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  1. If you're unmarried you have to stay in the UOQ as well. Looking at my base at least, it looks like you're forbidden from signing a lease until you're authorized to live off base. Is she going to be approved for a lease before you are out of UOQ? My partner would like to come with me to UPT and we're still trying to figure this out as well.
  2. I've passed my flight physical, but I see once one arrives at your UPT base you have to go through a few more medical exams before you're officially medically qualified. I see the list as "Audiogram, Optical, PHA, and Dental". Is this experience pretty similar to getting your initial flight physical done all over again, or more like a typical check-up with your doctor? I'm not a huge fan of things completely out of my control, so some more information on this process is appreciated. It's been a while since I had my flight physical so hopefully I'm still able to pass all those tests the same.
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