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  1. Sounds like cooler heads prevailed in what could’ve gotten ugly.
  2. “III MEF Marines”released on FB that the second Marine found had passed. Still no other news, but it sounds like everyone who can get there is out looking. Here’s hoping for a Christmas miracle.
  3. https://www.armytimes.com/news/your-army/2018/09/05/the-army-is-making-progress-on-fixing-its-pilot-shortage-so-its-turning-the-focus-on-maintainers/ Interesting “atmospherics” from our Army aviation counterparts. “So, we are short pilots, just candidly speaking,” he said. “I mean, we are under our authorization for aviators, most predominantly seen in the AH-64community.” For the past year and a half, flight school has upped the number of training spots to meet the shortfall, he said But, he added, “you can’t fill the void with just accessions because then six, eight years later you would have a relatively inexperienced force.” So the Army can see the problem with producing away the shortfall... huh.
  4. I applaud your nerd-ness good sir. Dilly dilly!
  5. For their reading/educational pleasure. https://www.aircommando.org/sites/journal/ACJ Vol 6 Issue 2 Allied Force Sep 2017.pdf
  6. Nope... the rumors have once again died. They should start again in around 36 months or so though based on past trends.
  7. Beginning all the way back in T-44’s, “working engine, working foot” and “raise the dead”. Standard Herk stuff, the read was very depressing.
  8. More delays? Say it ain't so... another '05 purge survivor here.
  9. Money for MWR and WG/CC’s being willing to accept risk... even a little bit, is in short supply these days. We have one, but it’s cheaper to rent on the economy.
  10. The F-22 was initially supposed to go to Holloman and NM politics got AFSOC into Cannon. With the airspace available out here I wouldn’t be surprised if something ends up in the land of entrapment.
  11. LOL, Linda isn’t a “she”. But the other part of that statement is possible.
  12. Perhaps he’ll be permitted to “take the black” and finish his time in AFPAK Hands.
  13. Don’t take the early option. Speaking from experience here.
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