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  1. Getting on the back end of the curve, with less new cases and deaths per day. Having rapid testing everywhere to clear people back to work. Maybe a decent treatment program (anti-malaria drugs, antibodies, etc). Probably partial openings, restaurants/bars are screwed for a while longer, schools are done till August. Vaccine is at least a year out.
  2. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/03/common-good-constitutionalism/609037/ A buddy and I have been talking about how the bad situation we are in is a breeding ground for the rise of bad ideas. Here is a Harvard professor literally suggesting fascism. Not directly COVID-19 related, but still need to be wary.
  3. Got email saying there was a change, checked vMPF for my assignment and saw it. My new orders haven’t even been cut yet. I’m glad Im still going.
  4. 31 May. Not sure if COVID related, but probably is. Gonna get more info on Monday, I knew Laughlin was having housing issues with graduates not being able to PCS out, so probably some backup alleviation.
  5. This mornings earthquake here in Utah definitely has people on edge more than before. Stores have lines now due to limitations to how many people are allowed in due to possibly compromised structures. At least they have TP and some cleaning stuff on hand. Listen to the CDC. Wash your ing hands, distance yourselves from others. This will all be over sooner if we all do what we have to do. Im just glad its not hitting kids.
  6. Just about every engineering office at Hill has gone to telework. No pants and Uber Eats!
  7. Rated assignments team said its a rapidly changing situation, but AETC is working to make UFT “mission essential.” I would assume its all still a go.
  8. Are they still doing drops even without the nights?
  9. Ive got a 15 July class to Laughlin if you’re interested. PM me
  10. I wonder what the over/under is on our PCS’ being moved.....
  11. Happy to help. FC1 lead time varies a lot, but is never quick. A PPL will definitely help strengthen your packet. PM me if you have more particular questions to your application.
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