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  1. His attorney, Jeremiah “Jake” Denton IV, declined to comment. Anyone else notice this? Grandson?
  2. The Saudi one is supposed to be a good deal, but I think it's a remote. lots of flying and not much queep
  3. 2x C-12F (King Air 200) at Elmo; 3 years 3x C-12J (Beech 1900C) at Yokota; 2 years with a pretty easy extension to 3 years. 1 C-12J at Holloman for testing 2 (I think) C-12Cs at Edwards shared between the test pilots and the C-12 schoolhouse 2 C-12Cs at Andrews for DIA training multiple embassy locations with C-12Cs or Ds, including Bangkok, Manila, Cairo, Budapest, Brasilia, Bogota, Somewhere in Turkey, and I think Nairobi. There could be more. Elmo and Yokota are reasonable to get as a 2nd assignment. Helps to be an IP in whatever airframe you're coming from, but not necessarily a requirement. PM for more.
  4. AFI 36-2501: 3.15. Active Duty Service Commitment for Promotions. No Active Duty Service Commitment will be incurred for officer promotions This pub is dated 2004. Has something changed? I might need to start looking into the "Declining a promotion" section.
  5. *Edited because I didn't RTFQ* C-12s weren't on your list, but there's nothing bad about them. 1/2 -- deployments are rare (and usually voluntary). Banker's hours most other times and even RONs are pretty unusual. 3. Morale is great because it's a good deal in a good spot and most people asked for it 4. The plane isn't going anywhere soon 5. Elmendorf/Yokota, unless you're with DIA or AFMC. And if you hate it, you only have to deal with it for 3 years.
  6. It was a plain c-12 flown by the DIA guys. They have a deal worked out with a local FAA guy nearby. It wasn't even after sim training - I was just there for an annual check ride coming from an embassy.
  7. I got mine on a C-12 out of Andrews -- done at the same time as an annual IP checkride. FAA evaluator gave the ground eval and then sat in the back for the checkride -- pretty much the same requirements as the AF check.
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