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  1. Wow. That was a really great read and spot-on. Can we send a leather-bound copy to Gen Welsh?
  2. Bergman

    Oshkosh 2015

    That's the cleanest B-52 ever!
  3. Bergman

    Wrongful Firings: Latest John Q. Public post

    You have to admit it's gotten worse of late. Squadron commanders have also become the scapegoats for many an incompetent O-6. Also nothing new, but IMHO happening in larger numbers.
  4. Bergman

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Wait, isn't that akin to treason??
  5. Bergman

    New Deid Dorms

    392 rooms with 784 NCOs housed in them. Sounds like the same criteria for BPC occupancy will be used. Translation: aircrew are staying in the CC. As predicted. Fucking shoe clerks.
  6. Scoobs, you're trying to pick a fight and it won't work. I am and always have been proud of my branch of service, whether it was during my AD or ANG time. I just don't believe in the way the AD is treating its folks lately nor do I think it's going to get better any time soon. Therefore, I personally recommend against it. FWIW I had an awesome 7 years on active duty and I wouldn't trade my time there for anything. But times have changed. My opinion is that the other branches of service are about the same, although the size, shade, and smell of the turds is just different. Some people are into living in tents or on boats or in crappy barracks and/or walking everywhere. Perhaps I've gotten soft in my old age, but I've held this opinion since I was 18...the other branches just aren't for me. FWIW I have immediate family and many close friends who have served in each of the other branches and I'm not dogging them; it just isn't for me. Just like they argue the USAF isn't for them. My main point that by joining active duty right now, a person who goes in as a pilot would be limiting their options for ~12 years. Maybe things will get/are better than what I've seen. I sure as hell hope they do.
  7. The way the AD treats people is vastly different than the way the ANG treats people. I can't comment on other services, but my empirical evidence would suggest that they are worse than AD USAF and as such, should be avoided. You can probably research this and prove me wrong, but off the top of my head...UPS is the only major US airline to lay people off in the last 10 years. That was more due to management being stubborn than a legitimate business need from what I've been told. The airlines have also gotten their shit together since 9/11. It isn't the same industry as it was back then...better management, better long term planning, better overall business models. I'm not trying to rehash the age old military vs. airlines topic...just pointing out that if someone were to go AD tomorrow, they're basically out of options for 12 years. There are other avenues available to serve as a pilot in the military without giving up control of your life and career.
  8. Bergman

    Visiting a unit

    While doing so likely wouldn't kill your chances, personally I'd give her $10 and tell her to head to Starbucks until you were done. What could you possibly gain from having your wife with you while informally interviewing with a unit (which is exactly what this will be)? She'll just get bored after the first 6-9 minutes and get the glazed eyeball look going, you'll feel bad, then rush out of there before you've had a chance to interact. Get hired first, then if you feel like it bring her and the rest of the family by the squadron to make sure it's a good fit for everyone before signing on the dotted line. IMHO.
  9. I have seen two guys attend full-time MBA courses in the last 4 years. Both were guard bums and made it work; their spouses were fully on-board with the time and financial sacrifices necessary and it has worked out well for them. I believe they both used the Post-9/11 GI Bill to make it happen. They would fly in the evenings or on days they didn't have class, and take trips in between semesters.
  10. Rainman was right 99% of the time, but I think on this one he missed the boat. IMHO you'd have to be an idiot to go AD right now. Those dudes have no control over their lives for the next 12 years. With the current AD USAF mindset and deployment rate, that would be a miserable existence - provided you even made it to an actual airplane and not an RPA. Beyond that, and despite what Butters may say, right now is just the beginning of the most robust airline pilot hiring in history. ARC bubbas can still serve in the military yet retain the ability to get a decent additional/follow-on career much, much sooner. Advice to OP: It's a time-proven formula...pick the unit that you think meets your needs and will be around the longest, and enlist in the unit. MX or something in Ops seems to work best (70% of our pilot hires are either crew chiefs or boom operators, 20-30% off the street civilians and 0-10% other areas from base). Be good at whatever job you end up in. Have a good attitude. Go out of your way to meet the pilots and express an interest to them. Go get your pilot's license. Take the AFOQT and do well. Go to college on the GI Bill. Start applying during your last semester and hope for the best.
  11. Bergman

