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Motorcycle Riders Thread

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Precisely where I met my tumbleweed...on the road down to Portales. Only about 20MPH that day, but more than enough to make it appear nearly instantaeously without warning. I was driving my spiffy n


I'm so insanely jealous, but honestly nowhere near that good. Awesome picture though, I'd have that blown up and placed over my fireplace! 2 weeks until the first track weekend, getting antsy waiting

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'03 anniversary v-rod.  The only spots I prefer on the weekend are spots that it doesn't drip oil in the garage.  I need to ride more.  My next planned ride is the dragon's tail.  I did Sturgis 04 and 05. It was fun - if you've not been, definitely do the Buffalo Chip experience.  Bring a tent, your bike, and a shitload of alcohol.  You're going to need it.


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11 hours ago, Cherokeeflyer said:

Sioux City 

You mean Sewer City?!? (I was born and raised just south of there).  

I used to ride a 03 Fatboy and now have a 15 Road Glide.  
Highly recommend Sturgis (Buffalo Chip, Needles, Spearfish, Deadwood).  Dragons Tail is an awesome ride.  I’ve heard Laconia is an awesome event also.  
Myrtle Beach and Daytona kind of suck (too spread out with no real riding because all the riding is bumper to bumper).  

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