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  1. Thank you for the response sir, I appreciate the info. Very apprehensive over one thing and your reply quelled a lot of that stress, staying positive!
  2. Stupid question inbound. If there are any disqualifying things found on day 1 of the FC1, will they let you know that same day, or have you complete everything else then let you know? Thanks
  3. Every Guard/Reserve flight board in general since 12/19 or every Fighter board? All those great scores and flight time and not even an interview anywhere? Is there something you aren't telling us? At this point, just apply everywhere...if you haven't actually been doing so already. In 10 years will you be content working in an office or regional cockpit knowing you could have served as an RC-26 pilot busting the El Chapo's of the world?
  4. Can anybody elaborate on the optical portion? Is it a full battery of acuity, depth perception and color vision tests?
  5. Do NOT give up. MEPS is horrendous. Having had the pleasure of visiting two MEPS a total of 6 times, I can attest to the inefficiency of paperwork handling at times. A squared away recruiter will keep fighting for you and stay on top of the MEPS folks. Hang in there.
  6. I am extremely grateful for all the posters in this group and can proudly say I was offered my dream job as a KC135 UPT selectee today. This thread has been a wealth of knowledge. KC135 board. 3 pilots, 1 boom operator (Captain to LT Col). Most relaxed, human interview I've participated in and so glad I get to call this unit my future home. "Tell us about yourself" "Tell us about your civilian job and what its like" "Do you want to be an airline pilot?" "If you could get in the plane right now and go anywhere, where would you go and what would you eat?" "How
  7. Whats the appeal of Cheyenne? It seems like such a highly competitive unit for a location that isn't in a major metropolitan area. I'm guessing proximity to Denver? I froze my cajones off when I went up there.
  8. This is your new identity now. Take it and run.
  9. Isn't that contrary what was posted recently about 90 or so slots for AFRC this year?
  10. I'm in the exact same situation as you brotha. Theres no easy answer, other than apply absolutely everywhere and cold call units. If you want any info on the color vision test, PM me.
  11. I am former Army. Its not a mentality thing as much as its a professional courtesy. On the Army Guard side of things, we used to have new LT's that would hurt us after deciding they wanted a different assignment once done with OCS. I get it, preferences and perspectives change, but when you commit to a unit and get them slotted into a specific position, only to have them renege really throws off the balance of the manning and workload for 60+ Soldiers. I am extremely happy to hear you say its not as big as a problem in the Air Force. When you have a Company of 60 Soldiers and a 2LT acting as t
  12. I hear you man, but you have a slot, take it and run. You could have the alternative, which would be No slot, No flying, anywhere. Unless you need to be around your hometown to take care of ailing family members long term, I don't see your hiring unit to be very sympathetic to your situation at this point.
  13. Refueling squadron 5 pilots, 1 boom on the board -tell about yourself -my job in the military -strength/weakness -If you were on a layover with the crew, what would you do for fun -in an emergency situation, how would you utilize the boom operator -what movie character best describes you -tell us about a funny experience that happened to you -your biggest role model -where you see yourself in 10 years -why this unit and city -a time you had to sacrifice or hard time in your life -any questions for us
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