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  1. Columbus has a massive maintenance issue due to a shitty contractor. Also seeing Big Blue playing musical chairs with students being moved around when they transition from T6 to T1/T38
  2. At least it wasn’t Midway. Probably would have ended up on Cicero.
  3. Finishing up day two of the anticipation train!
  4. I think any declination is for the entire board as well. This year you can decline any slot, and still be able to recompete next year. Best of luck.
  5. I’ll just wait till Tuesday at this point, everyone took a 5-day weekend. My stats are 88PCSM w/PPL, 98 pilot afoqt.
  6. ^^^^Agreed But you know, if you do have the list, I’d like to check it.... for uhhh..... making sure its grammar is uhhh..... checked.
  7. My commander and his exec are on leave today...... the anticipation train continues on! :,,,,,,,,(
  8. I guess they realized they can have a larger pool of maybe decent candidates next year. Even then, ETP’s were give this year for people that had declined previously (i think somewhere on this thread it was talked about). Last year there was 150 slots total (90Pilot, 20 RPA, 10 CSO, 30 ABM). Up until this year, it is the most combined CSO/ABM slots in the last 5 boards.
  9. Probs not looking at previous years stats. Last year it was 90 pilot, 20 RPA. The most its been in the last 5 boards was 31. If I was a betting man, Im saying 75 pilot, 25 RPA. Thats also based on one of the rated assignments guys telling me pilot slots are “slightly down.”
  10. How would that work with my commander being geographically separated? My boss is at Wright-Patt, would they contact the FSS there, or the CSS at my base?
  11. Portal just updated, commanders will know 7 November, public release 15 Nov
  12. Nothing yet, CSS also isn’t seeing my name on their loss roster either.
  13. Is mid-November the date commanders are notified or when the PSDM drops for everyone?
  14. Asked my CSS today, name is not on there yet 😕
  15. https://www.esd.whs.mil/Portals/54/Documents/DD/issuances/dodi/613003p.pdf?ver=2018-05-04-113917-883#page25 This could help narrow that down. I don’t remember my FC1 at my local base going any farther than that for that area.
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