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  1. Hey, you would actually be surprised.. Dave has been deployed a lot since he's been out here (roughly two 2-3mo deployments a year), and honestly? Deployments are part of his job, so you won't really hear/read me bitch about them. I was just curious, that's all. I already know he's going to be gone a lot the first year we're there, between SOS/IP and the 365 he's going on... It is what it is, no use bitching. I flew out last thursday, and bought a house by 4:30 Saturday in Eagle Ridge. I'm pretty happy and excited. The community that we bought in is pretty awesome. The neighborhood is out
  2. We're PCSing to Fairchild in 16days (just had orders cut yesterday, I think?)! Any and all information will be accepted--what's the base like? what's the deployment temp like? etc etc etc. I fly out tomorrow to start the house hunting process woohoo!!! Thanks!
  3. What will happen to the family if the member is deported out of the country for doing something as stupid as handing the agents your ID card in the wrong hand? Or slapping your ID card on the counter? Or going the wrong way through a doorway? etc etc etc. Is there going to be a culture class for spouses? So we know how to act in public, and, yes, even what is appropriate to wear? I understand that it's not Saudi and maybe not as strict, but still, we should be mindful and respectful of that culture. Well, the plus side for my family: We were medically denied England. I highly doubt we'
  4. To lighten the mood some.. I saw this, and thought it was fitting. On a different note, I have some non-snarky questions to ask: *Do you think the theater should change it's policy about guns not being allowed? *Do you think that the theater is partly at fault? For not having LEOs around? For not allowing CCWs? (I should add: I've been to about 10 midnight releases, and there have always been cops in the theater, so the fact that there weren't, is odd to me.)
  5. They weren't married. He proposed to her AFTER the fact, and she said yes...
  6. Don't forget the 4 month old that was there as well.
  7. Well, fvck. Our son's EFMP paperwork was denied. Anyone have any experience with this, or has been in this situation?
  8. To make sure that you don't have a condition that the medical facility can't handle.
  9. Cap! That does help! The sticky part is housing... England has a mandatory live-on-base rule right now. So, would be be given a house on base or allowed to live off base?
  10. Hey! I'm hoping someone can give me answers... I have a friend who's husband is going to England. She was denied medical clearance. They have a son together, who was not. She is planning on going over there regardless. I think she is under the impression that since their son is on his orders, that they will still receive everything that they normally would, except that she'll have to pay for her ticket out of pocket. 1) Will they receive dependent rate OHA? (And, how would this play in the mandatory live-on-base policy?) 2) Medical? I was under the impression that non-comm
  11. Are you single? Single members are the only ones who are able to get by the housing mandate... Housing/Base had a meeting at the end of May, and housing is only at 50% full, so the housing mandate is still in full force for all ranks. But, I keep hearing wives talk about how "due to our rank, we don't have to live on base..." on the FaceBook pages. So, your guess is as good as mine at this point. I had Dave try to call housing today, but he just received a busy signal.. so he's going to try again on Tuesday. I also asked our sponsors to keep an ear open about this housing cluster-fvck.
  12. I have to agree with this... I know spouses who absolutely hate pitts, and if your dog even remotely looks like a pitt, they'll call housing. Good Luck to you. We own a Rottie, and with an impending overseas move and a possible on-base mandate... we might be rehoming our amazing Rottie :-(
  13. We lived on base, and it was awesome. From Spring-mid-Fall, Dave rode his bike to work (saved money on gas). I could walk to the base pool, gym, BX, and Commissary. I really miss living on base.. I can't tell you about the updates, when we PCSed out, our house was going to get remodeled then. Pinnacle sucks ass. They are the big down side to living on base. :)
  14. I went to the Mildenhall/Lakenheath Spouse (club) page on FaceBook, and from what I read on there, it's for E7's and below. I went to the Lakenheath website, and it had a section for "Housing rumors" and the wing Commander addressed the rumor of making people stay on base... from the gist that I got, it was for Enlisted peeps only. Neither articles actually gave a rank, though. I only heard/read the rank on the Spouse page. Anyone know for sure?
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