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  1. 21-02 WSO was 4x F-15 3x B-52 21-03 WSO was 2x F-15 2x B-52 1x B-1 Reserves 21-04 WSO was 4x F-15 3x B-52 1x B-1 Reserves 21-05 WSO was 4x F-15 2x B-52 2x B-1
  2. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/05/magazine/navy-captain-crozier-positive-coronavirus.html
  3. They did have it parked on the ramp outside the weapons lab which would have been entertaining had Russia chosen to do an Open Skies flight that particular day.
  4. Probably their take on Aurora/SR-72. I watched them film that scene while I was leaving work. They did a few passes with Blue Angel #2 and of course nobody was actually standing there. They had a full-size mock-up of the bird pictured in my hangar. China Lake definitely does not have a guard shack right at the departure end of 14.
  5. Guess this is the car thread now? Here I'm running my daily driver stock Z06 at the Lone Pine Time Trials on Manzanar Airfield in California. It's kind of like autocross, only with speeds well into the 100's.
  6. @Zachv95 are you going reserve CSO? If so, you should get them fitted and issued during inprocessing at JBSA. Otherwise, you should PCS to Pensacola before you go to IFT and get fitted/issued there. Also, that's an Aerospace Physiology course at Peterson (chamber training, spacial disorientation, etc) right before your IFT.
  7. @BlueSkyz, it took me about a year and nine months from interview to UFT dates coming from Navy. This included flight phys, waivers, and IFT. Sans those, it would be about nine months from flight physical stamp to UFT. Feel free to PM with any Q's about the process. Are you AD? Are you applying to units?
  8. "Integrity First" goes both ways: the integrity of the officer executing the test and his testimony, the integrity of the test itself, the integrity of the evidence against the accused, the integrity of the state bringing the charges, the integrity of the jury and their decision, the integrity of the prosecutor, etc.
  9. @OZZ I attrited from Navy Maritime right at the NATOPS checkride in advanced. Tried to go WSO but CNATRA said no slots. Tried to redes at a POCR board but RIF'ed. Got put in the IRR as a General Aviation officer (most useless desginator, let me tell you) and got a contractor job as a flight test engineer on Hornets, so I totally understand that feeling of being so close, but not flying. I started applying to ANG and AFRC units and got picked up for WSO in a reserve unit. If you really want to fly commercially, WSO probably isn't the way to go, though. I have heard of guys who attrited getting picked up for UPT (even through an unsponsored board), so it absolutely is possible, though it's a lot of work to convince them you're good to go and are worth the risk. I don't believe I was competitive for UPT because of my washout. I did have to get a waiver for the attrition, as well as one for total commissioned service (>5 years, and I'm going on 7 now). It's a long, painful process going from Navy IRR to USAFR, so be prepared for it to take over a year. I'm not sure of the details of transferring from AD Navy to guard or reserve, but it's worth talking to a recruiter. Good luck and feel free to PM with any other questions!
  10. Thanks, it was quite a fight to get it approved by the Navy with that Navadmin, even though I have the most useless desginator in the service. It really set my timeline back a ways, too.
  11. @Targeteer sounds about right!. I tried to contact Personnel and Readiness when the Navy stonewalled my conditional release, but was eventually able to get it resolved backchannel by posting on the Navy equivalent of this board. I'm surprised you had the scrolling hangup since I promoted to O-3 while Navy IRR as well and didn't have that issue. Was it a recent promotion? It seems lots of processes here are broken and nobody is working with any sense of urgency (and in some cases, competency).
  12. MEPS: 01 Mar 2018 Package submitted: 08 Mar 2018 FOIA request for certain military records (at squadron's request): 16 Mar 2018 MEPS redux (to correct missing documentation): 03 Apr 2018 FOIA received: 06 Apr 2018 Interview: 27 Apr 2018 Hired: 1 May 2018 DD368 (Navy IRR > USAFR) rejected: 21 May 2018 DD368 reconsidered and approved: 02 July 2018 ETP (TFCS) approved: Sep 2018 Board: Nov 2018 missed due to another required waiver (signed Nov 2018) Board: package resubmitted for Jan 2019 board Scrolled: Jan 2019 IFC 1A : 16 Jan 2019 Squadron notified of selection 16 Jan 2019 DD368 extension to 31 July from 28 Feb granted: 05 Feb 2019 IFC IA submitted to AETC: 29 Apr 2019 (had to get some bloodwork redone and there was debate as to whether or not I'd require a waiver for things; ultimately not required) IFC IA stamped: 20 May 2019 Swear-in: June 2019? DD368 submitted: June 2019? 340th inprocessing: September 2019? UCT: ?? It's tough to believe I was hired a year ago and am still going through the process, but there's light at the end of the tunnel finally.
  13. @Insert name, I'm in a similar boat as you - waiting on my med to get stamped so I can swear in, sign my DD368 and send that in, and then finally get dates. How long ago did your phys get sent in? Also, anybody know if you've completed IFT for another branch but don't yet have your PPL, can you get USAF IFT waivered?
  14. @FlyArmy how long did the scrolling process take? I was thinking I could only scroll after AFRC selection, FC1 (req'd for swearing in), and swear-in. I'm IRR, so not having a break in service might have affected my timeline.
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