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  1. Is it one specific thread? One sub-forum? The actual baseops.net homepage?
  2. Solid find! Have you tried the "Airport Meet & Greet" benefit yet?
  3. I just got an e-mail from SeaWorld, apparently they're in a major PR campaign to recover from the recent "documentary" about their whales. Anywho, I would probably steer clear of there for the next year or so, as they're likely to be doing serious construction. I'm taking the wife and 4 month old to Florida as well, and we'll likely check out BG this year, and SW next year (after they should be done with the construction).

    iOS app updates

    Interesting. Part of the reason for the update was changing the ownership of the app to the developer I was outsourcing. That means they have the ability to modify ad appearance so they can make money.

    iOS app updates

    Have I mentioned I hate apple products?

    iOS app updates

    Friends, expect a new update to the iOs app soon. You will have to run the update to maintain access with the app.
  7. Made some significant updates to the board today.... Maybe that solved it? I haven't done any real in-depth troubleshooting as of yet, just hoping a few needed updates would resolve the problem. Expect a completely new version of both the android and apple app to be brought to market in about a month.
  8. Very very interesting... I'm looking into it. Just to be sure, you're not pasting the link and then quickly hitting submit?
  9. Embedding youtube videos: Simply copy the youtube URL and paste it into your post, wait a few moments and it will expand into an embedded frame.
  10. Expect a whole new version soon for the iOS
  11. Hey bros, I haven't forgotten about you, my wife just pickled off our first kiddo, so things are a bit busy.
  12. Okay... How about now?
  13. How about now? Still having issues?
  14. Then if you get their permission, maybe we could post them all on www.guardreservejobs.com ?
  15. Have you updated to the latest version of the app? I think it's 3.13.15
  16. DFRESH

    Quote issues

    Say what!? That's weird... Can you post a link to one of those posts? That'll help me troubleshoot. The only thing I can think is that your account has a stuck "multi-quote"
  17. So out of curiosity, do you feel like the mac mini and hard drives are cheaper and easier than a WD MyCloud EX2100? The MyCloud runs Plex as well. Assuming a new mini = $500 and two external 5 tb @ about $140 each = $280, so total of $780. Compared to MyCloud w/ 12 TB = $580 or w/ 8 TB = $477. Additionally, assuming the mac mini has gigabit, you're limiting your max transfer speed to a very theoretical 800 Mbps (firewire 800 also assumed). The MyCloud has nearly hit 1000 Mbps in my tests.
  18. While recently deployed, I've found a lot of people are interested in setting up a home media server to play the movies and TV shows they "acquire" while they're down range. So, I wrote up a quick list of gear that helps a lot, and I will write up a "how-to" to follow! For the gear you need at home, there's three main categories: Something to play the media (Raspberry Pi 2 is my favorite choice), something to serve the media (WD My Cloud EX 2100 or similar is what I like), and a decent network to tie it together (I list a few examples). For the Raspberry Pi Kits:Raspberry Pi Kit with everything you need, I have one of these and I prefer the case more than the other kit:Raspberry Pi 2 Kit by VilrosOther Raspberry Pi Kit, don't care for the case as much:Raspberry Pi 2 Kit by CanaKitWith both of these kits, you can use "NOOBS" which is pre-installed on the SD Card in the kits. With "NOOBS", you just plug the SD Card in and boot up the Raspberry Pi. You'll get a screen with a list of options, and you just pick OSMC. Each of these particular kits are $69 For the NAS:The Ex 2100 w/ 4 TB is newer, and faster than the Ex 2. However, it's slightly more expensiveWD My Cloud Ex 2100 w/4 TB - $385 The Ex 2 w/ 4 TB is obviously then older and a little bit slower. But this is the system I'm using in the media room now, and it works great.WD My Cloud EX 2 w/ 4TB - $323 If you're considering spending the $385 on the EX 2100, you may also want to consider buying the EX 2 with 6 TB instead.WD My Cloud EX 2 w/ 6 TB - $385 For the Router:TP-LinkThis is what I own, it's a great price and works great:TP-LINK Archer C7 - $99 This is the next model up. it's a little bit faster, but costs a little bit more:TP-LINK Archer C9 - $129 This thing is ridiculous, but you won't need to upgrade for like 10 years (or 3):TP-Link AC3200 - $258 LinksysThis is what I will probably buy next, I'm a huge fan of Cisco products, and this one seems legit:Linksys AC3200 - $184So, if you have inputs about something you've found that you like better, let us know! I ordered an Amazon Fire TV stick, but I haven't been home yet to test it with the NAS.
  19. Here's a fun one: I'm Delta Silver Medallion, planning a trip from Italy to Florida for February (two months ago I planned this trip). I find out that American has a 1 stop option through British Airways via LGW. I call up American and they will do a 90 day Status Challenge to Platinum (fly 10,000 Elite Qualifying Points), and give me Gold status to match my Silver Medallion. Sounds great, but they can't activate the challenge until 6 weeks prior to the 90 day clock (math in public, but Feb minus 90 = Dec, Dec - 6 weeks = End of October). So fast forward to now, I call them up and find out they have stopped offering Status Challenge, and won't apply it to my AAdvantage account, even though I was told 2 months ago that they put a note on my account and would honor the request *whenever* I called back in (I even planned out the call-back date with the rep on the phone). So now the question: With USAA's trip insurance (okay, not really theirs, but offered through their site), I can cancel for any reason for a full refund. Anybody tried that and had good results?
  20. Yeah, it's a great perk, but a little too late for me. With the Hhonors Amex Surpass card, Gold status is included. I guess the points breakdown if you earn 6x points on the Surpass card vs the standard pts on the Platinum, the Surpass wins?
  21. Should be fixed now. An important table crashed.
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