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  1. Mind if I ask where you’re reading/hearing that? Not questioning the veracity of your intel, but genuinely curious.
  2. Thanks a ton, @mightymighty! I've got what I believe will be 1-2 to things that may put things in jeopardy with the FC1. Definitely gonna come prepared with paperwork, and quotes/highlights from the Medical Directory and Waiver Guide. I may need a bit of lady luck on my side, but hoping I can thread the needle here and come through clean!
  3. This may show massive ignorance here, but if you get an SG waiver approved, could that condition waivered by the SG still bust you from passing the FC1? Or does an SG waiver essentially mean you're good to go, don't even have to think about it any more? And another potentially silly question: When WP receives your MEPS physical, is it all of the documentation you as an applicant submitted to MEPS, or is it just the documentation the MEPS (appeared to only) use during your physical? I noticed there was paperwork paper clipped to the top of my folder, and a bunch of paper inside...and it se
  4. Right on--thank you so much, and all the best to you on your quest. I'm in a similar-ish boat and in the MEPs process now, Lord willing moving to a successful FC1 after. Feel free to reach out/PM anytime as I'd be happy to provide any insight I can.
  5. I wish I could offer some insight and not a question to you, but would you mind if I asked where you've seen the <5 AHI as the criteria for being sleep-apnea free? Is that an AF reg? I've seen it stated some places online, but not finding anything official from AF flight docs. Not doubting you, just genuinely curious! Thank you!
  6. I'll give my 2 cents as someone who believes themselves to be a devout Christian and a recent off-the-street UPT select who's never killed anyone and won't be flying a combat mission, but did interview for a platform that could go kinetic and thus I had to be ready to take life before throwing my hat in the ring. I'll go light on the scripture and keep this relatively agnostic from a faith standpoint as I know you didn't specify your faith, but if you ever want to chat on more nuanced aspects of this topic (religion, philosophy, etc.), please feel free to PM me any time. I've given this one a
  7. Anybody apply to the Iowa MQ-9’s? I know the RC-26 guys also out of DSM don’t send invites ‘till the 15th, but I I believe the MQ-9’s noted all invites will be out NLT Dec 6...just curious if anybody heard back on those yet, as it seems to suggest they could have invites already going out up to and until the 6th. Thanks as always; all the best to those who applied!
  8. Anybody happen to confirm how to submit to the Nebraska -135’s, is it via email or mailing in a hard copy? The posting reads like we should mail it, but figured I’d ask here just in case as an email is listed, too. Thanks as always y’all!
  9. If there's anybody with info to share on that and is willing to loop me in, too, I'd appreciate that a lot!
  10. Please forgive the stupid question, but that's incredibly low, right? And would it be just as stupid to assume that's somehow related to COVID delays for current classes?
  11. Same for Tucson; best of luck to those selected to interview!
  12. +1 Bay Area flying also tends to be in the 60-70 hours range for PPLs. I'm post-solo and at about ~45 hours total in a Diamond DA40 (btw, I solo'ed after ~30 hours. FWIW, for some folks, it all just "clicks" later than others. It took awhile for it all to click, but when it did, it felt almost as second nature as driving. While I still need to polish and fine tune some things, I feel incredibly confident in the air now. I used to feel embarrassed by it, but now? Whatever, I'm where I need to be with a strong grasp of the concepts, so it was all worth it). I think I'll be hitting my checkr
  13. I got a very polite TBNT, but I can confirm that interview invites have gone out for Maxwell. Best of luck to those selected to interview!
  14. FYI, GAANG UPT board for E-8Cs cancelled: http://www.guardreservejobs.com/newjobboard/jobs/pilot-14/
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