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  1. xaarman

    The new airline thread

    ^ what he said: actual conversation with a CA: CA: I hate PBS and the optimizer. It makes me work 4 on 3 off and I always get min time 11 hour layovers. Me: You're 30% in seniority, you can do line bidding and get most of the sequences you want. I brought my GF to my 28 hour layover at a Miami Beach hotel. CA: I’m too lazy to look through all the bid sequence Me: You can set standing bid preferences in PBS so you can set it and forget it. CA: I don’t know how to do that Me: The company has CBTs they pay you extra to do CA: I’m too lazy to do that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ some people just want to be miserable.
  2. xaarman

    The new airline thread

    AA is published on the 16th at noon Central.
  3. xaarman

    The new airline thread

    Both my interviewers were civilian guys and I’m pretty sure all they saw was “oh another military dude.” Wasn’t asked a single thing. Also I know not all my months will be like this, but if you live locally and bid reserve, there are ways to minimize work. That Chicago snow storm really screwed me. 10 months on property, and I alternate between a line and reserve at my choice. Do not commute! Edit: half those days were deadheads only
  4. xaarman

    The new airline thread

    Really good post but at AA it in First come first serve registration based, not seniority and hasn’t been for a while.
  5. xaarman

    C-130 down near Savannah, GA

    About 6 years ago, I noticed a mentality shift from the Safety guys switching to "hell yeah you're a pilot, you have something to learn" to "absolutely not, you don't need to know." My unsolicited 2 cents, something changed in HHQ guidance... after, what I believe, the F-22 that crashed in Alaska. I think after the USAF hung her husband out to dry, she got ahold of the SIB and sued the shit out of the USAF/every defense contractor. IIRC they settled out of court, but that was the time the Safety shop mentality changed.
  6. xaarman

    The new airline thread

    Anyone have a review of TPNx?
  7. xaarman

    Military Pilot Shortage and Aero Clubs

    Initiation fees, monthly mandatory safety meetings that make you ineligible to fly if you miss them, FCIF system, sign offs by chief instructors 3-7 days in advance for any plan that left the local area, annual instrument tests, etc. I looked into it at Offutt, and the bylaws were beyond stupid. It was like all the backwards of an operational squadron with the bonus of paying monthly dues and $120-150/hr for a plane. So yeah, most shut down, and I can understand why.
  8. xaarman

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Since I knew I had a 10% chance of being promoted, I had my applications to the big 5 complete well ahead of time, hit publish the night I got my notice of second passover and guessed my date of availability. AFPC established my DOS of 31 Dec 17, got my legacy invite on October 27th, CJO was Dec 7th, and started indoc Jan 23rd. That being said, everyone's timeline is different. But if you haven't started the applications yet, they're a bitch. I submitted for my Drivers License history, FOIA'd my NDR (National Drivers Registry) history, ordered all of my official college transcripts, got friends to write Letters of Recommendations, had to do the consulting/resume/application review, etc. The process took ~3 months. The applications themselves are worse than an SF-86.
  9. xaarman

    Vance AFB information

    Surprised no one has responded. Any house with the zip code 73703 is good, avoid like the plague anything with 73701. Even if you find a good house (there is minor crossover) you'll have a more challenging time reselling it due to the zip code difference. Everything in Enid is 15 minutes away, and you can hear trains from everywhere. I used Courtney Colby as a real estate agent. I liked her and would recommend. I think she has a team now, and friends on FB have used her realtors.
  10. xaarman

    Promotion and PRF Information

    PCS commitment, UPT commitment, etc. DOPMA up or out trumps them.
  11. xaarman

    Promotion and PRF Information

    I did it last year. Declining continuation overrides branch ADSCs. You'll fill out some paperwork saying you decline, and a DOS is established 6 month later. It's pretty rad.
  12. xaarman

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    So what was the callsign?
  13. I tried leaving my MWS after white jets, asked for literally any 11M plane, including KC-135s to McConnell. Denied by my functional, who said, circa late 2015: "KC-135s are overmanned. You are an ACC asset, expect RTB back to Offutt." As for when studs become disillusioned, I seem to remember most were saying they don't plan on a career, but aren't going to bail unless they're unhappy. No one openly talked about doing 20, it was more like "I'll see what comes my way."
  14. xaarman

    VA Loans

    Can any of yall experts speak to this? https://money.cnn.com/2018/09/26/news/economy/federal-reserve-interest-rates-hike/index.html Another rate hike, and according to the article, expect maybe 3 more in 2019. I'm looking to buy my forever home (finally) in 1-2 years... any commentary on if the rate hikes are so small they're irrelevant vs "buy buy buy before the rates are too high!" ?