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  1. I'm in the exact same situation as you brotha. Theres no easy answer, other than apply absolutely everywhere and cold call units. If you want any info on the color vision test, PM me.
  2. I am former Army. Its not a mentality thing as much as its a professional courtesy. On the Army Guard side of things, we used to have new LT's that would hurt us after deciding they wanted a different assignment once done with OCS. I get it, preferences and perspectives change, but when you commit to a unit and get them slotted into a specific position, only to have them renege really throws off the balance of the manning and workload for 60+ Soldiers. I am extremely happy to hear you say its not as big as a problem in the Air Force. When you have a Company of 60 Soldiers and a 2LT acting as the Commander because there is a deficiency of Officers in the state, every person that decides to change their mind has a big impact. Thats a whole 'nother rabbit hole though, again, glad to hear its not that way in the AF. Its my opinion that when you commit to a UPT slot and work with that unit for the better part of a year and enlist, thats where you stay. Barring any major family issues that would require you to be near your home, I can't sympathize with any decision to leave. Saying "no thanks" to a unit after a few weeks of getting a better offer and not doing any in-processing, I can totally get that. This is a job of a lifetime. Do you want it or do you want it with stipulations?
  3. I hear you man, but you have a slot, take it and run. You could have the alternative, which would be No slot, No flying, anywhere. Unless you need to be around your hometown to take care of ailing family members long term, I don't see your hiring unit to be very sympathetic to your situation at this point.
  4. Refueling squadron 5 pilots, 1 boom on the board -tell about yourself -my job in the military -strength/weakness -If you were on a layover with the crew, what would you do for fun -in an emergency situation, how would you utilize the boom operator -what movie character best describes you -tell us about a funny experience that happened to you -your biggest role model -where you see yourself in 10 years -why this unit and city -a time you had to sacrifice or hard time in your life -any questions for us
  5. Memphis is hiring. Shoot me a PM with your email if you want the flyer.
  6. Oh the irony. I was about to sit down and work on that application.
  7. Never heard back to my application or to the follow-up I sent. Assuming its a TBNT 😂
  8. Is your last name near the bottom of the alphabet? Lol...
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