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  1. I talked to the POC listed for Beale in early March and they sent me an application. However, they said they'd just been assigned some pilots from UPT and didn't plan on having a hiring board soon. Granted, things can change fast, so its encouraging to see the job posting.
  2. I don't think you'd be offered a Zoom interview if they didn't expect it to be the more practical way for some people. A lot of people live/work around immune compromised people, and I doubt they'd want you to risk getting or giving COVID to your loved ones for an interview. Go with your gut, its up to you.
  3. Make sure you're wearing pants when they ask you to stand up.
  4. Last update I got was in March. I sent in my app in March.
  5. I called them a few months back. The unit recruiter I spoke to said their focus is local applicants, and pretty much said without saying it outright that being a non-local will be extremely difficult to get an interview. FWIW.
  6. Nothing new but, checked in with some units and its all the same thing; boards tentatively planned sometime in summer at the earliest.
  7. Just stopping by to keep my dream of flying the KC-135 alive. Carry on gents. 🤘
  8. If this continues for the next few months, I could see units doing Skype/Facetime interviews to keep a flow of people coming to the unit.
  9. All the reserve units I spoke to the last week have indefinitely postponed future UPT boards.
  10. My unit has already cancelled drill for the month of April.
  11. And for some of us...: USAF: "Alright, we need pilots. Color vision dudes, you've got a new standard. New FC1 standard now in effect." COVID-19: "Not so fast..."
  12. Great post, and many congratulations are in order for you. You're set for life, very happy for you man.
  13. Congratulations first off, you're set for life👍 Do you mind mentioning what unit?
  14. Thanks for that info. I'll get a 368 going up the chain. Did your guard unit you got a slot with want to see the 368 also?
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