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  1. UPTapplicant2017

    Upcoming Boards

    303rd FS sent out rejection emails. Congrats to all who were selected to interview!
  2. UPTapplicant2017

    Upcoming Boards

    @Sopwith Camel the POC said he was picking them up and getting them together this week so I would guess we still have a week or two before notifications come out.
  3. UPTapplicant2017

    Upcoming Boards

    Rejection notices also sent out for Oregon today via email. Good luck to everyone who got interviews!
  4. UPTapplicant2017

    Upcoming Boards

    I'll be there too! @FloridaFlyer17 @Elliott Upp
  5. UPTapplicant2017

    AFOQT Instrument Comprehension

    i used the old Barron's study guide
  6. UPDATE* Just got my scores back today. Went from a 59 Pilot/67 PCSM with 100 flight hours to a 95 Pilot/91 PCSM with 100 flight hours.
  7. UPTapplicant2017

    2018 Active Duty UFT Board

    copy - disregard!
  8. UPTapplicant2017

    2018 Active Duty UFT Board

    FWIW - a friend of mine was just notified he got an AD slot today, however, he goes to the Norwich U military school up in Vermont - not sure if the application process is the same. best of luck to everyone who applied!
  9. UPTapplicant2017

    Upcoming Boards

    I'll be there @Siegzy
  10. UPTapplicant2017

    Upcoming Boards

    457FS in Ft. Worth changed their application package due date from March 1 to February 15th.
  11. UPTapplicant2017

    AFOQT Scores- Chances?

    @Hopefulflyer389 did you end up re-testing for the AFOQT? Saw you got an invite from HI (congrats). Just curious!
  12. UPTapplicant2017

    Upcoming Boards

    I haven't either.
  13. Thank you for the motivation @John3806! Studying has been my second full time job since I got the chance to visit a unit I'm applying to a couple weeks ago. I'm confident I can score in the high 80s to 90s which will make for a yyuuugggeeee jump in points hopefully.