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  1. Omg I almost spit out my coffee! You sir are a black boarder wordsmith patch!
  2. Too many leaders scared to make decisions.
  3. https://youtu.be/6p-lDYPR2P8 I found a YouTube link that describes exactly your problem set. Pretty easy step by step instructions
  4. Huge agreement w above poster. Last week at a major class c airport the student turned crosswind and told me he was going to “outside downwind”. Also students try to breakout at KAFW if they are past the “perch point” which doesn’t exist at a non UPT base. Doesn’t help that their IPs let the SPs fly o&b sorties to the checkride base and don’t make them go somewhere challenging/unfamiliar/high&hot
  5. I’m just saying that no one gives a fuck you’re not right out of high school. Get over yourself and stfu snap BREAK BREAK agree w top two posters.
  6. I’ve seen guys like you come thru UPT. Usually they have problems. Chip on shoulder, holier than thou, “real world experience”. Good luck kid. Youre in ROTC so focus on graduating. And I’m sure you’ll type some snarky reply back that you’d never dare to say to my face in a UPT flight room. That’s fine. Get it out while you can young man.
  7. Please feel free to enlighten us with your opinions that you have zero knowledge about. And if you think you have knowledge then state quals otherwise stf....ugh never mind. You’d probably get offended. Other poster said it. College doesn’t equal upt success. Study habits? Sure. But like mike Tyson said everyone has a plan till they get punched in the face.
  8. I’m not sure how we got sideways I have nothing against anything you said. I have my eyes squarely set on the Airines and give the square root of fuck all about UPT next. Adjust fire as required.
  9. I’m so confused at your post. Can you attempt to explain to me what your message is when sober?
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