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  1. I don't care about the gender neutral stuff... but I do care that they removed the line about those *who fly*. That's some everyone's important #iserved BS.
  2. Not USAF... But you get the idea.
  3. Looks like Big Blue gave up on Light Attack- https://www.defensenews.com/smr/federal-budget/2020/02/10/sorry-sierra-nevada-corp-and-textron-the-us-air-force-isnt-buying-light-attack-planes/
  4. The AC-208? https://www.airforce-technology.com/projects/ac-208-eliminator-armed-caravan-aircraft/ Edit - another previous thread
  5. There's a slide deck out there that shows this year's 1BPZ meeting 1 year later and 2BPZ meeting 2 years later. So it looks like a move to align eligibility periods to start when IPZ starts. But we're still chugging along like '07/'08 are meeting boards this spring so who knows what the aimpoint is.
  6. Well, 5 year window/end of BPZ is AF Amn/NCO Official - https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2019/12/09/air-force-to-drop-below-the-zone-promotions-for-officers/ Any good RUMINT on 07-08 boards during the transition?
  7. White phosphorus NVGs are also a lot more forgiving than the greens with screen glare. If any of you are moving that way NVIS EFB filters may not be required. Add- I have never used an NVG filter, just night modes and low brightness. Started with it on my knee now it's at my 10 or 2 o'clock suctioned on the window. CSO laptops make more glare most nights.
  8. PCSd out here in Feb/March. If you're a facebooker look up Mildenhall/Lakenheath Q&A, yard sales, for sale, auto lemon lot etc. lots of info there. 1. Electronics - Look at every electronic device. Somewhere on the power cord, device manual, power brick, or internet you will find a voltage/frequency rating. If it does not show an input within this range, I would consider ditching or storing it unless you really need it: England 230 V 50 Hz (source: GOOGLE) You'll get transformers provided (on base also has dual power) but they're loud, power hungry, and in our case, tripped the current protection in our home everytime we cycled it. We're almost entirely on 230 capable electronics and only had to swap out 1 TV and pick up local lamps/ac machine/fans plus a toaster. Plugs are different and some electronics are even mainland European style which makes for a lot of fun. 2. Phone/Cable - Your phone is probably unlocked. Take a look at 3 or Vodafone sim cards/plans. Prices are ridiculously cheap for unlimited talk/text etc to the point where I used a monthly sim card and a phone with wifi sharing as a router until our internet was up and running. We use express VPN. It works great. 3. Housing - We got here off PCS season but still found plenty of housing that supported a 4 member + 2 cat + 2 car O-4 cap in rural, suburban, and city areas. Every property uses their own realtors (in some cases multiple per property) and some realtors are more DOD experienced/friendly than others. I won't recommend any particular one, to include ours but you can spend days on AHRN getting leads and tracking down relevant realtors also listing the properties. 4. Car - I would advise against bringing the LHD larger vehicle. We've got a RHD Mitsubishi SUV of a similar size and a LHD Mustang. Between hood sliding to escape parking garages gates to fearing toll roads when driving alone it's not a great experience most days. Some dudes and their spouses don't mind keeping one for the local stuff. Roads are also garbage and parking is a nightmare but if you really don't care about the 4 runner go for it (resell will be hard if you don't intend to take it home). You can find comparable models here for $2-6K. 5. Ops Tempo - No real input here. I see a lot of them parked on the ramp all day and can't keep our guys AAR current so they must be doing something... somewhere... hopefully. Feel free to PM as well.
  9. Yeah it doesn't sound like these dudes even know these exist in the AF or its periphery.
  10. I've never seen it attempted or noted in an FEF.
  11. If your leadership is cool they'll give you a thing or note or at least an email with it. I had to go find mine in VMPF
  12. 1. I wouldn't, furniture and everything else is expensive there. If it won't fit through a standard single US door it may be worth storing. 2. I had no issues with any US electronics. 3. Seawall is about as easy as an off base drive gets. 0-3/0-4 housing rates will get you a very livable space, even single. Start googling housing agencies, you can get an idea of what those spaces will look like. Your unit/sponsor can recommend more. I used Tokuzato housing back in the day. 4. It was very yen centric but I didn't have many issues with declined cards or too many transaction fees. Not sure of your bank situation but hopefully they've embraced digital wallets out that way or you can use the ATM as required. 5. We hand flew the irreplaceable stuff and shipped the rest. Have fun out there! We would go back in a heartbeat. Disclaimer- All information is from 11-15.
