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  1. What I'm sure the report doesn't mention is that the fired OG/CC banned alcohol from flight rooms for IPs and SPs months ago. Just like with the 69 BS/CC, not like he didn't try to do something. Sounds like there's much more to the firings though. As for the enlisted perspective on drinking, they probably witnessed mostly drop night shenanigans. Easy to jump to conclusions based on that.
  2. A guy worth emulating in so many ways. What a terrible loss... Him him
  3. "We finally found the problem. Your safety is our concern." 2-4 years! Am I the only one wondering how it could possibly take so long to fix one component of a relatively simple airplane? http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/23598/air-force-says-it-knows-why-t-6-trainers-are-choking-pilots-but-itll-take-years-to-fix http://www.airforcemag.com/Features/Pages/2018/September 2018/USAF-to-Redesign-Oxygen-System-on-T-6-Fleet-After-Repeated-Hypoxia-Like-Issues.aspx
  4. From the syllabus: "Students will not practice ELPs. IPs may accomplish PELs or SLFs for their own proficiency on any flight in the syllabus, and may use them as an opportunity to demonstrate instructional points."
  5. A Space Force seems inevitable, but it feels too early to stand one up https://breakingdefense.com/2018/06/space-force-go-slow-learn-from-army-air-corps/
  6. Yeah, that was it. My memory of the T-1 drops was a bit fuzzier.
  7. DLF 18-11 T-38: 2 x Iraq TBD Nigeria TBD 2 x F-16 TBD A-10 DM U-28 Hurlburt B-52 Barksdale B-1 Dyess T-1: T-1 FAIP T-6 FAIP 4 x KC-135 (Kadena, Fairchild, Eilson ANG, March AFRC) 3 x C-17 (McGuire, Dover, Charleston) 2 x C-5 (Dover, Travis AFRC) B-52 Barksdale
  8. As of late, AFA is definitely not the right vehicle. The organization itself hasn't done a great job with appealing to younger active duty service members, and consequently has a membership base either out of touch, following the party line, or both. The organization leadership who are retired O-6 and above could theoretically make a difference, but again, most follow along the official AF party line and focus most of their advocating on a large defense budget. I don't think I've ever seen them exert any influence to change the service, unfortunately. The defense contractor corporate support doesn't help either.
  9. So they've decided to start adding AMC assignments into the 38 drops?
  10. Here's hoping things change, but I won't hold my breath.
  11. Definitely some anxiety among the 38 studs about less fighter drops, especially with bigger 38 classes.
  12. 17-09 drop DLF (as much as I remember) T-38 3 x F-16 F-15C F-22 T-38 FAIP T-1 E-3 KC-10 2 x KC-135 C-130H 2 or 3 x C-17 T-1 FAIP RC-26
  13. I saw him talking with Lockheed at the Air and Space conference the year he made the treason comments. Wouldn't be surprised if he's involved with them and the F-35 now.
  14. http://www.af.mil/News/ArticleDisplay/tabid/223/Article/1048659/jb-mcguire-dix-lakehurst-travis-afb-named-next-kc-46a-locations.aspx Is the Air Force low-key saying it's replacing it's Travis/McGuire KC-10s with the 46, or are the 10s moving somewhere else? I thought they intended to keep the 10 around much longer?
  15. Heaven forbid we let young Airmen feel pride for what we've done!
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