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  1. so you only want to fly fighters - but you're not willing to be stationed in certain places because they aren't "nice" - got it. Applying to active duty will be the best option for that! goodluck BRO
  2. Well...these are the guys flying the MiGs in Syria - it doesn't seem like they do much vetting - this guy looks like a goofball. I bet Libya isn't that far off 🤣Full video below - I burst out laughing when the camera panned over to him
  3. Hello all, Wanted to share my MEPs experience for anyone who might be going soon or in the future - for you "off the street" folks like me. I had some nerves about it because of the horror stories I've heard (some of my friend's got DQ'd for stuff that would make you cringe - pilot slot gone forever) but I definitely would say personally that my day got better as it went on. A couple of key points: Dress professionally - you are going for a pilot slot aren't you? I wore khaki's and a button down tucked in with dress shoes. There were some kids who
  4. Coming this fall - I don't have Apple TV though. Spotted some T-38's in the trailer!
  5. Last fighter interview I went to told me they got something like 160 application's. Everything is fair game at that point don't you think?
  6. The non-prior dudes hired at my unit last year are just leaving for OCS in 2 weeks - expecting about the same timeline as them (a year or so) Age 25. Guard / Non-Prior AFOQT - June 2016 TBAS - Nov 2016 AFOQT #2 - January 2017 Hired - March 2019 Enlist w/ Unit - ? MEPS - ? Wright Pat FC1 - ? ANG Board Approved - ? TFOT - ? UPT - ?
  7. @mtys999 in my humble opinion that's a good indicator you might want to try the TBAS again. If you can afford more flying lessons and get your PPL that will help you 2X.
  8. @mtys999 What does your hypothetical score max out at with 201+ flight hours? It should list a column of hypothetical scores below on your PCSM score sheet.
  9. @Duck knew a guy in college and that was his move every Friday - get drunk and hook up with the ugly chick. We called him KOTU (King of the Underworld.) Always said: "if you aim for the ground you'll never miss" We always appreciated it because it usually set his boys up for the win with that girls friends. @FlyingMonkey95 A few of my friends that I've met at meet and greets during boards got hired and did the FC1 at WP over the last few months. I know they had stuff they were concerned about too. I get the impression they only know what you tell them - but I could be wrong - YMMV.
  10. ^ can verify that is correct. MA did hire at least one who did not attend the meet and greet.
  11. @admdelta @Hopefulflyer389 I'll be there both days arriving around 12-1pm on Saturday.
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