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  1. "Worthington was married and divorced four times. He never owned a car, instead borrowing one for sale from his dealerships. Worthington said in 2007 that he disliked selling automobiles, but "just kind of got trapped in it after the war. I didn't have the skills to do anything else. I just wanted to fly." - what a boss
  2. a bro intervened on his behalf, and said dude had a face to face with gen wills (who had his FEF), interviewed w/ the general, and was re-instated to t-38 PIT. i'm impressed. met the general in a bar a few months ago and he was GREAT. there is hope...
  3. Yeah VMFA cause f-16s have ALL the SA IN THE WORLD when they fly around and join a stack. Stop hating on the line UPT IPs (LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE) this is a problem created by big blue. Period. And to echo what someone else said you can thank the maf for sending their dudes to upt To fill slots that the CAF is unable to fill so maybe you should be grateful and not so god damn self righteous. 1 mile LAB it’s not hard. Your IFF SPs have met that MIF. The rest is on you 11Fs.
  4. so how is that a function of 11F/11B/11S/11M? that's big leadership's choice to reinstate those kids. the bros on the line are doing their job sending them to a CR. folks its not rocket science. cut T-6 flying, cut T-38 flying...of course you're getting a worse product than 10 years ago! more with less is meeting the breaking point. OH WAIT WE'RE OK WE HAVE VIRTUAL REALITY TO REPLACE FLYING HOUR SYLLABUS CUTS!
  5. not on my watch, and why you're at it throw out those salomon boots #notFlightRated - unnamed AFSOC GO
  6. There need to be severe consequences for false reporting. This shit needs to stop
  7. Yeah I’ll post mine later tonight
  8. good for you pawnman. know your worth and don't let AFPC determine how you should feel about your honorable service. after retirement no one will care and you wont either...stings right now im sure, but you'll be just fine long run!
  9. only winning move is to not play! good luck to those who still put up with the AF/AFPC shenanigans!
  10. devils advocate...not every pilot deserves to be promoted. are some of you arguing for 100% promotion to O-5? kind of seems that way.
  11. Thunderstorms still undefeated
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