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  1. Those ringing things are called calculators on the flight line here at Little Rock.
  2. Thanks Robes. I thought it was because of the tourists.
  3. Yes scoobs they are there to intercept all the airliners and keep the tourists out of Iceland.
  4. Try something based on the Dirty Sanchez or the Rusty Fish Hook. I bet AETC will love those.
  5. Along the lines of Hugh Jass there is Hugh Janus. Pretty sick but funny.
  6. You can't pass 6th grade until you use simple grammar correctly. Have your parents check your posts before you add them to the forum.
  7. I am real curious what she said. I wish I would have checked this site while on the road this weekend. Scoobs, even a non-educated, low-life, no real aviation job having loadmaster like myself can spot a complete tool. Thanks for all the laughs.
  8. It is always fun to pass a puke bag full of pea soup through the back of a 130 full of paratroopers. Of course when it gets to the loadmaster in the very back of the plane he digs right in and eats every last drop. On a nice hot low level route these guys end up puking into their helmets and down their shirts.
  9. Check with scoobs or futureaf.
  10. Aviano sucks. You should try to get that assignment changed to Pope or Minot.
  11. Do you tie the rag on your head on the right side or left side?
  12. If you are usually the designated driver you should fly C-130s. The worst part about trips is finding someone to drive!
  13. It doesn't matter to the radar what size tires you've got on that jeep or what gears you've got. And it is a total myth about radar calibrations and requests to see printouts and such. Call the prosecutor and tell them the Air Force situation and the fact that you live in KC.
  14. A police buddy of mine says call the prosecutor. Maybe they will work with you.
  15. A wise man once said, "You can do anything you want, but not everything you want." I know that is why you are on this forum. The point is both of the careers you are looking at have pros and cons. Either way you get the brotherhood and you get to serve the country. My advice would be to join the Guard or Reserves and fly airplanes. Then find a job as a police officer, federal agent or air marshall. There are reserve jobs at Herbie. You could fly Talons part-time.
  16. The news is reporting here in Little Rock that Ft. Smith is to stay open but get A-10s and lose the F-16s. Don't know how accurate that is but they have quotes from our senator about it.
  17. To give those who don't know what kind of "programs" we are talking about here, Combat Proud consists of not parking green and blue vans together. The vans must not only not be parked together they must be taller tapped. Yes that is right. They must be in ascending order. The largest vans to the right and smaller to the left. The ropes attached to the chalks must be crossed in kind of a bow tie. The number 3 prop has to be perfectly aligned straight down. Not an inch off or it must be redone. Those are the kinds of petty bull shite things that must be done in order to make this dude happy. I am glad the delta squadron rotes are only 3 weeks long. They used to be a good deal.
  18. Scoobs, once again I will state that I am pretty close to never getting on this site again because of you and you alone. Please finish 7th grade english before you post again. A sentence like "Commanche your the idiot" says enough. Properly stated it is "you are the idiot" or "you're the idiot."......Your indicates possession of something. Get that straight and then try and understand the world of flying and what it takes to make money. People just might begin to respect your posts if you would type correct english. There are also two spaces between sentences when you are typing them out.
  19. Fold it in half four times and put it in your sock drawer where it should stay.
  20. Don't bother with anything but Fancy Stitches. If you have something in mind email me and I will get it for you. The pocket patches there are 3 bucks and they have anything you want. They have stuff from Universities, brands of vehicles, crew position stuff, C-130 stuff, small State flags....Anything. I need to go by there anyway. Let me know.
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