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  1. Just wrapping up my Joint facilitated course. Start my last facilitated elective class next week and then I'm completely done! Thank goodness.
  2. If you enjoy medicine and flying you could try for the Pilot-Physician program. We had. a flight doc in my squadron who got picked up to go to pilot training. He now flys F-16's but is also a Doctor.
  3. I wish they would push the TAFCSD to 13 years for RPA applicants. I'm a new Major and would love to make the switch over to RPAs.
  4. Anyone have any success getting at TFCSD waiver? I know they already increased it from 5 to 8 but I will have 11 years in by the time the board comes around. I only want to apply for RPA pilot, anyone know what my chances of getting approved?
  5. Doesn't look like they confirmed any of the promotion lists.....SMH.
  6. I saw it too. Looks like its scheduled for vote on Monday.....hopefully we see increments posted the same day or the next. I have a really low line number....I was supposed to promote 1 Sept but oh well. Does anyone know if we get to put on right away after it is confirmed or do we wait until Oct 1.
  7. What's taking so long for the Senate Armed Services Committee to approve the promotion list for O-4?
  8. I think you have to show that someone made a mistake. For instance, they left out a decoration or OPR that you think would have made a difference at the board.
  9. Does anyone know when the RAW data gets posted for promotion statistics? Does it get posted immediately after promotion release? I'm curious to see the APZ promotion rates this year.
  10. Just saw that they updated the promotion board status. Both the Major LAF and Lt Col LAF boards are now at the Under Secretary of Defense. Still says release will be early or mid July.
  11. I'm sure the O-5 board will come out early or mid July....but the Maj board will probably get pushed again. It's still sitting with the USECAF.
  12. FGOs and above have farts and darts from what I understand. CGOs don't have anything....
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