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  1. Its been a while, but I think I just sent the help desk a request to swap. A couple days later, it said joint warfare and had all my previous core classes still completed.
  2. We are on the right track here... Will flyers get more pay for having to play musical chairs with public workstations that have so many user profiles that they crash under the lightest workloads?
  3. SOS was definitely hit or miss. I loved my class but then I also heard a lot of horror stories. Downtown Montgomery bars have been getting better and better. On that note, the post-COVID digital SOS has got to be a hoot right now...
  4. The Thunderbirds looks a lot bluer than I remember.
  5. That's my point. It seems like they do not intend to involuntarily separate majors anymore but I am wondering if I am missing something.
  6. Does anyone have info about the 5 year promotion zone for Lt Col? By my calculations, a Major is in sanctuary after the fifth look which means they no longer have to be continued if not promotion eligible. I assumed that AFPC was getting their shit in one sock and would publish more guidance but I haven't heard much about it since it was announced a while back.
  7. Check out the AFSOC Commander page for a couple dozen videos from Slyfe about diversity and some really awkward "real talks." AFSOC has gone full corporate.
  8. SOCOM and AFSOC are two very different things. Also, I would consider which bases your aircraft are stationed at and the ops tempo. Hurlburt/Cannon and Barksdale/Minot are not the top of places to live. A lot of the less sexy aircraft spend their time breaking in awesome foreign locations and staying in 5 star hotels while making a lot more money in per diem. I can't lie that I was slightly jealous after the 10th time I stayed in a tent in the desert with a barely functional AC unit. People are always going to emphasize how cool their mission is at the bar.
  9. Just wanted to add something that I lucked into if any of the younger dudes are thinking about OLMP. If you take the captain's OLMP, do only the core classes, get maj sel, you can transfer the core classes to the majors OLMP and knock out IDE/JPME too.
  10. Good points. Cannon is on a whole other level in a lot of other ways.
  11. I just pretend I am part of a breaking bad episode.
  12. Long time lurker... I was also at HRT for too long. At least Cannon has some dry heat and you are away from AFSOC HQ. Hurlburt Cons - Its southern Alabama - Incredible humidity (see above) - I-98 is overcrowded and they keep building more.. drunk southerners like to crash on the bridges which are huge choke points - Tourists... and not the good looking kind - The wing has slowly degraded into "big air force" while still maintaining an incredible deployment/TDY tempo - Live in Destin with terrible traffic, Fort Walton Beach with crime, or Navarre with traffic and not much going on... Niceville is probably the best option Hurlburt Pros - The beach?
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