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  1. I think I may be responding to the wrong thread then lol
  2. I was just told 1-2 weeks. Is that not right? The wait is killing me.
  3. Did they give you all any idea when we should hear back?
  4. It just depends on the unit. Some place heavy priority on visits others don’t care. Same with scores. I wouldn’t stress too much about it. Just go in and if you’re a good fit it’ll work out. Just don’t be an idiot.
  5. Any gouge on the 171st ARW? Trying to figure out how they want their packet contents separated as well.
  6. Yeah we are currently heading up to Iowa, I’ll have to try Sturgis maybe next year
  7. How many of you guys ride, what do you ride, and what spots do you prefer a weekend ride?
  8. I had it explained to me that if you are on orders than you should be in uniform. I would think you’d want to stand out as a potential candidate. Also why would you introduce yourself as Tech Sgt.? Just a thought
  9. Keep ALL documentation regarding anything medical. Good luck!
  10. I feel that I was picked up because of my forthrightness in bringing up a negative stuff and how I overcame and learned from it. I think sometimes we are so worried of saying something a certain way or coming off as arrogant that we don't do a good job of conveying how much we actually want and deserve the job. If you feel that you want and deserve the job I don't think it's out of line to say it. Just be ready to back up your reasoning. People want to work with people who are excited to be there.
  11. Everything is still enroute. Hopeful to hear something before Thanksgiving.
  12. Not yet man. Rumors from my squadron are that the earliest could be April but don't plan on going until at least August. That's just from my squadron with my situation.
  13. I was picked up in June 2019 then had to undergo a 6 month waiver process due to some issues from my past. Then Covid hit and I was lucky to squeeze into Wright Patt in July 2020. FC1 was stamped the first week of September and now I'm hearing that I may not make it to UPT until fall of 2021. Dig in deep guys and gals it'll be a wait. What are you all doing in the meantime to not go crazy?
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