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  1. Called assignments team, they moved those at Randolph with prior flight experience out to other bases. @Navigangsta we’re both starting class on 15 July still.
  2. I got an email during the day saying I a “Change of Projected Assignment” so I stopped by the office, checked vMPF, and saw my assignment is now loaded as Laughlin instead of Randolph, albeit still on time for the May PCS.
  3. For anybody heading to MFS 22 Jan, If you need a ride to/from Dayton Airport, my org got me a rental. DM me if you needa ride.
  4. ... wikipedia Checked Boeing’s website, it is the same wingspan. My mistake.
  5. Each of the wing refueling pods weighs 1425lbs. I imagine whatever mods are in there to allow for it added weight. http://www.aviationpartnersboeing.com/products_767_300er.php Winglets as a set weigh 3300lbs. ~2000lbs is labeled as “wing modifications” I imagine they went through some sort of cost analysis to figure out fuel burn from the weight from modifications to be able to support both the pods and the winglets. Maybe the acquisitions team and Boeing made some assumptions for the planes use that would make winglets not needed? 🤷🏼‍♂️ For some reason the KC46 has 19in longer wingspan, not sure why.
  6. Gonna throw in a data point for TBAS retakes, I took my base 0 flight hour pcsm up 8 points by retaking. Not sure what the original max score was. Always a possibility it could get worse though. I did it the second time at a different ROTC det, and felt like the controls were much better for the test on the second machine 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. https://m.censor.net.ua/news/3168988/na_dvigatelyah_net_sledov_pojara_informatsiya_o_rabote_gosudarstvennoyi_komissii_po_rassledovaniyu_obstoyatelstv Ukrainian investigators found no evidence that engines were on fire.
  8. No? The point is that the ground based AAM crews did not understand what they were seeing when/if the 737 had a compressor stall.
  9. No, I think it sounds legit.
  10. Great read. Their theory on a compressor stall causing a fireball, freaking out Iranian AAM crews enough to shoot, sounds really plausible.
  11. The flight was also an hour delayed coming out of IKA. Before even combing the wreckage, Iranian officials were saying the plane had “technical issues” after takeoff. That’s considering there was no mayday call, and that the ADS-B cuts out during its ascent.
  12. You realize most of the people protesting are Iraqi Shiites, right? There is a popular movement being led in those areas to stop Iranian influence, which sparked the events leading up till now. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2020/01/05/world/middleeast/iran-general-soleimani-iraq.amp.html Iraqi Lawmakers Vote to Expel U.S. Troops as Iran Mourns a Slain General the plot thickens.
  13. Makes sense now more than ever, the Iraqi populace is united in their hatred of the Iranian-backed government. Not to say they are thrilled with the US, but after seeing hundreds of protestors being slaughtered by Iran-backed militias, Iraqi twitter seems to be loving the move to kill Suleiman.
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