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  1. KC-46A Info

    AFAIK, one of the main issues holding the program back is the feedback/warning systems in place to prevent the boom from scratching up the receiver have been failing. I'm curious how much of an issue this has been on legacy tankers that are somewhat less sophisticated... it seems like the kind of an issue that Boeing created for themselves.
  2. KC-46A Info

    Anybody that can chime in on the boom-scraping issue? How commonplace is it in the legacy tankers? Do you think it's something that is a by product of the new hardware and camera system?
  3. Can anyone give recent FC1/MFS Experience?

    I had my FC1 done before the AFRC board. But it was when there were only 2 AFRC boards a year. So, probably just timing. There should be like 6 or more boards this year I think. You'll probably just get it done when the paperwork lands in the right place.
  4. Just took the AFOQT.. retake? Help!

    Is it your FC1? I'm not sure. If your recruiter seems to think he can get you through without it, all power to you guys. Remember, lots of fed holidays and general spottiness probably coming up over next month, so try to figure out as much as you can before christmas. Keep in contact with your POCs. The reason I emphasize so much of the logistics is that numbered AF decided to audit my entire wings hires for the Sept board. All of us had to redo things for seemingly BS reasons for the numbered AF to let us re-submit to AFRC. We scrambled to get it done for a few days. You never know who could stick there nose in and decide something isn't fit for an AFRC stamp.
  5. Just took the AFOQT.. retake? Help!

    Awesome - congrats! My only advice is to stay in constant contact with your unit when appropriate, and remain patient while they try to handle all of your paperwork on top of their own flying and day to day ops. If they ask for something, be prompt in getting something back to them. The less time that document is sitting open on their computer waiting for something, the better. They are busy, they may have other priorities day to day, and some of the signatures those handling your package will need will be from dudes that may be in and out of the squadron frequently, maybe only a few times a month. The more you can stay fresh in the minds of those handling your paperwork so that they can stay on top of it (without being over the top annoying about it) the better. AFRC will be very anal and probably have you redo a good amount of things, as well as submit some new forms and memos. This will likely include your squadron POC as a middle man - so stay organized! There were plenty of minute adjustments to paperowrk that I had already done 2-3 times. Also, you may find yourself sending a scan of your log book or pilots license for like the 10th time. Keep blank and filled out copies of forms both with you on a jump drive wherever you go, or on google drive on your phone. Also, there are some "scanning" apps for phones these days that are free and do almost an equivalent job to a computer scanner for when you're on the go and need to make a quick change to a document and re-submit. That way when you're in a hotel or something at your regional gig you can take care of biz. My buddy missed the last board because he couldn't get a few signatures at the squadron level, or because the ART handling things couldn't find where parts of his package were when he was trying to work on things for AFRC. Be ready to re-submit or serve up forms no matter how many times you've already done them. It wasn't necessarily their fault, but just an organizational hurdle.
  6. T-38 Down @ DLF

  7. OTS 1803 9 Jan - 9 Mar Laughlin UPT starting 24 April Into the pipeline I go!
  8. How do you feel about your airframe and mission?

    Son of C-17 pilot during Iraq supply bridge/OIF/OEF at McChord. Can confirm gone very often. Now I'm going to UPT. Father-son relationship back to 110%.
  9. I went from 73 to 89 in the <80hrs or whatever section after retaking the TBAS. During that time period I had accumulated a little flight time and increased my GPA at school, but only by a bit. I think I just did a ton better after learning from the first one.
  10. Should I test again?

    Saw recently that the 2016 averages for AFOQT score from AFRC boards were: Pilot - 91 Navigator - 76 Academic - 69 Quantitative - 63 I think with some studying you could move yourself into that ballpark if you really applied yourself. It's a standardized test - there are strategies and methods that will help you succeed. Work on your weakest areas and put a lot of time into mastering the pilot and academic sections if you can. There are tons of free and otherwise cheap resources out there. Practice a bunch and figure out how you can do your best, efficiently with the time limits. In the time since I took the TBAS in 2015 (and signed the non-disclosure paperwork about the test content...) I've seen some flashcards have emerged online that can help you get better at certain parts of the test. Not bashing anybody's integrity, but smoke em if you got em I guess. Read more about how the multi-tasking portion is scored and stuff. I retook the TBAS once, and I found that just taking it a second time helped tremendously. My PCSM went from like a 73 to an 89.
  11. Should I test again?

    Do your best to do lots of visits too! You're going to have to sell yourself as a person a bunch in addition to whatever you turn in on paper.
  12. Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

    Hahaha "CALL 1-800-AMC"
  13. 1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    My dad (ret'd AF pilot) heard some things from buddies on his last airline trip about the Air Force putting a chunk of these recalled pilots into IP positions at UPT bases. 3 years, no deployment, yada yada yada. Some would be AF reserve IPs and they could keep their seniority number at the airlines while they get a SWEET onbase crib at Laughlin, Vance, Columbus. Rumors I don't know much about but thought I"d share.
  14. Brutally honest opinions please about my chances

    I can't see your PCSM score - but unless getting 201+ hrs is incidental because of the time between now and graduation and the fact that you own an airplane, it's not necessarily worth the money to get 201+ hours in a single engine GA plane unless you're tacking on an IFR or commercial ticket as well, it probably wouldn't set you apart from others with 100 hours in a Cessna and a PPL. I'd focus your time and money on finishing your degree ASAP if it's possible to get it done before you're 28. How fast can you get a bachelors through an online degree program or something similar with an associates in hand? From most of the job postings I've seen, age waivers are very rare unless you're a special case. As far as the random degree thing, it may be wise to pick something at least remotely useful in advancing your employability as a civilian, back up plans are never a bad idea. Unlikely you can be an AGR/ART forever, and your GI bill is a hell of a useful tool for advancing your career or opening up career opportunities.