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  1. Rowdy. Good luck to all and congrats
  2. I swear in later this week at JBLM with my recruiter. My inprocessing date is 11 Dec at JBSA-Randolph.
  3. AFRC selected: 29 Sep 2017 OTS: 9 January! Wahoo! So hired at squadron level 10 Feb and my OTS class starts 9 Jan. 11 months total
  4. Notified that I was selected by AFRC today! Board met 5 and 6 Sept and today is 29 Sept. Recruiter said they'll get me an email soon with 340th training group info and OTS info soon to follow as well. Looks like they worked in OTS dates pretty quick this go around?
  5. Just took the AFOQT.. retake? Help!

    Nice job! I would say you need to start sending out some packages and reach out to units to go visit so you can interview before you're 28. It may be worth it to consider retaking the AFOQT to get some of your other scores above the 50th percentile too - but I think you said you were already considering it.
  6. Upcoming Boards

    Thanks! I'm civilian so any word from the inside is reassuring. I think I'm pretty safe with my scores and everything, I just am bored and can't wait to move this thing along. Looks like January OTS dates are filling up pretty quick. Hope I can least get into a March class.
  7. TBAS Information

    Even if you could you won't have time to use it. Learn how to solve the puzzles without a compass rose. You need to be able to it in your head. Funny those flash cards exist, when I took it like 3 years ago I had to sign all kinds of stuff saying if I talked about the content I'd go to jail. Smoke em if you got em though.
  8. Upcoming Boards

    Michigan A-10 ANG unit is hiring http://www.guardreservejobs.com/newjobboard/jobs/fighter-pilot-a-10c/
  9. Upcoming Boards

    Anybody heard about this months AFRC board? Convened 5-6 Sept. Been about 2 weeks
  10. How do I look for fighters?

    No problem! If you want to look at heavies at all I have a few emails you can contact. Also try and visit once or twice at a few of the squadrons you're applying to - it will be awesome for you to go "touch the dream" a bit and meet some pilots and see some planes, and it will help them out as well. In my opinion it's the most important thing you can do to get a ticket to UPT. edit: At my C-5 interview, every interviewee except 1 I had met before during visits, and two of the people on the board. At my KC-10 interview, 2 or 3 of the officers and enlisted personnel on the interview board were people I had met before.
  11. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    "positive rate" "nice" "how's the wife?" 45 mins later - oh shit, gear up
  12. How do I look for fighters?

    When you don't have your PPL, units may be looking at your 101-200 or 200+ hour PCSM score as their guideline. I was going heavies but every unit seemed to use that as a baseline while I was building time. By the time you're being pushed to the NGB or AFRC it will be your actual PCSM that matters, but you have lots of time before then to just get into the high 80s to low 90s if possible to solidify your chances of being picked up at the highest level. Especially if you're getting flight instruction that time will come while you finish up your PPL and fly a bit after. For getting in the door and being hired at the unit level I think that a 92 AFOQT pilot and a 3.75 GPA with some solid LORs makes you very competitive if your 200+ PCSM looks good too. I think it depends on the unit and who else is applying but you'd be up there I'm sure. I first started visiting the units down the highway my junior year of college with a 73 PCSM and like 28 hours as well, and by the time interviews came around my senior year, I had a 90 PCSM with 77 hrs after retaking the TBAS, and now a 96 PCSM with 102 hrs. And those hours I just built by flying a few times a month and dabbling in IFR instruction during the time between junior year and now. With your scores now and still some time presumably before interviewing, I think you'll be in really good shape because getting your PPL will be a big help and will add hours to raise your score. Good luck! edit: looked at my previous apps and updated my earlier scores
  13. Deciding to retake AFOQT

    Sorry, wasn't trying to insinuate that it should be a no-brainer to retake it, nor that it's a decision to be taken lightly, or seriously. I suppose trying to uncover the model behind the scoring with some scores would be insightful for those trying to weigh a decision on retaking the test. That was impulsive and I apologize. Congrats! You've gotta be pleased with that.
  14. Deciding to retake AFOQT

    I think I got off track. But my point was that if you retake it you'll 99% have a better score if you worked at it after taking your first one.
  15. Deciding to retake AFOQT

    Dude - retaking the AFOQT is free. After taking the first one, you have an idea of what every section looks like, what the pace feels like, and how the day goes from very early morning until end - how you should eat/sleep and stuff to feel your best and do your best. Study some more for the sections you want to do better on, review the stuff you feel good about just for good measure, schedule a second one, and go succeed. I guarantee you'll do better. Nobody can tell you exactly how much better you do - that's up to you anyways. As far as PCSM goes, AFOQT scores are only one part of the equation. For example, flying yourself into the next score jump (i.e. 81-100 hours if you're at 72 or something) will likely raise your PCSM by 2 or 3 points. Maybe go fly a different airplane with a different instructor so you can add it to your resume. Granted, this takes some money. I flew with a C-17 reservist that I met from visiting nearby units that was a CFII - it probably wasn't a huge addition to my resume but I got a letter of rec out of it after a summer of flying. Maybe go get a tailwheel endorsement if you meet somebody at your FBO. Little things like that won't impress people per se, but at least they're talking points that may help when you're bullshitting at a guard/reserve unit that you're rushing, and they count as hours toward your PCSM.