    Gen Welsh - USAF Chief of Staff

    I would argue those points with you. I don't disagree that you (A1) are using "facts" to make these decisions. I would argue, as others have stated as well, that these "facts" (i.e. performance vs. peers, career progression, etc) are based on a fundamentally flawed system that favors box-checking ass kissers much more so than the people out there legitimately getting the job done. What process was used to determine who got the axe? OPRs? Squadron Commander rating? The bottom 10% on paper were cut, but that doesn't necessarily equate to the under-performers. The former-USAF folks I've seen flow to the airlines have been outstanding. My empirical evidence would suggest that they certainly are not the bottom 10% ya'll were aiming for. I sincerely believe the USAF is well into a pilot manning crisis and the guys running the show don't even realize it yet. As usual.
  12. Bergman

    The Foglesong Thread

    At least the class will be able to remember who their guest speaker was. Of course, just because you're memorable doesn't mean you're good.
  13. Bergman

    New Air Force One

    What I don't understand is how the program rings up at $1.7 Billion for 2 jets...$850 million each. Boeing lists the price of a standard 747-8 at just under $358 million. I find it hard to believe that the A/R receptacle and other "mission mods" cost enough to more than double the cost.
  14. Bergman

    Aviation jokes

    Hey all, some coworkers and I are putting on a skit (of sorts) tomorrow night and I will be playing the stereotypical pilot role...entirely too self centered and arrogant. What I need is some good one-liners...something along the lines of "What's the difference between God and an Air Force pilot? God can't fly jets!" bwah hahaha. Anyway, you get the point. So...fire away! I know there's gotta be some good stuff out there.
  15. Do your best to not mention the 4000+ hours at UPT.
  16. Bergman

    Gen Welsh - USAF Chief of Staff

    You can't help but like this guy. If he can get rid of the managers and find some leaders, I'll be all-in.
  17. It took me a couple of years in the ANG to fully appreciate this, but it is a difference in perspective people on AD will never know. I fell into that trap as well. The AD thrives off squeezing every ounce out of its people with the promise of future gains, at the expense of your family, friends, hobbies, and own well being. Is it worth it? In today's environment of no transparency or loyalty on the part of leadership, helllll no! At least with the airlines, they are contractually obligated to advance you in seniority order. There is no thinly veiled promise of being the next big thing. Just show up, do your job well, and go home. You'll get advancement in due time. Sounds like a good plan. After guard bumming for years, I can tell you that there's something to be said for slowing down to smell the roses. Especially after having your balls dragged through the dirt for years on AD.
  18. FWIW, I've seen projections that seniority at Delta will go up over 3000 numbers in 7 years. So by waiting, you'd be roughly 20% lower on the pilot list. Delta is just one example; I believe American and United will actually build seniority even faster.
  19. Bergman

    Looking for noise complaint letter

    This is the type of douchebag that is only too happy to be rescued by the same helicopters when their sailboat sinks halfway to Catalina Island (or wherever).
  20. Bergman

    Kim Jong-un Assassinated?!?

    Well played. I only hope the new generation gets the reference....
  21. Bergman

    Is Command becoming that undesirable?

    I agree with you. When me and a lot of my buddies came in, the goal was always O-5 and flying Sq/CC. That was, and still is in my book, the pinnacle. Anything beyond that is gravy. Imagine the good you could do for people and the USAF if you didn't give a shit about going beyond that! Somewhere along the way we have become infested with back stabbing dipshits who all think they are GO material (Rhat, Bence, et al).
  22. Lufthansa FA's to wear dirndls for Oktoberfest: https://www.yahoo.com/travel/lufthansa-flight-attendants-to-wear-sexy-dirndl-outfits-97159968527.html
  23. Bergman

    Apology Letter to Finance

    The best way to deal with this type of thing is obviously face to face. If you aren't getting a reasonable solution or the attention you feel you deserve, my technique is to calmly and politely say something to the effect of "Hey, thanks a lot for your effort. I really appreciate it. Since I'm still having an issue, is there any way I can speak with your NCOIC?" And when that person is out for the week or can't resolve the issue, "May I please speak with your OIC?" There is no way this should have been submitted 10 times without a resolution. You will always catch more flies with honey than vinegar.
  24. Bergman

    Upcoming Boards

    I may be going out on a limb here, but I don't think anyone actually calls it the Globemaster III. Especially the guys that fly them.