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  1. I tried leaving my MWS after white jets, asked for literally any 11M plane, including KC-135s to McConnell. Denied by my functional, who said, circa late 2015: "KC-135s are overmanned. You are an ACC asset, expect RTB back to Offutt." As for when studs become disillusioned, I seem to remember most were saying they don't plan on a career, but aren't going to bail unless they're unhappy. No one openly talked about doing 20, it was more like "I'll see what comes my way."
  2. xaarman

    VA Loans

    Can any of yall experts speak to this? https://money.cnn.com/2018/09/26/news/economy/federal-reserve-interest-rates-hike/index.html Another rate hike, and according to the article, expect maybe 3 more in 2019. I'm looking to buy my forever home (finally) in 1-2 years... any commentary on if the rate hikes are so small they're irrelevant vs "buy buy buy before the rates are too high!" ?
  3. xaarman

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Are they living happily ever after?
  4. xaarman

    The new airline thread

    AA Nothing in the FOM about it, based on my 15 second Control-F.
  5. xaarman

    The new airline thread

    Not sure I saw this answered, but here is the verbiage in the contract: -- N. Professional Flying Service This Agreement contemplates that pilots shall devote their entire professional flying service to the Company, except that nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to prevent any pilot from affiliating with the military service of the United States. -- Lawyer as you will.
  6. xaarman

    Seattle airliner stolen and crashed

    seems pretty benign and professional all around.
  7. xaarman

    Flat Rate Per Deim - Gone

    I did a 6 monther (7.5) to Tampstan during this. If you can’t find lodging for 55%, with a non-A, proof of CTO consultation and independent justification to your commander, it’s waiverable back up to 100% by your CC. Glad it’s going away, it was an ass pain that I was fighting finance every day of the week over it.
  8. xaarman

    Seattle airliner stolen and crashed

    Part 2 of the audio posted, haven't seen this in the other videos: edit: definitely seems more like a joyride then ran out of fuel
  9. xaarman

    Seattle airliner stolen and crashed

    I agree with this. VASAviation came out amazingly quick with the audio combo, and the clips are different then what was playing on Fox News. He flew out to the water, stayed there, said he didn't want to hurt people, and when he joked about it, ATC clarified that he was joking. He seems more like the "One of these days I'm going to take these things for a joy ride YOLO." I think the gravity of the situation hit him in the middle of it. The F-15s were there, if he displayed any kind of hostile intent (and botching a barrel roll over water isn't hostile intent), he would have been splashed quickly.
  10. I've posted this a few times because I think it's funny... but when people make really good points, or suggest meaningful impactful changes like the above, I like to re-read it to get grounded back to reality: https://www.duffelblog.com/2015/04/jcs-dont-care-youre-resigning/
  11. xaarman

    The new airline thread

    Heh heh, to be clear... this is airline hot, airline shitty and airline terrible places. Still worlds better than -135s at AUAB in the summer. I’m 737s on Short Call, live in domicile, and have worked 6 days this month, half of those beings a deadhead only days. While I did get assigned a 3 day trip starting tomorrow, I’m hoping that’ll be it for the month. Honestly, this job makes you really lazy.
  12. xaarman

    Fly-Only Track in AMC

    I put this in the other thread - I don't have access to MyPers anymore. Are there any tools at the service members disposal to shield themselves from the BS? Or can the AF still go for the "mission requirements and professional development" tagline?
  13. I don't have access to MyPers anymore... does the PSDM allow the service member any tools to shield them from the BS?