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  1. Contrary to the opinion above, I would recommend retaking the AFOQT. Most fighter apps will have higher scores across the board, so getting those up will only certainly help. It’s one less thing in your application to have to “explain”, at least.
  2. Not at all. I was an alternate a couple of times before getting picked up on the following interview.
  3. I’m Guard, so I reported in 10 days out from my class start date. The guys in my class that moved off had been on casual status for several months and were subsequently asked if they wanted to do so. You could probably ask and see if you could move off, but the convenience of being on base wasn’t worth pocketing $300-400 a month to me. Your call at the end of the day.
  4. When I went through earlier this year, it sounded like it was pretty common for AD to wait 1-1.5 years to go
  5. I’m currently at Columbus on the new syllabus and was an OTS grad. You’ll report and should definitely make UOQs your first stop once you stop by the transition office to get your checklist. Two of dorm buildings are under renovation, so rooms are a bit of a premium at the moment. It’s first come, first serve, and the sooner you can get your name on the list, the better. It only took me five days from inprocessing to getting a room, though.
  6. Most units do not require you to be enlisted at the same unit, and yes, you definitely pay your own way. Folks that are serious enough about interviews will always find a way to make it work out. The rest of the info you’re looking for can be found be searching around different threads, most notably the standard interview questions thread.
  7. Do you really want to take that chance? Do both if you’re unsure.
  8. To give a little more advice than already provided, you do need to study. If you do not have enough time to do your best on the dates coming up, then you should consider waiting until after your deployment since you only get two shots at both. The material for the AFOQT is not hard, but I studied for over a month to be able to get the timing down to where it was second nature to know how long I could spend on a problem before having to move on. If you think you can crush it after doing a few timed practice tests, then go for it. For the TBAS, there isn't much to study, but you can find helpful tips just by searching around the internet.
  9. Real talk, you don't want to be here in Alabama in June haha
  10. I found out in less than a month, but I'm also age critical (28.5). Take it for what it's worth.
  11. Apply anyway, but finish your PPL as soon as possible. That was the common denominator when I was on the fighter circuit. Flight hours varied from person to person, but a PPL shows you’re competent/motivated enough to see your training through to the end.
  12. You should be able to schedule the FC1 as soon as you swear in to your unit. That's how my situation worked.
  13. Guard, Non-Prior: Interview/Hired: August 2016 MEPS: June 2017 Swore In: July 2017 FC1: September 2017 FC1 Approved: November 2017 State Package Approved: December 2017 NGB Package Approved: January 2018 TFOT: March 2018 IFT: Exempt UPT: Columbus, 23 July 2018
  14. That’s insanely fast! When was your package sent to NGB?
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