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  1. I used to use the ILS/LOC/TACAN to confirm initial in low vis but VFR conditions, especially in ROK. Hell, we used to use the CATM-9 to maintain "visual" on the lead element. But, then again this was before datalink, TAD, Foreflight, and a HMCS. So, have all of the tools available in your toolbox prepped, but use what is needed to make sure you have the best guidance to land safely every time.
  2. Relax Roll Power - As Required Yaw - Control works in tubroprops What is being taught in turboprops vs jet these days?
  3. Why does this always happen at Laughlin? It seems every 6-9 months there is a failure of leadership or some sort of scandal from Del Rio. Is it the proximity to Randolph and the big blue flame of AETC ineptitude or the lack of shit to do in BFE Texas? We did a flight naming in T-38s when I went through UPT in '99, which was incredibly tame but taught us the ropes before RTU. If the above is true, it seems like a complete loss of SA for the FLT/CC who would let the naming board be posted in public, let alone push that name in front of the MAJCOM commander (if true). In my experience, we kept this in the vault to avoid such a possible "misunderstandings". If this is all it takes for a WG/CC and OG/CC to be sacked these days, there had to be more going on than is being broadcast to the outside. If not, then pull chocks and launch for survival my friends.
  4. We are quite a ways off from removing the elevator operator from the elevator in both professional and public acceptability. Cease buzzer.
  5. The guys at AATC out in Tucson have run this test and found an NVIS compatible filter. PM me for contact info, I can't recall of the top of my noggin right now.
  6. Ability to do it and willing to do it are what separates fighter pilots from the rest of the paste eaters. I can train a monkey, I can't teach you how not to be a pu$$y.
  7. Sharing it with the Fighter Group and Rescue guys or kicking the CAF out? Good luck getting the MX group out of the old T-6 Squadron if they share it.
  8. The Rand Report was painful to read. The BL being the Airlines have no incentive to cooperate with the broke dick USAF. Fast tracking regional dudes seems appealing until you realize flying an Embraer from Valdosta to Atlanta 3 times a day has little transferability at least to the CAF. It seems the CSAF and HAF folks fail to realize is all people really want is choice and control of their life. I think the renovations to the retirement program will completely change some of these manning problems with folks not holding out for the 20 year carrot. I'd also change the ADSC for UPT back to 6 years, maybe 8 years if we also move to a 4-5 year PCS cycle. That gives someone a chance to make IP/AC in their MWS first assignment and go to another OPs for WIC/TPS consideration or ALFA to finish out their commitment. The WIC/TPS commitment will lock in folks to another gate at 10 or 12 years of service, which could be incentivized with the bonus. For the majority of AD pilots, at that 6-8 year point you need to make a choice, do I have enough hours for an ATP and go Airline/ARC route or take another assignment. Unfortunately, FAIPs would have to make the decision at the end of their first OPs assignment. With the 20 year retirement off the table we need to shift to a more frequent decision gate concept at 6, 10, 14, and 20 year points. The bonus would still be useful, but I think you're getting the folks that were going to stay for 20 years anyways. You could also incentivize the bonus to specific missions vice AFSC wide (ie. UPT, RPA, PIT), since you will have more frequent turnover and earlier departures from AD. While the turnover of this proposed system may be more frequent, giving your folks more choice and control in their life should help improve service morale to something north of pretty darn good.
  9. Why not start an aero club at the UAV bases? If the USAF won't pay to alleviate the monotony, wouldn't you pay for it yourself?
  10. Correct it is not difficult, but you make it so with your ineptitude. You are wrong and need to stop giving any input on this topic. Sit back and let the grown ups talk.
  11. So the retired Army neurosurgeon is no longer the only DPE? Please explain or PM me.
  12. 300' per nautical mile = 3 degree glide path. Degree glide path x NM/min = VVI. Holy tap dancing miracle, how many student pilots are chiming in on this thread. Choke yourself for being stupid and prevent the passage of your seed.
  13. In light of my recent post, here is what I found on sanctuary for AD, not quite like the ARC but pretty darn similar. USC 10 http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/search/pagedetails.action?collectionCode=USCODE&searchPath=Title+10%2FSubtitle+A%2FPART+II&granuleId=USCODE-2011-title10-subtitleE-partII-chap1221-sec12686&packageId=USCODE-2011-title10&oldPath=Title+10%2FSubtitle+A&fromPageDetails=true&collapse=true&ycord=658 AFI 36-2501 http://static.e-publishing.af.mil/production/1/af_a1/publication/afi36-2501/afi36-2501.pdf The AFI is pretty explicit with this quote on its definition of retirement sanctuary: Retirement Sanctuary—The 2-year period immediately prior to eligibility for retirement as a commissioned officer under any provision of law. Here is what it says about selective continuation: Can retire, or is in the retirement sanctuary, as a commissioned officer by the mandatory date of separation for the associated promotion board. EXCEPTION: Officers possessing a critical skill may be offered continuation beyond their mandatory retirement date. Individuals not selected, or those who decline the continuation offer, will revert to their previous sanctuary or retirement status. Secondly continuation should take you to 20 TAFMS according to this paragraph: 7.15. Continuation to Retirement Eligibility. For retirement purposes, continuation is to 20 years TAFMS. Lastly, if you were selective continued, but the contract did not take you to 20 TAFMS, the AFI says this: 7.17. Terms For Involuntary Separation of Selectively Continued Officers. Consider officers for further continuation when continuation ends before an officer enters the retirement sanctuary or becomes eligible to retire. If an officer is not selected for further continuation, they will have at least 6 months notice before involuntary separation or discharge. Involuntarily separate officers who decline further continuation on the expiration of their current contract. So, selective continuation should normally take you to 20 yrs TAFMS, if it doesn't, but gets you inside of 18 then you are good to retirement. That is all null and void if you rape someone, pop a DUI, or some other law breaking. The BL is they can't show you the door inside 2 years of retirement eligibility if you remain in good standing. I highly recommend reading the whole AFI to keep your self smart in light of all of the current CC and personnel buffoonery that seems to be afoot these days.
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