  13. News: 16 May - Terrain following in operational test https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/28048/mc-130j-special-ops-transports-are-finally-getting-this-terrain-following-radar-they-badly-need
  14. Previous thread was from 2007 and lumped in with the HC, I'll try and keep this first post up to date. Command: AFSOC Crew: Pilot, CP, CSO, LMs Mission: Commando II flies clandestine, or low visibility, single or multiship, low-level air refueling missions for special operations helicopters and tiltrotor aircraft, and infiltration, exfiltration, and resupply of special operations forces (SOF) by airdrop or airland intruding politically sensitive or hostile territories. The MC-130J primarily flies missions at night to reduce probability of visual acquisition and intercept by airborne threats. Its secondary mission includes the airdrop of leaflets. Selection: AFPC. Out of UPT (T-38 or T-1)/UCT/LM Tech School and crossflow Schoolhouse: Kirtland, NM (415 SOS - AETC) Training: Qual and Mission at Kirtland. Timeline depends, but is a yearish (request updates from Kirtland only products) Operational Bases/Units: Cannon, NM (9 SOS); Kadena, Japan (17 SOS); Mildenhall, UK (67 SOS); Hulrburt, FL (Test, WIC, other) Assignments: CAO 5/19 you generally don't get a base assignment until you're at training (hence all the drop night "MC-130 to Kirtlands"). Lifestyle: Versus HC-130: Source: https://www.af.mil/About-Us/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/104510/mc-130j-commando-ii/ and baseops forums.
  15. SOF DT talked about it a little bit in a recent webinar. Sounds like vector, needs, and timing. Pry not too different with other DTs.
  16. I looked once and didn't see anything that said we couldn't but really other than demo teams and old school Vietnam helmets I haven't seen it done that often.
  17. Yup. Or be an MC guy and do both. Edit - I know there's not much guard/reserve opportunity for that unless you like the rescue gig. My .02 Tac airlift > AAR (tanker or receiver)
  18. Posted elsewhere but I wouldn't say the A2 jacket w/ OCPs is not ok. It's a visual assault. I can't wait to see what coyote and green bags looks like #marinecorps?
  19. We ops checked the leather jacket and OCPs today. It looks even worse than you could imagine.
  20. Yes, COS just released this via an email I got. Probably too late to help you out though...
  21. And the 11R folks were all over it. That couldn't have been easy for sure. But some of the better written questions seemed to have been overlooked and a few dudes out on their kneepads as well and wasted some time. Overall it looks like a wasted opportunity.
  22. I didn't even know this was happening. Looks like only a few others did as well. But for your scrolling pleasure - (Edit- found this buried in the ACP thread. Delete if not helpful)
  23. Not much to say, standing up an MWS is not easy but you won't know much better as a new guy. Hopefully the Whiskey cross flows will have some good lessons learned from their experiences. I'm not smart on the AC-J IOC status, but I've seen them at big multilateral exercises single ship, airshows/flyovers, and not anywhere else. And they keep taking our new planes from Lockheed with the promises we'll get some more (yeah right) but I don't know if they have any fully mission capable airframes or crews. The Whiskeys can't fly forever, I would say Cannon is a when (not if). My $ .02 on KCVS is available on here somewhere... At this point though it will be what it is. Once you have a unit get a sponsor and at least some ambiguity on what your life will look like will clear up. Final thought - if gunship aren't for you, you'll get rehomed in AFSOC. If AFSOC isn't for you, you'll learn that as well and still have opportunities elsewhere in the AF (but neither of those should scare you, it really is for the best).
  24. Be honest and open with your CC... Realize that it may derail you from a "normal" career path or put you at a disadvantage, especially if you change MWSs on your future move.
  25. Just a point to ponder as you get settled- There are two J models in AFSOC and the slick as well but I'm guessing you mean AC-J (haven't heard anyone call it anything else). Do a search for AFSOC or the base for some previous posts... I've seen a lot of TDYs and dog and pony shows with the new gunship but I expect life to be pretty close to what it already was with longer loiter time and new toys.
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