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  1. Vimix22

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

    Never seen this uniform before but it looks great.
  2. Vimix22

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

    From CSAF Memo, "Already in our inventory and in use, the OCP 2-piece flight suit has overwhelming support from aircrew. This uniform will be authorized for all non ejection seat aircraft and made available for purchase/wear. In addition, it will be tested for use in ejection seats for those who may prefer it over a one-piece flight suit." So are the bags going away entirely? Probably not from the sound of that memo. I wonder if Coyote colored boots will be authorized with a green flight suit?
  3. It's official, OCPs are coming. 2-piece flight suits for non-ejection seat aircraft and it sounds like they are going to eventually test the 2-piece flight suit for ejection seat aircraft down the road. http://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1520066/air-force-transitions-to-a-single-combat-uniform/
  4. KEND 18-09 + 18-10 (T-38s) combined class F-22 Tyndall EC-130 DM C-130J Yokota T-6 FAIP C-130J Dyess MC-130J Cannon TBD (Guard dude?) F-16 x2 Luke A-10 DM KC-10 Travis T-38 FAIP E-8 Robbins T-1s??
  5. Vimix22

    What are my Chances - Reserve

    I think you have the resume to get you an interview at most units, fighters included. From what I have read here and from my experience with two Guard interviews, I can tell you the process is pretty subjective after you land the interview. Sometimes you mesh well with units sometimes you just don't. My advice, you have about 2 solid years worth of applications so I would focus on the units you really want to get hired at first and then as you're approaching the time you would need an age waiver, start casting your net out as far as possible. Getting a waiver can vary depending on the unit so I wouldn't take that risk, just get hired before you will need one.
  6. T-38 drops between all three bases was fighters and FAIPs with exception of that single C-146. Wow.
  7. Vimix22

    Headset questions for PPL and beyond

    I bought the David Clark H10-13.4 for my PPL training. It's the same one they use for SIMs here at UPT. I think its pretty durable and made well but won't break your wallet like a Bose headset. I wouldn't buy anything crazy expensive until you know for sure that you will be doing GA beyond a PPL.
  8. Vimix22

    C146 Wolfhound Info

    I'm strictly speaking about the quality of buildings, support agencies, etc. Duke Field is in dire need of facilities and infrastructure upgrades and it seems like they keep putting more and more AFSOC units out there and they are running out of space. On the positive side, they do have an amazing out door gym filled will your latest Rogue fitness equipment and the 7 SFG is just down the road and they have a pretty good DFAC. In terms of what is available to do outside of the base, there is not much better in the DoD.
  9. Vimix22

    C146 Wolfhound Info

    Duke Field itself is a pretty shitty base as far as bases go since they are a bastard child off Eglin AFB (who is primarily concerned with AFMC funding). However, the surrounding areas of Destin and FWB are fantastic.
  10. I used this website to design/order mine. https://www.nametags4u.com/category/?cid=3
  11. Vimix22

    UPT Academics & Study Prep

    BLUF: I wouldn't sweat the pre-study too much. As far as Phase 1 academics go, there is not much you can do to pre-study. The tests are all built around the course material so filling your brain full of extraneous material is not going to help come test time. In all of the subject areas, including AFE, they teach to the test so I wouldn't bother with anything above and beyond. Things you can look over are general IFR flight rules that come from the 11-217 v1-3 and the "how to fly a T-6" pub the aetcman 11-248. Make sure you are getting the latest copies from e-pubs. If you are really bored I recommend checking out some of the YouTube people like MzeroA or others that are CFIIs. The stuff they teach about IFR flight can be extremely helpful once you hit instruments/nav. Specifically, I'd look at how to read an approach plate, types of approaches, how to write/read an IFR clearance, weather requirements, radios, and maybe listen to some LiveATC for context. Good luck!
  12. Vimix22

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    No more classes?
  13. Vimix22

    2018 Active Duty UFT Board

    That is weird. My approved FC1 specifically said something to the effect of "Pending MFS approval" last year. MFS was the first thing I had to do.
  14. Vimix22

    2018 Active Duty UFT Board

    I would not recommend going to IFT if you can help it. I was in the same boat as ya'll last year, I have my PPL and did not go to IFT. From what I've heard about IFT it does not really prepare you for UPT that well. You are also going to have a longer wait time until you can start UPT if you have to go. My timeline -- I was picked up on the 2017 board in Feb, PCS'd in May, and started UPT in June. If I had to go to IFT it would have been several additional months before I could start.
  15. Vimix22

    Info on flight boots

    The rocky S2V is certified safe to fly for the USAF. There is a link to the official memo on their website. https://www.rockyboots.com/safetofly/