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Track Selects and Assignment Nights

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13-10 CAFB Assignment Night


2 x F-16 (1 AD, 1 Guard)

1 x B-1

1 x B-52

1 x Eurofighter (IAF)

1 x Tornado (IAF)


1 x MC-12 Beale

2 x C-17 (1 Reserve McGuire, 1 AD Hickham)

2 x C-130H (1 Reserve, 1 AD Yokota)

1 x E-8 Robbins

3 x KC-135 (2 Guard Wisconsin/Meridian, 1 AD Fairchild)

1 x KC-10 McGuire

1 x U-28 Hurlburt

Great drop. Great group. Congrats fellas.

EDIT: add locations

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END's 13-12:


- F15E to SJ (former WSO)

- T-6 FAIP

- F-16 Luke (Singapore)


- KC-10 Travis

- MC-12 Beale x3

- E-3 Tinker

- PC-12 Cannon

- T-1 FAIP

- C-17 McChord x2

- C-17 Charleston

- C-130 Peoria (Guard)

- KC-135 Milwaukee (Guard)

- RC-135 Offut

- KC-135 Forbes

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