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  1. DEVIL and FLEA are spot on. I did my PPL training in a C-172 before pilot training and after UPT graduation went to a FSDO and got my CMEL w/IFR ratings for free. Even though I have the license I would not feel confident flying IMC/IFR in a Cessna. VFR is fine but only since I have about 60 hours in 172s. GA flying is fun and I would definitely recommend it but do NOT over-estimate your UPT experience and think you can just go fly one without any training. Just my 2C.
  2. Vimix22

    Future T-38 replacement?

    "Honey Badger"
  3. Vimix22

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    What is the purpose of highlighting a dude going to cosplay events? Is this supposed to motivate people to join?
  4. Vimix22

    2019 Air Force Active Duty UPT Board

    Go to SOS first. You won't have any good time once you get into the pipeline.
  5. Vimix22

    2019 Air Force Active Duty UPT Board

    Since we are throwing out random rumors, here is one. I personally saw the AFPC/CC today at Randolph in the DFAC and he told me he reads these posts and is delaying the release just to make you all sweat. 😉 Good luck to all of you! I was in the exact same position just over a year ago.
  6. Vimix22

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Last I saw they took that line out of the AFI. So I'm not sure what the current green/coyote status is....
  7. Vimix22

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Soooo are we sticking with sage green boots w/ flight suit or will they eventually be coyote? Seems like someone told me the other day we'd be in coyote boots by 2020 or something. Look something like this
  8. Vimix22

    AD to AFRC help

    I was in your shoes last year and knowing what I know now I would have pursued AFRC or ANG much earlier in my career. You get to pick your location, air frame/mission, and have significantly less stress in UPT than your AD brethren. What is not to like? Active Duty may have more overseas basing opportunities if that is what you want, but the daily QoL is going to be better in the AFRC/ANG. If you are dead set on fighters then you should probably keep AD as an option. Getting a fighter slot in the AFRC is difficult and definitely not a guarantee, I'd argue you have equal if not slightly better chances to pickup fighters from an AD slot. If you're more into the AMC lifestyle then you have a lot more options in terms of units that you can apply for and get hired at in the AFRC. Your lack of waivers is a plus right now but that won't last long since you'll be coming up on both age and total active service time waivers real quick. If you are going to AFRC you best do it quick, because it seems like some (but not all) AFRC/ANG units are not interested in pursuing any waivers for their applicants.
  9. ^ Probably the best T-38 drop in the last 1-2 years right here. 7 fighters, 3 bombers, 2 FAIPs. KEND 18-14 T-38 Class only (no T-1s this drop). A-10 F-15C T-6 B-52
  10. Vimix22

    Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

    Check out this dudes Instagram if you're into that sort of thing, @rainwaters27. He has some pretty awesome footage.
  11. Any word from the KDLF drop last week?
  12. So their 31st hour will be in the single seat F-16? That seems like a crazy jump.
  13. Well it's not quite, everybody gets a MQ-9 bad but it's definitely not FY17 good where everyone and their mother was getting a fighter. AMC got tired of sending T-38 trained dudes back to UPT. With bottlenecks at fighter FTUs, in steps AFSOC and ISR to replace the void.
  14. KEND 18-12 T-38 MC-130J Kirtland RC-135 Offutt T-38A Langley F-22 Tyndall F-16 Luke T-38C Vance T-1 C-21 Ramstein U-28 Hurlburt x2 KC-135 MacDill C-130H ANG x4 KC-135 Kadena KC-10 Travis KC-135 ANG x2 KC-135 Fairchild x2 C-17 McChord KC-135 Mildenhall T-6 Vance
  15. Vimix22

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Good god I hope they didn't make all the people who just returned participate in that run.