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  1. 2 minutes ago, Danger41 said:

    How does a Wing fail a UEI and the firing is a subordinate and not the Wing CC? BG Select or not, that’s just weird.

    Welcome to AFSOC...based on past experience, AFSOC will do almost ANYTHING to protect one of their GO's.  Lie on an AFORMs sheet to get flight pay...no problem, fly a CV-22 into the trees...nothing to see here, create a toxic climate...meh get over it.

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  2. 7 minutes ago, DirkDiggler said:

    Interesting.  Able to share the details?

    Unfortunately, no other than the failed UEI has several layers. 

    In general if you fail are offered a SAV and decline there is very little wiggle room when the command shows up for a UEI and you have multiple people actively flying airplanes when they are non-current, along with a host of other issues. 

  3. 33 minutes ago, DirkDiggler said:

    However, direct from the Wg/CC’s mouth “this was not character or UEI related.”  When a sitting Sq/CC asked what he should tell his formation the reasoning was Wg/CC’s quote was “look in the mirror and fix your culture.”

    Multiple sources have told me otherwise.

  4. 23 minutes ago, DirkDiggler said:

    I’m sure that had something (probably a big something) to do with it but the timing is odd.  Wg/CC CoC is next week.  Inspection final report hasn’t come out yet (I expect heads to roll then).  Answers given as to why not but no real answer as to why.  Kinda odd all around.

     Edit to add, Grp CoC was supposed to be in 6 weeks so he was right at the end of his tour.

    Wing CoC is next week and the outgoing Wing/CC is a BG Select...we all know AFSOC won't easily sacrifice a star.  That being said, fail a UEI when you have not asked for a SAV is a big fail.

  5. I would not advocate for tearing down the entirety of the FBI but we certainly need to clean house on some corrupt leadership.  My guess is the VAST majority of the FBI is comprised of great Americans trying to serve their country with pride and integrity.  I've served, deployed and fought with many of them and would do so again today.  Unfortunately, like any organization, there are few bad apples that have such severe hatred for one side of the political aisle, they will willingly cross legal and ethical lines in order to protect one party and ultimately influence an election (or two).  The corruption seems centered at a few leadership levels and is empowered by similar thinking and corrupt people at the DOJ, that is the part of the system that needs to be purged.  

    This rot goes far beyond the leadership of the FBI - The New York Post is reporting that an IRS Whistleblower has told Congress that at the the IRS has removed the "entire investigative team" from its multi-year tax fraud investigation of Hunter Biden and is claiming the move was "clearly retaliatory," according to a Monday report.

    "He was informed the change was at the request of the Department of Justice," according to attorneys Mark Lytle and Tristan Leavitt.

    Break Break...

    IMHO the most striking information to come out of the Durham report is that fact that Biden AND Obama were briefed on Hillary and that fact that the dossier was indeed fake.  In other words, the system knew in 2016 but they pressed forward as if it was real for political gain.

  6. No surprise here but it is now official, the FBI is broken and corrupt as the Special Counsel John Durham has released his report to the Director of the FBI, the Attorney General and Congress.  It is a sad day for our country as an arm of the government placed its finger on the scales based on political hate.

    Special Counsel John Durham found that the Department of Justice and FBI "failed to uphold their mission of strict fidelity to the law" when it launched the Trump-Russia investigation.

    "Based on the review of Crossfire Hurricane and related intelligence activities, we conclude that the Department and the FBI failed to uphold their mission of strict fidelity to the law in connection with certain events and activities described in this report,"

    "This information in part triggered and sustained Crossfire Hurricane and contributed to the subsequent need for Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation," the report states. "In particular, there was significant reliance on investigative leads provided or funded (directly or indirectly) by Trump's political opponents.

    "FBI personnel also repeatedly disregarded important requirements when they continued to seek renewals of that FISA surveillance while acknowledging – both then and in hindsight – that they did not genuinely believe there was probable cause to believe that the target was knowingly engaged in clandestine intelligence activities on behalf of a foreign power, or knowingly helping another person in such activities," the report continued. "And certain personnel disregarded significant exculpatory information that should have prompted investigative restraint and re-examination."

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  7. 6 minutes ago, ViperMan said:

    Me either, but I don't understand this nitpick. These "soldiers" are making choices. You can feel sorry for them, but why feel guilty about having to kill them? They could desert, rebel, mutiny, shoot their commanders, all sorts of other options. Instead, they choose to conduct a war of aggression. I don't feel sorry for people who are taking the "easy way out" by choosing to kill innocent people.

    Would you allow one of these guys who "didn't have a choice" kill your family? I know you know the answer.

    I am guessing you have not followed much of this conflict and you are most certainly approaching this from your vantage point as an American with a mostly free and open press.  Most of the Russian soldiers were told they were going on an exercise, they didn't know it was combat until they were across the line.  Even now Russian Propaganda has shaped their population to believe Ukraine is the aggressor.  When it comes to atrocities, there is obviously no excuse but a large majority of Russian soldiers are uneducated and uniformed conscripts.  You might watch Enemy at the Gates to see just how horrific the Russian way of war is and how motherland soldiers are treated like fodder.  Take your gun and walk that way, hesitate for a second and you get shot in the back of the head. 

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