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  1. Danger you got some drinks coming boy!!! The draws are hitting and the fish are biting thanks boys!!! ***PLEASE NO REP***
  2. Another fish hooked. Troll game is pretty good Shazam
  3. I actually think he’s one of the best, level headed posters on here
  4. i have no dog in the fight but having a BA in poly sci isn't a "credibility credential" i'd be throwing around lol
  5. Maybe too much 1206s and not enough vault studying eh pawnman? Lightning > sniper? 😉
  6. Yeah guys are leaving the Air Force cause 69, sts, container *eye roll*
  7. Show me in any survey or report where spouse job opportunity ranks.
  8. Get real bro the airlines sucking everyone up (sts) is what’s causing the retention problem. Always has and always will. Maybe momma not keeping a job is on the list of factors...but I don’t think it cracks the top 3.
  9. Give me a break. You join to serve. Your wife didn’t join. Copy they have a retention problem. It’s not caused by civilian spouse job problems. Let’s focus on the real issues
  10. 2. The Air Force has zero responsibility to consider your civilian spouses career. Those are choices you and your spouse made.
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