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  1. What should the Air Force be if it is so broken now?

    As of late, AFA is definitely not the right vehicle. The organization itself hasn't done a great job with appealing to younger active duty service members, and consequently has a membership base either out of touch, following the party line, or both. The organization leadership who are retired O-6 and above could theoretically make a difference, but again, most follow along the official AF party line and focus most of their advocating on a large defense budget. I don't think I've ever seen them exert any influence to change the service, unfortunately. The defense contractor corporate support doesn't help either.
  2. So they've decided to start adding AMC assignments into the 38 drops?
  3. Here's hoping things change, but I won't hold my breath.
  4. Definitely some anxiety among the 38 studs about less fighter drops, especially with bigger 38 classes.
  5. 17-09 drop DLF (as much as I remember) T-38 3 x F-16 F-15C F-22 T-38 FAIP T-1 E-3 KC-10 2 x KC-135 C-130H 2 or 3 x C-17 T-1 FAIP RC-26
  6. Shhhh...Don't talk about the A-10

    I saw him talking with Lockheed at the Air and Space conference the year he made the treason comments. Wouldn't be surprised if he's involved with them and the F-35 now.
  7. KC-46A Info

    http://www.af.mil/News/ArticleDisplay/tabid/223/Article/1048659/jb-mcguire-dix-lakehurst-travis-afb-named-next-kc-46a-locations.aspx Is the Air Force low-key saying it's replacing it's Travis/McGuire KC-10s with the 46, or are the 10s moving somewhere else? I thought they intended to keep the 10 around much longer?
  8. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Heaven forbid we let young Airmen feel pride for what we've done!
  9. New SECAF Nomination - Heather Wilson

    So... What did she do in the Air Force?
  10. DLF 17-04 T-1s: 2 x C-17 2 x C-130J 2 x KC-135 AC-130W 2 x E-8 T-6 FAIP T-38s: F-15E 3 x F-16 T-6 FAIP
  11. Commercial Aviation air refueling

    RPA AR is definitely probable; Gen Everhart from AMC even talked about the eventual KC-Z possibly being unmanned. At any rate, this still seems very far off considering we're only just defining rules for UAV use in the airspace. Changes in ATC and airspace regulations would be needed before this could work. For the time being, I can see the airline industry simply investing in more efficient propulsion systems.
  12. Commercial Aviation air refueling

    I read an interesting AIAA paper on this concept. While in theory it could save on fuel burn and operating costs, there's still the aforementioned issue of scheduling/ATC, plus figuring out civilian refueling training and extra tanker hub infrastructure needed. Considering the size of the global airline fleet and frequency of flights, that could take a huge amount of time and money to build up to the point where fuel savings might not be worth it.
  13. XL 17-03 HC-130J 2 x KC-135 C-21 2 x KC-10 RC-135 2 x C-130J C-130H E-3 T-1 FAIP F-16 F-35 A-10 T-38 FAIP F-15E B-2
  14. There were also two C-130Hs (both Guard) and 3 Saudi fighters. Other than that, you covered it.
  15. Best chances for fighters.. AD or Reserves?

    There's definitely a shortage in fighter pilots across the entire force, to the point where even top brass are calling it a "crisis". How that's actually going to affect fighter drops in UPT, I'm not sure but I'd venture to guess that they'll at least drop more 38s. If you can secure a reserve sponsorship though, that'd probably be your best chance, but I can't personally speak of the differences between AD and reserve flying. Also, based on what I've heard, many of the RPA drops are going to T-1 guys.