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  1. Can you go into a bit more detail? Just had my 1 year post operation and all my medical files say I have no glares or halos. I feel like sometimes I see them while I drive so just want to make sure I won’t get dq’d at my IFS/FC1
  2. How do they check for starbursting/glare/halos after PRK during IFS/FC1?
  3. I took the AFAQT one month ago. I would second what flammable said in buying SAT books and practice the shit outta them. Don’t forget to time yourself as well. If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot me a DM.
  4. Yoooo congrats my man. What did your AFOQT/TBAS score turn out to be?
  5. Ditto what Gatsby said. Use the video as a precursor and then go over the flashcards until you're able to do each problem under 1 second mentally.
  6. youtube.com/watch?v=pFlkY_dreGo this video explains the concept well.
  7. Thank you! Makes me feel a lot better. I’ll be preppared.
  8. Thank you guys for the advice. I’m going to be truthful and not share anything That is not warranted. I hope MEPS or my recruiter won’t DQ me because of this incident.
  9. That’s good advice. The only concern I have is that I filled an insurance claim and I told FAA doctor while I got my FAA 2nd class medical. I’m worried if they check my flight hours for PCSM and look at my insurance, it’s going to pop up. I definitely not lying, the FAA medical examiner is also a USAF surgeon so he was the one that told me technically I can check no on the medical forums.I guess this is a judgment call on my behalf of balancing factual events and morality. Thanks for the advice
  10. Technically I wasn't "hospitalized" or sent to the "Emergency Room" I just stay in a room with an IV bag and left after I woke up. I'm just scared because I told my FAA medical examiner about it and they have a case on file as well as an insurance claim. I don't want them to think I'm lying and get DQ'd that way. Appreciate the advice Duck
  11. Haha definitely, I commute 4 hours a day so I don’t get much sleep. I was just wondering if it’s an automatic DQ when I get sent to MEPs and they see this on my record. My recruiter keeps telling me I have a great chance because of my scores for AD and I don’t want to let him down.
  12. You too my man, good luck. Im not sure if they do. I know for me the pull your civilian flight records so my incident will be cited. I don’t want to lie but I don’t want to get disqualified
  13. Your friend sounds like a stud lol. I just got my AFOQT score back and my recruiter wants to schedule MEPS next.I have yet to fill out the 2708 medical forum yet. I haven’t gotten a interview. Also I’m trying to get a pilot slot for AD through OTS.
  14. This occurred after I submitted my pre-qualification officer worksheet. I haven’t submitted any other medical documentation yet. The thing is it’s on my FAA record and I used my insurance to cover the bills. My recruiter doesn’t know about it yet.
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