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  1. I have decided to stop applying. Been at it for a while and I’ve got to move on for the wife and kids. Best of luck
  2. That’s it for me boys, got to move on for the family. Non-select 91 pilot 82 pcsm ppl with 150 hrs good luck!
  3. If someone’s got access be a bro and screenshot that stuff lol
  4. I would say my productivity for the last week has been nil lol
  5. I just listened to a podcast about UPT next, according to these guys, they can’t train pilots fast enough to compete with the shortage. Makes me think that everyone who wants to be a pilot would be able to get a slot. Any thoughts on shortages?
  6. I’m gonna bet it’ll be a long one. I’ll put my money on the 12th.
  7. I’m not sure who’s more anxious at this point, me or my spouse lol
  8. Nothing on my end yet. My bet is next week.
  9. Same here!! Any idea what the hiring number reqs are this go around?
  10. Good luck man, same here, this will be my last go around.
  11. Yeah I saw that too, my bet would be Jan 11 or 12. Maybe…. Lol
  12. I read through last years thread, it seems like we could potentially start seeing some results in the next week or two. Maybe they'll try and release results before Christmas since they're such nice and accommodating people. 🤪
  13. You’ve definitely got a chance! See what happens with your scores first.
  14. We are in December now! Anyone getting anxious?
  15. I suppose they already know who has been selected. This is going to be a rough wait ahhhhh
  16. Hi all, I’m anxiously awaiting the results of the current board and my wife and I are just curious, what the current status of the rpa pipeline is? Also, I cannot find any reliable gouge on ad bases for rpa. Where would we most likely be PCS-ing to?
  17. Assuming we all get something here, when do you expect to go to training?
  18. I think I may be responding to the wrong thread then lol
  19. I was just told 1-2 weeks. Is that not right? The wait is killing me.
  20. Did they give you all any idea when we should hear back?
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