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  1. Promotion and PRF Information

    Goldfein should fire this guy on the spot for insubordination. Only that type of drastic action will move the needle.
  2. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    fascinating to see each communities take on this...to me this is a good change, but i can see how AMC would abuse it
  3. Finance Problems

    I'm amazed every time at how incompetent most support agencies are.
  4. Finance Problems

    PERSCO problems... in process into Kuwait with PERSCO..."sir can i see if you have your dog tags?" "uh why?" "just checking" (airman first class then takes a selfie behind the desk w/ her MSGT i shit you not) They have us fill out 69 lines of useless in-processing shit...we get to new base in country for deployment. 4 weeks at new base PERSCO..."uh who are all of you guys?" "uh wat?" "yeah who are you and why are you here? why haven't you in-processed with us?" Wasnt fcking Kuwait suppose to do that? and if they weren't why the fuck did we waste two hours going thru their line? UFB. finance related b/c OBVIOUSLY our combat tax incentives haven't started. will be a mess AGAIN to battle finance for our $$$ when it comes DTS time. f me
  5. Pope wing commander removed from duty

    i'm all for naming/shaming d-bags...but trying to get a guy fired from a civilian job seems like bad bull to me
  6. Promotion and PRF Information

    i enjoy duck posts that are insightful, thoughtful, and smart. keep posting. if being forced to make O-4 is the worst that happens to you then you're a very blessed man. perspective i guess. anyways cheers to you bro i wish you nothing but the best. break break back on topic...will this 100% to major policy start to chip away at the mindless number of award packages the collective "we" has to accomplish? 15 line, 30 line, etc etc etc...so and so of the qtr/year blah blah blah?
  7. Promotion and PRF Information

    bro I get it trust me. but good lord every post is doom and gloom. enjoy life a little baaaaBEEEEEEEEE! its fine to be cynical, but when every post is dripping w/ negativity ... anyways see you in the airlines. ps the AF will never live up to their end of the bargin. #ProTip
  8. Promotion and PRF Information

    Lol ok drama queen its not a "10 year sentence" yes im getting out as many others but I've had a great time. Maybe you can keep your overly cynical dramatic opinions to yourself a little more around here.
  9. only thing thatll save the AF is a bear economy for a few years...which historically will happen within the next 5-10 years
  10. thanks for the feedback gents to throw a new wrinkle into the conversation my buddy said he didn't get the ADSC waived until he completed PIT, then had the form-8 and submitted an email to AFPC highlighting note B. interesting.
  11. so I am 80/20 getting out. I don't want to decline the assignment because I want the assignment. I'd like a break from the deploying lifestyle...and as a hurlburt u28 guy the next assignment in afsoc will be cannon. I also don't think I can 7 day opt since im 3 years and 2 months out from my 10 year ADSC
  12. negative. january 2018 departure for PIT with RNLTD to UPT base june 2018 i think im going to try your advice in my next email. look im super stoked going to UPT it just feels like big blue is trying to squeeze every little drop out of us
  13. no it does not say that
  14. that's the issue yes. i only flew it as a student. i'm trying to reconcile how afpc approves ADSC waivers and denies others...both in the exact same situation. when my ADSC is up i'll have given the AF 10 solid flying years...and they're trying to fuck me over with 6 extra months. thanks air force.