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  1. I min ran it in about 4 months. Longest wait time is for the facilitated courses, but you can take multiple classes at once. Not sure on the limit, I was doing 2 concurrently. It’s manageable.
  2. My take on PME in the current environment from the cheap seats... With the removal of “off-the-board” IDE/SDE designees, the playing field has leveled a bit and statistically, the average person’s (average as in “generic” not record or performance) chances of being selected improved. At the same time, the retention issues led to the relaxation of some parts of the process (no prejudice for turning it down, trading slots, etc). Tons of people picked up off the alt lists as well. It became a buyer’s market. COVID is obviously impacting the retention piece but I doubt AFPC has any idea of how t
  3. Transparency varies by community and MAJCOM but realize that since WG/CC is typically a 2-year gig, you probably won’t get the tap on the shoulder until relatively close to your command timeline. Susperstars/HPOs are a different animal. I usually see on-time guys get the nod around the time they are selected for DO, and it may consist of 1) your follow on will be XX SQ/CC, 2) we are going to work hard to get you A command but we don’t know what it will be, or 3) we don’t expect to be able to get you a command. Standard AF caveats apply. I was fortunate to have a transparent leadership team
  4. A few notes the SQ/CC process from the CAF side: - IDE does not automatically put you on the command list nor is it a hard prerequisite. Obviously the stats show you most CC’s were IDE folks but not all - When you apply for the board, you acknowledge being a “worldwide volunteer” - there is no way to only apply for certain commands other than the boards themselves (Hawk, CAF, etc) - CAF communities usually have “game plans” with specific folks fragged for command prior to the board. It’s one of those “if you’re in the plan, they’ll tell you” situations. Typically they will tell you NOT to a
  5. That’s not an accurate statement Pawnman. Every community pushes their shiny pennies up the ladder quickly (hence the push for removal of BTZ to try and slow things down so our O-6s stop getting crushed by their sister service peers on joint staffs) and we all have anecdotal examples of those folks. The majority of SQ/CCs in the Bone right now are on time dudes with anywhere from 3-6 combat deployments, no aide jobs, etc. I would also guess most have over 2500 hours in the jet.
  6. FLEA those are very good points and FWIW we are very close on many concepts you spoke about - namely getting to the root cause of why certain societal groups don’t see positive results while others do. One thing I realized reading that is that at some point, my personal definition of privilege changed from having something I “shouldn’t” have to having something someone else “doesn’t” have. That made it seem less like a personal attack on me and instead made me more interested in learning about the other persons experience. Semantics maybe, but like you said words do matter. 100% agree wi
  7. Agree that some people definitely use it to shame or score points...I try to avoid engaging with that stuff and I stay away from the fringe elements of both sides of the political spectrum because there’s pretty much no goodness to be had there. I think the numbers were indicating that there was something like a 6:1 chance that a black airman receives NJP as opposed to a white airman. Hopefully they investigate to see the details of why that is. For example, if you find that consistently, black airmen are punished more severely or at a higher rate for the exact same offense as white ai
  8. One thing I think a lot of people miss with the “privilege” argument is that it’s not (or shouldn’t be) intended to shame, punish, or otherwise degrade the group with that privilege. It’s more about just understanding what other groups have to deal with and how those experiences might shape their views and actions. If you think someone is using the privilege argument to shame you or cast themselves as a helpless victim, I would A) reconsider their argument carefully to see if it’s misinterpreted, and B) if that truly is their argument, disregard them because it’s not helpful. It took me a wh
  9. Again, buying time could get us back to, and remain in, a containment phase. I’m not a huge fan of relying on non peer-reviewed articles written by non-experts on the webs but if that’s your jam, here is another Medium article describing how a broader strategy would play out after a hard-core mitigation phase. https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-the-hammer-and-the-dance-be9337092b56 And here’s a published, peer-reviewed piece on how cities who cracked down hard and fast during the 1918 pandemic rebounded faster economically than those who resisted tough restrictions. https://pape
  10. I think the idea is to flatten the curve to buy time, which if used properly to build up testing and acute care capacity, allows you to move back into the “containment” phase where you can quickly identify new cases/clusters, and isolate before they cause exponential growth. Gradual reintroduction of social freedoms could be applied along with improved testing and treatment, to essentially play “whack-a-mole” as cases pop up until a vaccine is developed. The article (written by a mathematician, not an epidemiologist or virologist) only makes a passing reference to those changes, noting tha
  11. Installation commander may restrict travel to AD folks at their discretion. The home/work commute verbiage is actually the AFI definition of local area. My understanding (after working this at the unit level for the past week) is that leave travel of government civilians (GS employees) cannot be restricted, but *could* result in a situation where the individual is quarantined, and would not automatically be paid (individual could have to use personal leave/comp time, etc). Contractors get their guidance from their companies, but installation commander could always restrict their base acces
  12. 8/13 board members will be rated officers in the “large board” (Air Ops category) from the slides I saw today.
  13. Quick update - return to fly approved! Total time DNIF was about 5 weeks and included a PCS. Two awesome docs worked together and put in the waiver paperwork. Definitely helped that it was a “one-off” event, and was written up as such. Also, no cause was discovered which allowed the docs more leeway to use their judgement.
  14. Agree 100%. NATO is our bulwark. We need to defend the wall. Our disorganization in the international community is terrible but we need to get ready to defend our alliance.
  15. Shout out to Amy and NBKC for another seamless VA home loan. This is my third loan with her (two home loans and a refi, all VA) over ten years and the experience only gets better. All paperwork completed over the interwebs with the exception of the final documentation that required wet signatures/notary. From offer acceptance to closing was ~20 days. Rate was exceptional.
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