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  1. How dare you? According to Kap you are celebrating white supremacy. racist.
  2. Word. They’ve had 20 years to take their country where they want it. Screw em. C ya.
  3. Air Force officers have to fill out safety forms to take leave (under 26 years old), so yes I’d say it’s likely NCOs would counsel an AF officer. we baby our officers so much it’s embarrassing
  4. I’m sorry I thought this was America!!! *Cue South Park clip*
  5. Can anyone decipher the latest DOD travel guidance?
  6. you aint wrong...im holding onto the rope and looking down *gulp* but i'm going to let go...i promise...this december...(i think)...(FML).....(airlines come back).....
  7. So true. Those of us who have seen the shit holes around the world understand.
  8. woke culture, cancel culture, safe spaces, PC culture, "speak up against racism", "no we dont like your opinion stfu about racism", "kneel before me" very confusing times. i had a great conversation with a coworker who typically posts provocative things on FB with the left leaning slant. it was amazing during our conversation how pleasant it was, even though we have different view points. i took some great points away from their perspective and i bet they would say the same. i think part of the solution is to put the toxic social media down, turn off the news, and go talk to people Americans. imagine that.
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