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  1. As a guard/reservist, how long do your orders have to be for AMEX to waive the fees on their AMEX Platinum Card?
  2. Dynamite

    Upcoming Boards

    Your understanding is correct. The only change is in how often the AFRC boards occur. Up until recent, only two boards were held per year. One in the summer and one in the winter. Now they are having a board every two months. Candidates will continue to require sponsorship by an unit or send their unsponsored application directly to the board via a recruiter.
  3. Dynamite

    Upcoming Boards

    This is correct, and it can be frustrating since there is no guidance. But nothing worthwhile comes easy so don't let that discourage you. you can look on http://www.guardreservejobs.com/ to see available spots for guard and reserve. If don't see the unit that you would like to apply to on that site, then you will have to do the leg work of finding phone numbers for the squadrons and asking the chief pilot when will they be having their next board. Best advice I can give you is to go visit the units you are interested in and have some face time with as many people as possible. Good luck.
  4. Dynamite

    AFRC/ANG medcial help

    Really good info. Here is the same file in PDF for those of you with windows computers. LOD.pdf
  5. Dynamite

    Upcoming Boards

    The next AFRC board will be 5-6 Sept 2017. AFRC will then begin hosting UFT boards every other month (Sept, Nov, Jan, Mar, May July). UFT packages are due no later than close of business the final day of the month prior to each month a board is held.
  6. Dynamite

    Upcoming Boards

    Nope, everyone is on the same boat.
  7. Dynamite

    Jeremiah Weed

    This is where I get them from, http://liquorliquidators.com/jeremiah-weed-100-proof-bourbon-whiskey-750.html Order a few at the time because shipping is expensive if you order a single bottle. Shipping was relatively quick too. Enjoy
  8. Dynamite

    Upcoming Boards

    The reason he most likely he chose that route is because he did not find a fighter unit to sponsor him and he did not want to end up in a heavy as he was already a Nav.
  9. Dynamite

    How do my numbers look?

    Congrats dude! See you at OTS/UPT.
  10. Dynamite

    U-28 reported down IVO CVS

    Prayers to their families
  11. Dynamite

    Any resolution to 'Raptor Cough'?

    No intent to disrespect what happened. I was a response to a previous answer regarding doing a google search. But since that answer was deleted, my post is no longer relevant. I will delete mine as well.
  12. Dynamite

    Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

    Just some cool birds.
  13. It is ok to have that sentence in your letter of recommendation. Active duty, Reserves, and Guard are just different components that make up the entire U.S. Air Force.