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  1. Anybody want to post AFSC's they weren't released from? I'm a 62E going for this years board.
  2. No problem, buddy. Here are some highlights: - Apps due 12 Aug, board meet 24-26 Sept - UFT/UCT/UABMT age up to 33, RPA has no restriction - You may decline this board, and reapply next time. Not retroactive to earlier boards.
  3. PSDM just dropped for this year, best of luck to everyone!
  4. PSDM should drop this week. I was curious if there was anybody here that ran into issues with ADSC when applying for the board. AFI says we need to serve half of it to be eligible, but I figure thats not in effect if a lot of 2LT’s got picked up the lst board. Wanted to know you all’s experience.
  5. I like how DnD shoe-horned in Bronn into 3 episodes this season. Got a cumulative of like 4 minutes on screen and filled that time with priceless quips. I hope DnD gets hit in the gonads with the collectors set of the books for their shit effort the last two seasons.
  6. How are you able to get the SW gift card? The website never works for me 😞
  7. You check a box on the AF215 saying that you volunteer for ENJJPT. You find out if you got it when everyone gets results.
  8. What is Hot may never Pie
  9. Lets all be real here for a moment: we know Hot Pie is gonna take the iron throne.
  10. Hi all, just an update for my issue before, I called back flight med, and was able to get it pushed through, which is great because my physical isn’t till next month. Thanks for the help! Also, PSDM is to be released in the next few days. Board is 24-26 Sept, applications due 12 August. Probably start a new thread once the PSDM drops.
  11. Not working for me right now. Flight med at my base are telling me they need a letter from my CC and an AFPC email before they can start.
  12. Trying to get started on the FC1, who do I contact at AFPC to get authorization to start that?
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