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  1. Stop worrying about the AFOQT and PCSM scores. They won't make you a better or worse person. You obviously are an intelligent individual with a 3.33 GPA and once you get that PPL, it shows that you're competent in an airplane and know the basics. Kill it in the interview, show them who you are and why you'd be a good match for their unit. I got hired with scores lower than that years ago, and it was never brought up. YMMV.
  2. Are you still looking for stuff? I've got tons of photos and some patches. My dad flew them for about 8 years in the Guard.
  3. Thank you both for the words of encouragement, I do feel better about it now. I should have elaborated that on the application, it physically says preference is first given to current unit members, hence my apprehension. It is my dream unit though due to the location and a certain cargo airline connection as goodflightcowboy mentioned. I'm at a weird point right now. I got picked up in 2014 with a unit at my first interview. Due to a med issue that no longer is a problem, I can now fly in the AF. I will now be on my third interview this time around and anxious doesn't begin to describe how much I want to begin flying in the AF. I think its harder knowing I had a taste of it before, but couldn't continue at the time.
  4. Going off my previous post here. Do you guys think its not a good use of time interviewing with a unit that gives preference to those within their organization? As much as I want to attend every interview, time and cost are not expendable especially already being in the military myself.
  5. I don't know. I called, got an application and now have an interview in Feb. Granted, I'm current military but not Air Force. Cheers for the luck, I need it!
  6. I've had two interviews since October, both KC-135 units. YMMV but here were some of the questions asked. Unit 1: 4 pilots (O2-O4) sit around a small conference table, casual. Quick interview, about 30 minutes. -About yourself -Flying aspirations -Why this unit/plane -Spouse good with moving to the area? -Flight experience -Why me -What questions I had for them. Unit 2: 8 pilots and booms. Large conference room table, 1.25 hours. This one was much more thorough and professional in demeanor. Was required to do a formal report-in to the board upon entering the room. -Formal reporting in -About yourself -Talked about medical issue that prevented me from flying in the AF before -My current military job experience and what it could bring to the table in an AF unit -Plans for work or if I wanted to work full time in the unit after UPT -Scenario based question regarding feuding crew members and how I'd handle it as a junior Officer -Flight experience in detail. Each board member went through my log book and asked questions from it -8-10 questions from the FAA Private Pilot PTS book. I'm glad I prepared for this by studying up before the interview -Why me -Questions for them -Asked if I wanted to go see a plane (of course YES!)
  7. Anybody going to the Memphis UPT board in Feb?
  8. You should say you're excited to be considered to fly fighters as an Officer in the Air Force.
  9. Congrats. Do you know when the actual interviews will be date wise? Is Newburgh area a good choice to live for an out of stater? Thanks
  10. Try converting the pdf to a word doc, filling it all in and editing the format a bit, then convert back to pdf.
  11. I'm going to butt in here...Is the MFS the same as the FC1 at Wright Pat? I am going Guard/Reserve route, so unsure if this even applies to me. TIA
  12. Interviewed with the 185th ARW in Sioux City this weekend. Great unit, very welcoming! Fingers are crossed.
  13. Do some ANG units never get any/less than 10 UPT applications for a board? I feel like some get very little applying, if at all...
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