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  1. so you only want to fly fighters - but you're not willing to be stationed in certain places because they aren't "nice" - got it. Applying to active duty will be the best option for that! goodluck BRO
  2. Well...these are the guys flying the MiGs in Syria - it doesn't seem like they do much vetting - this guy looks like a goofball. I bet Libya isn't that far off 🤣Full video below - I burst out laughing when the camera panned over to him
  3. Hello all, Wanted to share my MEPs experience for anyone who might be going soon or in the future - for you "off the street" folks like me. I had some nerves about it because of the horror stories I've heard (some of my friend's got DQ'd for stuff that would make you cringe - pilot slot gone forever) but I definitely would say personally that my day got better as it went on. A couple of key points: Dress professionally - you are going for a pilot slot aren't you? I wore khaki's and a button down tucked in with dress shoes. There were some kids who looked like scrubs - and I noticed they got treated very differently. Sit up strait, stand up strait, don't slouch, yes sir, and yes maam's exclusively. Follow.the.instructions. - don't do anymore, any less, cut corners, or jump ahead, - just follow instructions. It's that simple! If you don't you will definitely hear from them. Sometimes they would correct you with a quick snap, sometimes they would just strait up yell in your face. This didn't happen to me but I saw it first hand with folks who just couldn't follow the directions. Have a positive attitude. Obviously no one wants to be there, but if you make some conversation you'll find that (some) of these people are very nice just doing their day to day job. I was close to failing my blood pressure/heart rate exam (do NOT drink coffee morning of the exam) and the doc just told me to sit back and relax - to take as much time as I needed. We did that test 4 times before I was within limits - no big deal. We started out by getting a briefing at the entrance of the MEPs. You'll line up, listen to the security folks give their spiel and start going through the metal detector. After that, you will meet with your Air Force liaison who will hand you your medical packet so you can get checked in. You'll get in line, get your blood pressure and heart rate taken, and wait to enter the medical briefing which I was told could take anywhere from an hour to 2 hours. In the medical briefing you'll be told not to lie, don't sexually harass anyone, and fill out some paperwork. A note - make sure to fill out the scar/tattoo form as detailed as possible (more on this later.) I would suggest studying what you wrote previously on your 2807-1 because they will cross check your answers. After your briefing you will do a breathalyzer and then wait in line for the p*ss test. Do not get in that line unless you are absolutely positive you can go - a few guys got REEEMMEDDD out because they said they were ready when they weren't...don't be that guy. If you aren't ready - you can begin the other components of the medical exam until you are. They said we had to p*ss before 11:30AM. After that, you do your hearing exam, doc interview, blood work, and eye exam in no particular order. The doc interview was a simple conversation, nbd, mine didn't even run down the list point by point like I thought he would. I had a few surgeries that weren't disqualifying but they did not ask me for any of my medical records either which I thought was strange (maybe they will just pull them from the source?) Once you have those done they took our height and weight and we did the duck walk and some other funky mobility exercises. During the mobility exercises which you do in your underwear, the doc also looked for scars on folks and cross checked them with what they put on the tattoo/scar form. Folks got asked to stay behind and explain them if they were not previously listed. You will do a read aloud test since you are AF and they will ask you to pop your ears for a valsalva test. Again, nbd. I was the only one there that was commissioning as an officer out of about 40 or 50 people. They wrote "commissioning" on my name tag - which all of the doc's and tech's saw during each test. I don't know if that worked to my advantage or not - I'd like to think I did well because of my good looks. Most were enlisting in Army or Marines. I didn't see many people get outright DQ'd, maybe 2 or 3. There probably was more than that though. The day was a lot was a lot of hurry up and wait - but i was done by 12PM. I hope this helps. I was looking for as much gouge as possible for this exam and I wanted to leave something behind for any future guys unsure about the whole thing. If you have any questions feel free to DM!
  4. Coming this fall - I don't have Apple TV though. Spotted some T-38's in the trailer!
  5. Last fighter interview I went to told me they got something like 160 application's. Everything is fair game at that point don't you think?
  6. The non-prior dudes hired at my unit last year are just leaving for OCS in 2 weeks - expecting about the same timeline as them (a year or so) Age 25. Guard / Non-Prior AFOQT - June 2016 TBAS - Nov 2016 AFOQT #2 - January 2017 Hired - March 2019 Enlist w/ Unit - ? MEPS - ? Wright Pat FC1 - ? ANG Board Approved - ? TFOT - ? UPT - ?
  7. @mtys999 in my humble opinion that's a good indicator you might want to try the TBAS again. If you can afford more flying lessons and get your PPL that will help you 2X.
  8. @mtys999 What does your hypothetical score max out at with 201+ flight hours? It should list a column of hypothetical scores below on your PCSM score sheet.
  9. @Duck knew a guy in college and that was his move every Friday - get drunk and hook up with the ugly chick. We called him KOTU (King of the Underworld.) Always said: "if you aim for the ground you'll never miss" We always appreciated it because it usually set his boys up for the win with that girls friends. @FlyingMonkey95 A few of my friends that I've met at meet and greets during boards got hired and did the FC1 at WP over the last few months. I know they had stuff they were concerned about too. I get the impression they only know what you tell them - but I could be wrong - YMMV. Have you gotten an interview yet? I would focus on getting an interview before worrying about something like that.
  10. ^ can verify that is correct. MA did hire at least one who did not attend the meet and greet.
  11. @admdelta @Hopefulflyer389 I'll be there both days arriving around 12-1pm on Saturday.
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