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  1. 737 MAX....maybe boeing will sell it on the cheap!
  2. “RIFed officers who are deployed, but are scheduled to return after Jan. 1, have the option of cutting their deployment short and returning home by Jan. 1, in which case they would separate no later than April 30. Their other option is to complete some or all of their current deployment and return home after Jan. 1, as long as their deployed commander agrees. Those airmen who remain on deployment will have to separate between 30 days and four months of their return date, and must leave no later than Nov. 30, 2015. They also must separate before they complete 18 years of total active federal military service Deployed officers who are RIFed and scheduled to return on or earlier than Jan. 1 will separate no later than April 30, like other RIFed officers.” i remember RIF/VSP. Funny don’t recall hearing about a crisis when big blue was telling pilots to GTFO. Or when generals/wing commanders were telling pilots “if you don’t like it, leave you’re replaceable” or that morale was “pretty darn good” Feels good hearing the machine squeal...couldn’t happen to a better bloated bureaucracy. Know your worth. https://www.airforcetimes.com/education-transition/jobs/2014/11/19/air-force-begins-notifying-rifed-officers/
  3. Two things and two things only fix this: 1. Major near peer war w stop loss implementation 2. 2008 level deep recession with airline furloughs. Couldn’t have happened to a better bloated and incompetent organization!
  4. that's a Q1E in the ISR world well done sir! expert POL with some pretty darn good zoom/focus/visual ID.
  5. what fucking experiments do we need to do? grow a fucking pair and make a decision (put your name/reputation by it...looking at you senior leaders)...and go fucking execute. god damn it. smells like a saving of face for the AF IRT screwing over the contractors
  6. or landing gear up....OOOOOOO shots fired!!! (all in good fun)
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