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  1. Ended up going on the deployment. Got back and min ran anything office related. Flew as much as I could to make up the hours I missed out on and now I am retired. Missing out on 6 months of IP time certainly has hurt my chances at flying for a major however I have a pretty good job lined up. Check of the month club is a good thing!
  2. Question for the peanut gallery. Does any type of NVG time allot you any type of disability? Rumor mill back in the day alluded to getting something if you accrued over X amt hours on NOGs.
  3. You know the contract lengths they went for this time?
  4. Yet however the FY19 AvB is still MIA. You'd think if they were hurting for people that would be priority #1 to retain some pilots at this point.
  5. Any chance the 1 year option will come back for FY19? When will the FY19 AvB come out anyways? Would love to milk some more money out of the AF before I retire.
  6. Sad that Tyndall took the full hit of the hurricane. Wonder if it's going to be like Homestead AFB when Andrew hit and they ultimately shut down the active duty base.
  7. This retention train is accelerating even faster toward stop-loss.
  8. Agreed. I don't want to look like every other joe schmoe in the AOR. I'll keep rocking the tans until I retire, before the mandatory wear date. em.
  9. Easy. They thought we wouldn't notice, at least not this quickly.
  10. Even worse a short notice 179 where the pilot can’t get fully current before leaving, like AR currency in the jet. Come back unqual and have to sign a 3year commitment to get flying again
  11. Here's a whole copy/paste from the MAF assignments page. Looks like in-house requals already fall under the new guidance..... BL: get out ASAP! AFPC AOs and AMC/A1K have been working together to engage with HAF to get some more answers. What we do know is this: -Requalification was added as an ADSC-incurring event on purpose as a return on investment effort. The verbiage from the previous version was not removed in error as a return on investment effort for the cost of training. -In-house requalification also is an ADSC incurring event (we asked about the different types of in unit requalification, and they should be getting back to us with an answer). -HAF/A1P is willing to hear our feedback and asked for a consolidated email with our concerns so they can understand our frustrations better. What we asked about and are waiting for a response: -Is it possible to have a grandfather clause to establish a start date for when the new policy is implemented? -Some communities were delayed assignment loads due to constraints outside the AOs’ control, so would there be exceptions for the transition phase? We are working to compile all of the questions posted on this thread and we will pass it on to HAF/A1P. Please continue passing on your concerns so we can also funnel them up.
  12. You thought wrong. That's the intent of the updated reg.
  13. sixpack

    Gun Talk

    Another great site for deals is this: https://gun.deals
  14. It's all about building enough ammunition to enact stop loss after leadership said they tried to stop the bleeding by using all other means. I honestly see it coming in the next 16-19 months.
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