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  1. @mtys999 in my humble opinion that's a good indicator you might want to try the TBAS again. If you can afford more flying lessons and get your PPL that will help you 2X.
  2. @mtys999 What does your hypothetical score max out at with 201+ flight hours? It should list a column of hypothetical scores below on your PCSM score sheet.
  3. UPTapplicant2017

    Acute Intoxication

    best of luck man - see you out there!
  4. UPTapplicant2017

    Acute Intoxication

    @Duck knew a guy in college and that was his move every Friday - get drunk and hook up with the ugly chick. We called him KOTU (King of the Underworld.) Always said: "if you aim for the ground you'll never miss" We always appreciated it because it usually set his boys up for the win with that girls friends. @FlyingMonkey95 A few of my friends that I've met at meet and greets during boards got hired and did the FC1 at WP over the last few months. I know they had stuff they were concerned about too. I get the impression they only know what you tell them - but I could be wrong - YMMV. Have you gotten an interview yet? I would focus on getting an interview before worrying about something like that.
  5. UPTapplicant2017

    Upcoming Boards

    ^ can verify that is correct. MA did hire at least one who did not attend the meet and greet.
  6. UPTapplicant2017

    Upcoming Boards

    I'll be there in December! see you there.
  7. UPTapplicant2017

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    @admdelta @Hopefulflyer389 I'll be there both days arriving around 12-1pm on Saturday.
  8. UPTapplicant2017

    Failed private pilot checkride 3 times + low scores

    I'm calling bull***t on this - none of it makes sense. I've been in general aviation for 2 years now at a flight school in the New England area (not ECAC) and have never heard of someone failing a PPL checkride three times. What was the name of your DPE? It's not un-common for $500 PPL checkride. DPE Marc Nathanson's instructor rides are $1000 and $500 for a re-test. You need to do your research. There are certain DPE's that we don't use in the area and I might be able to help. For instance, DPE Don Martel in Sandford, Maine costs $350 for a PPL checkride. Go up north for your ride and log some flight hours towards your PCSM while your at it. What was the name of your instructor at ECAC? Odds are I know who it is. DM me. We have clients all the time wanting to rent aircraft and we send them to ECAC - we also have students needing to get their mult-engine and complex rating done and we send them to ECAC too. I have not heard of a bad experience yet in 2 years and probably over 15 students that we've sent over there. I find it hard to believe an instructor would sign you off that many times if you weren't ready - our instructors get let go for a certain amount of check ride failures, NOT TO MENTION he could get his license revoked from the Burlington FSDO (do you know how much it costs to get an instructor rating these days?) ALSO the Burlington and Portland FSDO's have investigating DPE's for high pass rates and not following check ride protocol (the ACS) - SO - if you don't know your sh^t or you're dangerous in the air - then you aren't going to pass. They aren't going to put their job in jeopardy by passing someone who doesn't deserve it. This makes 0 sense.
  9. UPTapplicant2017

    Upcoming Boards

    someone is salty. @Seadogs
  10. UPTapplicant2017

    Upcoming Boards

    @iRobot PM sent. See you there!
  11. UPTapplicant2017

    Best chances at becoming a fighter pilot

    @JGreenbaum I work at a flight school and I'd say on average a career minded student *training full-time* takes about a 1-1.5 years from 0 flight time to CFI and then 1-1.5 years after that to build to 1,500 hours. I live up north and we get a lot of weather cancellations. I've heard some CFI's in Florida getting to 1,500hrs within a year after they get their CFI rating. Keep in mind this timeline may be a different timeline than what a specific aviation college (Embry Riddle, BSU, UND) would have for you.
  12. UPTapplicant2017

    Upcoming Boards

    anyone else going out to Tusla for the meet and greet?
  13. UPTapplicant2017

    Upcoming Boards

    @Ultimate Fighter Pilot a bunch of fighter boards coming up soon this winter though! Cheers
  14. UPTapplicant2017

    Upcoming Boards

    @Sopwith Camel FWIW I have a friend who got picked up as an alternate at a fighter unit with around the same scores and just a PPL. He eventually got moved up as a primary after someone dropped months later and is now going to UPT. I will echo what has been said on these forums many times by applicants and pilots alike who've gone through this process - go and visit, be a good dude, have a good attitude! I haven't been selected myself but I've been applying for about a year - if you have any questions I'll do my best to help - feel free to DM. Best of luck!
  15. UPTapplicant2017

    Upcoming Boards

    @Ultimate Fighter Pilot I heard from a friend that results went out for who got picked up - but I personally don't know who was selected.