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  1. damn! now thats clarity right there thanks!
  2. sixpack, curious how it all played out for you? i'm in a similar situation
  3. Slight thread derail, For airline applications...availability date...should I put my palace chase date (palace chase NOT approved yet) or my solid end of ADSC date. hoping for 1 June PC and wanna get apps in ASAP! soliciting opinions, I’ve heard multiple opinions on both dates from squadron bro’s.
  4. I submitted the PC and it’s going up thru the wickets. I have an intent to hire letter from the attached reserve sq. Im hoping whoever sees the PC package sees that they’re not really “losing” me, but gaining me in a different capacity.
  5. great info thanks! can i set an official date of seperation (end of my ADSC this december)? Would that even do anything? not against deploying, but def against deploying for a non flying gig to be a power point useless ranger.
  6. UPT IP was told today WG/CC will recommend disapprove 6 months PC packet. what happens after that? Does it still route up to AFPC? secondly....hot for a 6 month deployment this June- December. UPT ADSC is expired this December. can I 7 day opt that? Other options?
  7. I read exactly the opposite of what you wrote. Danger is highly respected in his community. And he’s not shit talking anything. Chill out.
  8. did southern/northern watch qualify as air medal sorties? not throwing shade, honest question.
  9. we'd wreck them. quickly.
  10. is it better to go to the reserves/get hired by an airline, and THEN take the sleep study? i almost dont want to risk anything at this point (< 6 months till leaving AD)
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