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  1. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Good. They both know better strog swift leadership from the army general.
  2. Promotion and PRF Information

    hear that duck AFPC is 'bout to suck yo ass back into the fold baby!
  3. GA Aircraft Flown

    RV-4 tandem cockpit was the most fun I’ve had in a GA aircraft. Close second was the aeronca champ
  4. Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    Ive heard rumblings of a possible engine failure on takeoff roll...obviously RUMINT noforn
  5. Syria strikes underway

  6. Syria strikes underway

    and then offer him a 10% discount to the nearest Trump hotel like a boss
  7. the original argument made was "its a no brainer" to choose FAIP over operational because you build your airline resume. "if kids were smart they would T-1 FAIP" lotta strawmans being built that aren't addressing the main front. Nothing wrong with FAIPS we need em...but FAIPing to get "1200+ Multi engine instructor hours and SOS, Flight command, and Exec all checked off as a young second year captain" vs. going downrange and doing a real mission is the wrong attitude to have IMHO...and i bet most kids dont give a hoot about that stuff as young 2lts. If you care about checking boxes as a dude going thru pilot training...you're a SNAP shoe and that type of pilot is how we've found ourselves in the current situation. AND saying you get more SA flying in the UPT environment than flying worldwide ops is down right laughable.
  8. Air Force Site Certificate

    Take a shot for trying to check email on a weekend
  9. You’re not a new kid in pilot training. You’ve BTDT of course you’re sick of it. Go re read dangers post
  10. Lol. Dude. Come on. That’s not what he said. He was referring to your post. I don’t feel like explaining it to you line by line. But I’d say he’s also correct no one joined to do TP stalls in the MOA lol Figure it out. Be better. faip. ;)
  11. Nice straw man. Go see your post. Nothing wrong with FAIP assignment.
  12. Yeah pretty dumb to assume kids want to graduate UPT and go do a real mission downrange while there’s a “war” going on. It’s ok not your fault your SA bubble is low.
  13. Fun with SAMS in Yemen

    Duck is the f15 and AFPC is the sam