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  1. That or Sen Robert C. Byrd... similar rep as a human too...
  2. Already taken by the 130th AW. https://www.goang.com/locations/west-virginia/yeager-air-national-guard-base.html
  3. Hang some Sargent Fletcher pods off of it, throw a few SATCOM antennas on top and now it could become a legit SOCOM asset... just sayin!
  4. Sounds like a standard local training line in the Duke City! Who’s up for some threat-pen over Meadow Lake and its population of pharmaceutical enthusiasts?!
  5. Peoria had been pushing hard a few years ago for the J conversion. Who knows though.
  6. Correct Huggy, steel toes are not approved for flight in the AF, and I think Navy required it only if you had ops on carrier flight decks. (It’s been a long long time since NAS Corpus Christi though!)
  7. Schools here in the “Land of Entrapment” are closed for the rest of the school year. Announcement
  8. Maybe we can come up with some ideas on here then? Spacers? I’ve seen it used in some sci-fi books. Sounded ok in that context. Is there anything that folks in AF Space Command referred to themselves as already?
  9. Welp... shit. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1054561 This is kinda how Red Storm Rising kicked off. Maybe we’ll get that movie after all!
  10. The Rescue of Streetcar 304 is a good one for Vietnam era CSAR.
  11. https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/iranian-commander-kept-secret-israeli-f-35-stealth-fighters-had-violated-iran-airspace Well, that’s interesting. Who knew all we needed was Russian radar codes?
  12. I haven’t heard anything, but I was able to access the AWC distance learning website. **shrug** Maybe it means something, maybe it doesn’t, who knows.
  13. Good to see the #FloridaMan search will continue to have strong input!
  14. Please let the ones headed to Kirtland know that they’ll be MC-J and not on the Chariot of Armageddon. They get trained exclusively at HRT if they’re headed that direction.
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