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  1. Open up the economy. if you’re opposed to this you probably have been getting a steady paycheck every two weeks. check your privilege
  2. everyone in DC is bought and paid for. doesn't matter the "R" or the "D" (sts). if you think the most powerful government in world history isn't corrupt....we are probably way worse. WE NEED TERM LIMITS
  3. following this as well! looking for the same...
  4. not a huge fan of all the "censorship" talk seeing a lot of people make "lists" of people to "punish"...scary road to start going down for congressmen doing a constitutionally allowed objection...one that democrats have done in 2000, 2004, and 2016. we need to be careful...it makes me think that passions are being manipulated on both sides.
  5. the honorable thing for trump to at this point would be to resign
  6. not a good look for the GOP, trump is burning it down while he leaves
  7. hilarious. no evidence the "lockdowns" have worked at all, but man have they sure wiped out small businesses
  8. funny how most who demand more lock downs usually is sucking on the government TIT for their income don't you care that your fellow American citizens are losing EVERYTHING they have built?
  9. i don't either. it's a losing strategy. best case for them: the election is overturned....great...what will THAT do to the country? it's in the nation's (and GOP) best interest for trump to concede.
  10. the point guys is government arbitrary "rules" are KILLING people. quite literally. and for what EFFECT?! it's not working!!! it's not about the mask. it's about the government overreach destroying american businesses and lives. that's what im passionate about.
  11. ah the classic "well not everyone has complied ENOUGH" response. that's not very scientific don't you think?
  12. sure in that case it makes sense to wear a mask! close contact in a room...CHECK! how about when outside? walking on the sidewalk? it's not a one size fits all solution, but when daddy government gets involved that's all it can be.
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