etc.
  3. No. No reason. I've never had an issue with normal functions in the past so I didn't know to try toggling bbcodemode. Thanks
  4. Windows 7 IE 11 With BBCodeMode off, I can get it to work. With BBCodeMode on, no workie. I can turn BBCodeMode off, click QUOTE, and then turn BBCodeMode back on to make the quote container look correct.
  5. Be a good Airman by picking up trash and getting adequate rest. Give your car back after you've earned retirement. Yeah, Dover really fucking gets it.
  6. My quote buttons don't work at all. I click "Quote" and it drops to the reply container, but it's blank. No auto-populated quote box. MultiQuote doesn't work either. I've had this issue for several months. Any ideas?
  7. And leave them at the first stopover location for 2-3 weeks while waiting on a replacement aircraft.
  8. It baffles me that senior leaders can't figure out why morale and retention are in the street.
  9. Same shit, different medium... Why can I have enough gigs in my Yahoo account to hold emails from college, but my AF Outlook locks up after sending one attachment? And does anyone else have issues with the quote buttons on this forum?
  10. How low-threat does war have to be before sugary drinks become the potential risk to airmen? Maybe bronze stars are in order for everyone who braved the hazardous fluid intake (sts).
  11. Both of these. Sadly, it would be a real breath of fresh air if senior leadership actually focused on the mission for a change. We have so many distractions (uniform regs, CBTs, PME, advanced education, budget cuts, fund raisers, CFC, MICT, CUI, UEI, etc.) that most days are spent on everything except the mission. I could retire if I had a dollar for every day I asked, "what the fuck are we doing here?" Focus your Group on the mission. Stop telling everyone they're warriors. Stop telling everyone how they are the most important people in the military. This breeds a sense of entitlement that leads to discipline problems, laziness, and severe attitude issues. We wonder why there are insubordination issues and sexual assault problems in the military. It's because we've given an entire generation of people the impression that they can do whatever they want because they are special warriors. Instead, try to instill a sense of responsibility and respect. Explain to people that they are accountable for their actions and they are replaceable if they aren't willing to move the Group towards completing the mission.
  12. Well now that you've learned your lesson, are you guys hiring?
  13. To me, this is an obvious one. Joe-blow ROTC grad only has a 4-5 year commitment. The average non-rated officer who wanted out could get out pretty fucking fast compared to pilots who have 10 years plus training. Non-rated officers can pretty much jump ship after each assignment. How did AFPC not have a plan for discriminating between pilot VSP applications? Why are boobs good? How does posi-trac work?
  14. That Wing Commander should be fired. Not kidding.
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