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  1. I'm at it again since finding out the age limit got raised. Got busy with work, school, and some flight training I've been doing (taking IR checkride soon). Been sending out applications to guard squadrons and am getting in touch with active duty and reserve recruiters. I'm also expanding to the Army's WOFT program (which I have tried in the past but was rejected with them as well). All the guard squadrons in the last 3 months have given me the "no thanks", however I am seeing a sliver of hope. When asking for feedback I was told by 1 squadron that my history is not totally disqualifying and suggested I include a short essay in future applications describing the circumstances of my life at the time and what I've learned from it. Another squadron suggested doing the same thing. It's crazy how I just can't let this go. I am so determined to do this and yet hate myself so much for my screw ups in life. Just updating in case any gives a sh*t and of course I'm still open to input and advice on how to go about applying. Anyone interested in reviewing my app?? Has anyone done the professional review by bogidope? I can keep you all posted if anyone is interested to know how it turns out.
  2. https://www.rt.com/news/462533-iran-cyber-attack-unsuccessful/ Iran says they foiled it. If true, then better to find out now that it wouldn't have worked when it really counted.
  3. In 4 years of applying I have had 1 interview. My scores are good, GPA is good, LOR's are good, PPL etc. My problem is that I will need waivers/ETP's for medical, moral, and now age standards. I've been trouble free for 7 years now, but I've been arrested 5 times in my teens and again when I was 21. One of the arrests resulted in felony charges, and 2 arrests resulted in misdemeanors. The other 3 arrests I was released without charges. I have not been convicted of anything since I either did community service or my lawyer got the case dismissed. I also have 10 traffic violations but all of those were taken care of with drivers safety school. I was on medication for anxiety/depression for 1 year in 2010 and I had PRK surgery in 2014. I've sorted all my behavioral problems out. Still, nobody wants to touch me and I don't blame them. I recently got rejected again by the air force reserves applying as unsponsored, but the recruiter told me if I can find a Lt Colonel willing to help me with the ETP's then the recruiter could work with me. But I'm not sure how to do that since I've applied to pretty much every ANG unit and many reserve units and the feedback is always the same about the concerns with my background. I knew this was going to be a big uphill battle before I even started putting my application together but I feel my calling is to military aviation and so it is worth it to try no matter how slim the chances. I've given up several times only to find myself mailing out applications again. I've given up again but yet here I am asking for pointers. What approach would you guys take if you were me?
  4. Just deleting some embarrassing "advice" I thought I was giving.
  5. They are still on track with their proposed timeline from earlier this year. Their last shelf offering should fund them through the first quarter of 2018 and some big milestones will be reached along the way. Price is down due to fear and nothing else.
  6. Last time I applied to them I got a rejection letter in the mail.
  7. I don't know for sure, but I'd guess that they would not dump the da Vinci if they acquired the SPORT. The SPORT should supplant the da Vinci for the most part, but not completely. The single-port approach does have limitations that the multi-port approach can overcome. So, some hospitals might want to keep both consoles available. When I say some hospitals though, I am referring to the major medical centers where money seems to be no object. Smaller regional centers that are most cost conscious that mainly do simple routine procedures don't have a need for the da Vinci, perhaps partly because of the costs of the console. But, they do have a need for something with the capabilities, and at the price point, of the SPORT. As I said, robotic surgery is a multi-billion dollar per year industry. If Titan Medical can finally get this off the ground, then many see it as being a slam dunk.
  8. I have money invested in Titan Medical (TITXF on the OTC). Titan has developed a surgical robotic console called "SPORT" that theoretically can out-compete the "da Vinci" console made by a company called Intuitive Surgical. Right now, Intuitive essentially own the surgical robotic market since they don't have any big competition. The da Vinci sells for ~2 million and requires multiple incision sites in the patient. The console made by Titan Medical supposedly will be selling for ~1 million and it only requires a single incision site in the patient. Less incision sites means better surgical outcomes and hospital administrators also love saving money. Robotic consoles garner huge reoccurring revenue in the form of disposable equipment for the robot that hospitals need to buy. Robotic surgery is a multi-billion dollar industry and projected to keep growing. I've been following Titan Medical for about 2 years. Their previous management team failed to deliver a product launch on their proposed timeline. However, at the end of 2016 they hired a new CEO with substantial experience growing small companies. Their previous CEO's experience was working within large already-established companies. Right now Titan is trading at .38/share with tremendous upside potential. Intuitive was trading at less than $10 at one point and is now over $700. Definitely worth checking out.
  9. Maybe "action" wasn't the right word. That's the first time I've seen a plane that big enter a dive like that and the camera panning back and forth between cockpit/spoilers/flaps at different stages of the approach was pretty cool. I can see how experienced mil pilots would think nothing of it though.
  10. Awesome! Action starts at 2:10
  11. Thanks for the informative write-up; definitely appreciated. FYI, I'm still in the applicant phase for UPT and have been applying to guard/reserve units. However, I am now very strongly considering AD since I am getting near the age limit and have been following this thread for a few years. So, I wanted to pose the question given my situation and the rather unprecedented change in leadership for our country. To add to the discussion, a new secretary of the Air Force has just been selected. All I'll say is that I guess I spoke too soon.
  12. I'm surprised I haven't heard much discussion on here about the possibility of AD life improving under President Trump. Retired General Mattis will now be the Secretary of Defense and from what I've heard there is not yet an incoming Secretary of the Air Force. Part of Trump's campaign rhetoric was addressing the epidemic of incompetent, clueless leadership in this country. Although he mostly meant this in reference to the politicians, it is a direct parallel to the sentiment on this forum regarding AF leadership. But now that Trump is in office the political leadership at the top of the country has drastically changed. And with Mattis especially, as the Secretary of Defense, I would think there will be a direct and profound effect on AF leadership and subsequently AF culture. Mattis even send out a very promising letter throughout the DoD right after swearing in yesterday. Sound like these two guys are exactly what the AF needed. So things about to get better, right?
  13. Can you not tough it out? I've followed your posts and was excited for you when you got your age waiver and got selected for UPT. Then you seemingly dodged another bullet by not having the 5 year AD commitment that the reserves are throwing around apply to you. You're all set to be self employed as a civilian with the worlds most bomb ass job on the side as a pilot in the reserves. You're on the verge of having it made. After all that are you telling me that the show stopper is going to be "sleep apnea"? Cmon dude, get a temper-pedic mattress and go to Walmart and buy some melatonin. Then go to UPT. I'd kill to be in your place. Not sure what else to say.
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