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  1. The focus on road trips and long range completely misses the huge advantage of convenience and fuel cost that a Tesla has over ICE. Electricity is significantly cheaper than gas and you leave home each morning with a full charge. The inconvenience of stopping at a gas station every week or so is gone from everyday life. I have to charge for 40 minutes to do an 8 hour drive. Superchargers typically have decent food nearby so one is a lunch stop amd the other is a piss break. Fuel cost to drive 500 miles: $14. If you don’t have a place to charge at home, then an EV probably isn’t for you yet.
  2. I was thinking about taking a 3 year bonus, which would take me past 20 by a little bit. If 5 years is the min, I’m definitely gone at 20. The extra $35K/yr makes a big difference in the calculus. With it, I make more with the AF than with Atlas, without it, I’ll take my chances. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Illegal to have alcohol on base? Where is that happening? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Interference and the “Trump is a Russian agent” narrative are very different. It is dishonest to link the two. You’ll no doubt be horrified to learn that a lot of nations interfere in our electoral and law-making processes. There are entire organizations dedicated to this, they’re called PACs. A lot of former lawmakers make a good living putting foreign interests above American ones. This is nothing new. Despicable and should be illegal, but nothing new. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. This guys article has a logic problem. If fighters are outdated and drones are the future, why do we need to convert drone operators into fighter pilots? Shouldn't it be the other way around? RAND also says we should put more FAIPs into fighters since they meet the definition of experienced faster. The problem is, they really aren't any more experienced than anyone else except in admin and tend to progress along with their non-FAIP peers. Drone operators have useful kinetic experience that only translates to a very small slice of what fighters do. Similar to FAIPs being good at an ILS, it isn't that relevant to being a good tactical aviator.
  6. Are you OCONUS? If so, you can get 30 days PTDY to move and job hunt, but can’t start another job during that time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. There are pages for both CAF assignments and the CAF Fighter community. Can't speak for the whole CAF Fighter community, but I'm not that interested in what Junior has to say. If I had a nickel for each time I heard him say "ops isn't special" I could buy a few beers. He was instrumental in creating the problem, now he is in charge of solving it. Classic Air Force
  8. We finally agree on something. No free services, no school for illegal children and no birthright citizenship. That’ll reduce illegal immigration immediately. I don’t blame the immigrants, they’re just doing what I would do if I were in their shoes. I blame politicians that make the illegal route the easier one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. F-4G flew well into the F-15 era, and was damn good at its job. It was never replaced because the AF decided that LO would solve all problems, and we didn't need EA anymore. I think most would agree that was a bad decision. Do you want to start an A-A fight with the F-35 loadout? You're right, F-35 is more than LO, F-15X is also much more than just a new F-15C. There are significant limitations to F-35 and putting all our eggs into that basket isn't perfect. Would I love to have 400 F-22s, yes. Would I love to have the F-35 able to solve all problems, yes. I disagree with your notion that there is no scenario in which I'd rather be in an F-15X than an F-35, but that is as far as I'm willing to go down that discussion. When it comes to cost, the difference in purchase cost is negligible. This is all about sustainment. The F-35 is expensive as hell, the F-15X is cheap by comparison. Does anyone really think we're going to buy 1,763 F-35s? We need some cheaper aircraft with a lot of capability, F-15X is one way to work towards that future.
  10. But do we need to financially incentivize then to stay? People need to realize there is more outside the AF than just the airlines. I know of several former Nav/WSOs that got out and are working for Fortune 500 companies making more than a commercial pilot ever will, though they do work more than half the month. The cost to train an F-15E WSO is only different from pilots in UPT vs UNT and a few TR sorties in the B-course. Everything else is the same, for the millions invested a financial incentive makes sense to retain 12Fs. Especially the instructor corps that is badly undermanned, but since AFPC doesn't see the difference between an MQ student and an evaluator, they say their manning is fine, undermanned, but fine. The real issue here is when people say it isn't about the money, they mean it isn't just about the money. Now that the AF has decided to use money as a show of relative value, the 12Fs are rightfully feeling extremely undervalued compared to us vaunted 11Fs. This crisis has a lot of push and pull factors. The airline pull may not be there, but there is certainly the AF push of 60-hr workweeks, lack of mission focus, endless queep and the joke of mission support. I'm frankly surprised we get any WSOs to stay past their initial commitment. Since most are still under 30 when their commitment is up, I'd bail and go get a top-tier education and kill it in the business world.
  11. Also, no military experience, let alone AF experience. Quite the experienced academic, so his opinion is worth exactly...zero.
  12. I think a lot of the cost savings you're assuming aren't as much as some think. The cost of high bandwidth, secure and not jammable satellite time is very expensive. Remember the news about hackers getting into cars computers while they're driving? Imagine that hysteria times 1000. If the cost savings isn't there, why would they spend the money to develop a very expensive infrastructure of satellites, that customers may not go for? It will take genuine AI to be able to replace us, and we're not there yet. Someday probably, but not yet, and as mentioned before, the FAA will slow roll this big time. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. The nature of the Executive Orders in question are completely different. EOs are for the purpose of the POTUS directing the executive branch how to implement policy, and have been around for decades. Restrictions on immigration are exactly within the President's authority. Trump seems to have exceeded his limits by including lawful permanent residents (green card holders,) a mistake I imagine an upcoming EO will rectify. Obama used EOs to get around the fact that he couldn't get the legislation he wanted passed and just ignored law to rule by executive fiat. That's why I'm okay with it so far. EOs implementing a legal policy within the President's job description = perfectly fine. EO ignoring or de facto changing law and doing whatever you want = not fine, or "banana republicish"
  14. So you see that Fingers is trying to reduce future compensation for a large chunk of his pilot force, and you seem to be okay with it. You're not going to convince me that is ok, so agree to disagree. Nice try with the whining comment, it adds a lot to the conversation...
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