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  1. Just took the AFOQT.. retake? Help!

    @gear3green congrats best of luck!
  2. Jeremiah Weed

    @YoungnDumb the vault can be added to the list if I can pick up a slot somewhere - the rest I thought were prerequisites to apply haha Jokes aside, I just finished my UPT package this month (and my PPL) and am applying to F-15 units this upcoming year - the Barnstormers, the Griffins, and Klamath Falls/Kingsley Field from what I've put together so far!
  3. Jeremiah Weed

    @matmacwc hopefully I'll have made a good impression if you guys are making me drink it! either that or you just need some entertainment from a guy applying off the streets haha
  4. Jeremiah Weed

    just ordered some JW from https://www.hitimewine.net/jeremiah-weed-liqueur-750-115000 Got it shipped to a friends house in CT since they can't ship to RI or MA. Hoping to make a good impression at a fighter unit I'm visiting next year.
  5. @vipermaverickk What was your original pilot score? Mine is a 59 - going to be re-taking the AFOQT in January and I'm wondering how wide of a margin you scored on your 2nd attempt to triple your PCSM (Which is awesome btw.) I also just took the TBAS last Thursday for the first time. Without detailing the test - in addition to the flashcards, you could replicate most of the test at home (excluding the stick and rudder exercise) to practice on your own before re-taking. Just my .02
  6. Should I test again?

    Thanks very much everyone. @extender10 I will definitely re-take the AFOQT this January when my 6 months is up. I know I can do better on that exam - for a fact. I will also definitely hit 100hrs by January too which will boost my PCSM by an estimated 4 points. Hoping to get my PCSM to at least an 80 with flight time / pilot score. I'll have to wait until next May to re-take the TBAS.
  7. Should I test again?

    Hello all, Got all my scores back today. Pretty disappointed. Probably going to re-take both AFOQT/TBAS again. My plan was to apply to both reserve units and ANG units. GPA: 2.66 in Marketing AFOQT pilot: 59 PCSM: 63 with 81 hours. Score estimated to be 67 if I can get to 100 flight hours. Recommendations: F15 pilot with confirmed MIG kill who can speak to my airmanship Ret. AF General who can speak to my work ethic Sr. Flight Instructor/owner who can speak to my airmanship/work ethic (I work at the flight school) I know for a fact I can get a better pilot score on the AFOQT. I'm trying to decide if I should just re-take it again in January or apply in the spring and see if I can get at least an interview before re-taking. Any insight would be tremendously appreciated. Best
  8. If you get a slot off the streets do you skip MEPs and go strait to FC1 physical at Brooks?
  9. Latest Movies

    not a movie BUT did anyone see the new documentary on Amelia Earhart? It featured former fighter pilot/author Dan Hampton. I thought it was pretty good - I always take history channel documentaries with a grain of salt though. Speaking of movies...
  10. Visiting a unit

    Thread revival: I'm applying to the 143rd AW out of Quonset, RI and I reached out to the email listed on Bogidope but haven't heard back. I am going to see if the ANG recruiting office might be able to help me out but I figure I'd ask on here since it's a great forum. I was hoping to visit the unit or at least meet someone flying with the unit so I could ask a couple of questions. Any help would be much appreciated! Fox3close
  11. Good military/aviation books

    i can second this recommendation. I've read both. I couldn't put viper pilot down when I started reading it and got through it in a weekend.
  12. Alert

    @zkant my father flew F15s for the MA ANG when it was on the Cape - after 9/11 he was stationed alert at the base pretty frequently. From what I remember he just had to sleep overnight at the base on some weekends every month - him and the other pilots rotated shifts - and this was in addition to whatever he was doing at the unit during the week bc he was full-time guard. Fox3close