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  1. Guard, Non-Prior: Interview/Hired: August 2016 MEPS: June 2017 Swore In: July 2017 FC1: September 2017 FC1 Approval: November 2017 State Package Approved: December 2017 NGB Package Approved: January 2018 TFOT: March 2018 IFS: Exempt UPT: Columbus, 13 July 2018
  2. That’s insanely fast! When was your package sent to NGB?
  3. Buckley 2018 UPT Board Difficulty?

    Apply to all available boards! You might be surprised how well you like certain units, or realize how poor of a fit some are based on what you're looking for. Plus, it's good experience to go to interviews, which could help you out with Buckley down the road.
  4. Buckley 2018 UPT Board Difficulty?

    The common denominator on the fighter interview circuit was a minimum of a PPL when I was going through. I've come across people with lower AFOQT scores, but that was offset by a commercial license/ATP and high number of flight hours. The thing that is most in your control right now is to get your PPL as quickly as possible. The general aviation knowledge gained through ground study will help when it comes to retaking the AFOQT, too.
  5. Be careful with including additional documents in a package to whatever unit you're applying to. I've heard of some units tossing applications (and probably pretty solid apps) for not following directions in terms of what documents they want and the order they're placed in. Some may care, but others may not.
  6. My apologies if my question wasn't worded clearly, but I'm just wanting to know if there's any reason where my package would not be approved even though I've passed all physicals and have made it through the preliminary paperwork.
  7. I've tried using the search function, but I'm not quite finding what I'm looking for. I recently finished up my FC1 with no waivers needed and am waiting for the approval to come back from AETC before my package is sent to State HQ and NGB. At this point, is it truly just a waiting game to have all the boxes checked off, or would there still be for any reason my package would not be approved? The reason for asking is I'm getting into a bind at my civilian job where my potential replacement could be transferring out of the region within the next month, and my supervisor and I would really like to keep him here to be able to back fill my position once I'm off to OTS, UPT, etc. Otherwise, I'd rather not tell the higher-ups until I have dates, but my hand may be forced very shortly.
  8. Can anyone give recent FC1/MFS Experience?

    I can't help you on the post-physical timeline, but Wright-Patt contacted me the day after my recruiter submitted my info. The physical was scheduled for a little over two months out from being notified.
  9. I swore in mid-July and found out the following day that my FC1 date is in September.
  10. It doesn't sound like there's an acuity standard anymore, as long as the refractive error standards are met (page 9 in the link, toward the bottom). Also, I think the standard waiting period for PRK/LASIK has been reduced to 6 months. Not a doctor, though. Gig 'em and good luck!
  11. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    I'm from the tiny town where Air Tractor is based. The impact it would have on the community would be huge, if it were selected.
  12. USAF / USA / USN / USMC Vision

    The search function is your friend:
  13. Chances at an ANG Fighter Squadron

    Klamath definitely hires off the street, so don't feel like you have to enlist to have a shot. Both in 2015 and 2016 a civilian was hired. However, if you're dead set on joining only that particular unit, it may not be harmful since you're only 23. In my opinion, you should also do research on other units, because you may find missions you like even better than purely instructing. Keep in mind you will do upgrades and have the potential to be an IP any place you go (albeit not teaching someone how to initially fly the F-15 - more so for the mission side of things).
  14. IFS

    From my understanding of IFS, you don't earn enough hours or do all of the necessary rides to earn a PPL, so I wouldn't expect to use the Air Force as a "free" way of doing so.