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  1. Are T-38s and T-1s dropping together or separate now?
  2. I once drove a Mercedes Benz C63 AMG around the Nurburgring and now I am pulling G's for work. Like others have said here, I think a fast road car around the track is as much fun as a flying a low-level at 500kts. I wouldn't recommend dropping huge $$$ on a LT mobile. If you want the thrills but not the monthly debt, then go find one of those sweet rental places where you can find M3s, Lambos, Ferraris, or Corvettes to beat around a track. That is money well spent IMHO.
  3. I'm a late to rate guy, with a kid, dropped Vipers and I'm at the B-course now. I know of four other Captains who went 38s of them they dropped RC-135s, B-2s, F-15Es, and F-16s. Just some data for you. I think that is bad gouge that you got. Being a Capt will not and should not prevent you from dropping a fighter if that's what you want.
  4. *CHANTS*.... Super, Drink, Off....... Super, Drink, Off......
  5. And WIC's response...... Weapons School Graduates- I’ve become aware that Air Force Material Command (AFMC) has published an article regarding a future Acquisitions Weapons School. Unfortunately, this article was not coordinated with The United States Air Force Weapons School. AFI 11-415 clearly details the requirements and rigor required to establish a Weapons Instructor Course. Rest assured, that if the Acquisition’s community wants to establish a Weapons School, they will be held to the same standards as all other WICs. -Col Steve Behmer, Commandant - Source, USAF Weapons School Official Facebook Page.
  6. There is a podcast called "Professionals Playbook" on iTunes and the host (current F-35 pilot) interviews someone who did exactly this. I believe he went through Medical School while being a ANG F-16 pilot. He had to take a pause when we was deployed during residency or something but said he was able to spend time with the deployed trauma units and learned a lot from that experience.
  7. AFI36-2903 (Updated 23 April 2019) (Change) 8.9. Footwear (Men’s and Women’s Flight Boots). Sage Green or Coyote Brown boots may be worn with the FDU. Tan or Coyote Brown boots will be worn with the DFDU. Zipper inserts may be worn, however they will be without design. [NOTE: Effective 1 Apr 2021, only Coyote Brown boots are authorized with the FDU/DFDU.] [NOTE: Only items approved as Safe-to-Fly will be worn during flying operations.
  8. Yea this is B.S. you don't need to provide anything to start your FC1. I did two at two different bases and the process was the same both times. Just call or walk in and schedule the appointment. Easy.
  9. Belleville 690s run fairly wide and you can order them in wider sizes. I'd check out a BX and they should have some in stock that you can try on before you buy. Otherwise here is fairly current list of safe to fly boots. https://www.afpc.af.mil/Portals/70/documents/06_CAREER MANAGEMENT/02_Dress and Appearance/BOOT CERTIFICATION.pdf
  10. We were told you that if you were selected for K. Falls then you would not go directly there after B-course. You would be assigned to another unit until you have enough hours/experience to make IP then you would return to K. Falls to teach the B-course. This is gouge from a few years ago so YMMV. As far as being assigned to either unit, you are applying for both and should expect to be hired by either one based on needs of the ORANG.
  11. DEVIL and FLEA are spot on. I did my PPL training in a C-172 before pilot training and after UPT graduation went to a FSDO and got my CMEL w/IFR ratings for free. Even though I have the license I would not feel confident flying IMC/IFR in a Cessna. VFR is fine but only since I have about 60 hours in 172s. GA flying is fun and I would definitely recommend it but do NOT over-estimate your UPT experience and think you can just go fly one without any training. Just my 2C.
  12. What is the purpose of highlighting a dude going to cosplay events? Is this supposed to motivate people to join?
  13. Go to SOS first. You won't have any good time once you get into the pipeline.
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