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  1. delayed it. still jumping to the reserves.
  2. can we fucking kill the hashtags
  3. Anytime someone seriously says the word “trigger” I lose all interest in what they have to say.
  4. there will always be value in having a man-in-the-loop overhead in the stack
  5. "Not only was the flyover too low, Featherstone said, but in avoiding the landing traffic, the pilot also flew too close and too fast to where onlookers were watching." seems cut and dry to me. low SA to do something different from the brief when you know lots of eyeballs will be on you. and sandwiched between landing traffic? GMAFB. if i was the general i'd take that entire low flyby as a huge middle finger
  6. LOL! thats drugs plus Tourette’s syndrome! pretty hilarious
  7. it's never been a better time to try and snag a fighter. The (fighter) pilot shortage won't be solved anytime soon. The only sure way you won't get a fighter is if you quit. Make the air force tell you no. and when they do, make them tell you no again. and again. and again. also, own everything. did you miss the board b/c of your recruiter? or in hindsight was there something you could have done differently to not miss the board? no one cares about excuses. work harder! don't give up!
  8. damn! now thats clarity right there thanks!
  9. sixpack, curious how it all played out for you? i'm in a similar situation
  10. Slight thread derail, For airline applications...availability date...should I put my palace chase date (palace chase NOT approved yet) or my solid end of ADSC date. hoping for 1 June PC and wanna get apps in ASAP! soliciting opinions, I’ve heard multiple opinions on both dates from squadron bro’s.
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