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  1. whats up with the music? lol good work by the crew!
  2. BashiChuni


    Agree. Best thing I did was move my investments far away from USAA. expense ratio fees for most of their accounts are high. Vanguard is money.
  3. BashiChuni


    I feel dirty going w them for home insurance just for the convenience factor oh Damn I’ve been institutionalized
  4. bingo. their strategy was the wrong one...trying to show trump as more "energetic/forceful" blew up in their face big time. whoever is running his campaign must have been running the mccain/palin disaster as well
  5. How is that different from the t-6 det cord?
  6. so he landed via a prohibited maneuver? (speed hold enabled) "The pilot pulled back on the stick and hit full afterburners to try to abort the landing. But with the stabilizers pointing down, his effort to take off again was unsuccessful and he was forced to bail out." that's terrifying to me that the computer could overrule the pilot trying to go around!\ "And he had several things on his mind, the report said, including a positive COVID-19 test of a contact of a contact that might require him to quarantine, which contributed to his task over-saturation." - really?
  7. keep at it, have a smart plan, and go for that plan! maybe next step is instrument/commercial?
  8. a few months? hope doesn't pay the bills. UPT won't solve all your problems and your quality of life might not be the best. (12 hour days, lots of TDYs post UPT, deployments etc) job is good, but i'm concerned you've built it up so much in your mind that it'll disappoint. don't get me wrong it's a great career path. unsolicited advice: i'd keep your well paying engineering job until you have something concrete lined up. 2020 isn't the year to be hoping to find a random job to pay bills before UPT. have you started your PPL? maybe that can keep you fired up until the air force comes calling.
  9. are you financially secure enough to quit and wait out the timing aspect of it? i understand the frustration, but might be more prudent to hold onto the engineering job until you have something else lined up.
  10. lots of what you describe above is fine. but teaching "unconscious bias" training ain't what you describe. telling me i'm a racist and if i deny it that's even more proof that i am one...doesn't seem to be fair or helpful to winning wars.
  11. hell yes dude. that's quite an obstacle to overcome and it makes me proud for you! not a fighter guy, but overall you pop with enthusiasm and dedication...keep at it!!!
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