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  1. They are eating the cost. They’re on a fixed-price incentive contract (FPIF for the acq-type folks), meaning they pay all costs that go over on the initial contract, with a potential to receive additional gov money if they meet certain metrics for performance.
  2. I would suggest speaking with your new unit’s flight surgeon as they often have the inside track on the waiver process. I had a micro-discectomy about 10 years ago and have an indefinite waiver to allow me to continue to fly ejection seat aircraft, although I was already flying actively at the time of the surgery. What I’ve found is that once you can get through the door, there is almost nothing that can’t be waived if you’re persistent, patient, and find the right folks to advocate for you. Good luck! Your unit will certainly benefit from your background and experience.
  3. I was a third look non select picked up off the alternate list. Lucked out and went to joint school (NIU). It was a great year and I learned a ton about how the IC works, visited pretty much all the three-letters and had a fairly diverse class to include all the services (including Coasties), and folks from most of the IC agencies. The degree was a cross between generic leadership training, IC specific classes, and a poly sci masters. Lots of reading and writing. Thesis over 100 pages and required 80% of the writing done in the SCIF, although it is entirely possible to write an unclass thesis. Still, I worked about 3.5 days a week and had a very generous leave/VOCO policy. Definitely a break from squadron ops. Still, nothing there “prepped” me for command (and certainly no guarantee of getting one). I did make some good contacts which may or may not help me later on. I don’t think IDE is built around making someone a better candidate for flying sq command. It’s more helpful for learning some doctrine and how staff jobs are organized. Still won’t make you a staff genius since that’s all built around relationships and working with people. TLDR: Fun year, nice break from the ops world, and some cool experiences outside of the USAF bubble, but should not be a pre req for command in the flying community.
  4. I went as an alternate. Your CC will notify you if you get picked up. It can be anytime up to about a week or two from the class start date. However, if your notification is inside 120 days to the report date, you can turn down the assignment without prejudice. I did this successfully and got picked up as an alternate again the following year, with a better school assignment.
  5. I assume you’re talking about the group of pilots that met with Senators Cotton and King last year. If you’re not, I apologize and take the rest for what it’s worth. There’s a lot of misinformation going around about that group, what they did and didn’t say, and what they were told going into the meeting. My buddy was in the group, and I was in DC that week so I went with him to a meet and greet where the SAF/LL dude met with them to go over expectations. They were never told they had to say X or couldn’t say Y. They WERE told that going in with guns on the money issue would not play well, specifically with senator Cotton, who had made it clear he thought that the 20K bonus was plenty large enough, and that people should want to serve out of pure patriotism. Spending the meeting trying to convince him otherwise was not going to be a good use of time. They were told about initiatives that HAF was working on to improve QOL in case they wanted to talk about those issues. My understanding is that some of the folks went with a hybrid approach, talking about how low QOL + the airline pay/hiring frenzy, made it difficult to choose to stay. They seemed like a good group of guys and I’m sure they said what they thought they should to improve things. I wouldn’t crap all over them because they didn’t go in demanding more money. It wasn’t going to be an effective message for that audience.
  6. Satellite Imagery Confirms Russia Deployed Stealthy Su-57 Fighters To Syria - The Drive http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/18773/satellite-imagery-confirms-russia-deployed-stealthy-su-57-fighters-to-syria Interesting timing. Also, it’s a great way to conduct operational test. Edit for better link
  7. So...that was aggressive. Anyway, here’s my plan: Revamp the pay scale more along the lines of the General Schedule. Each rank is allotted a set base pay. This pay includes consideration of housing - much like any normal civilian pay scale. Base pay is multiplied by a percentage based on your location. Everyone gets a multiplier - might be .1% if you love in Bum, but you get a COLA regardless. Retirement is based on high 3 plus the national average of COLA. Only base pay (no multiplier) is taxable. All AD (or ANG/AFRC on AD orders for that year) get a 5% reduction in tax rate once taxable income is calculated.
  8. Let’s be real - that game was crazy hard, especially AR and traps.
  9. Same functional. Best in the USAF. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
  10. Our functional told us the '08 Maj board results will release at 0900 CDT on 11 July. I don't know if that's the public release or not. That was the only info. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
  11. Actually, the impetus for the meeting was a letter from an active duty pilot constituent of Cotton's. The writer suggested Cotton should get the pulse of the guys on the line, because he felt that message was getting filtered by the time it made it to the GO level. Cotton contacted SAF and asked for the meeting. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
  12. That's the impression I got. The negotiations over the bonus and retention issue have been going for a while. SAF/LL handles interaction with congressional staff, and they work closely with HAF on that stuff. Personally I wouldn't want to roll into a meeting with congress without a little intel on who I was talking to and what they already knew. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
  13. HAF/A3 rep and SAF/LL Both really good dudes. They weren't trying to dissuade the pilots from anything, just relaying the background on the situation and trying to give them some IPOE. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
  14. They (at least half of them) were briefed beforehand that harping on the bonus would be a non starter with Sen Cotton. He already thought $25K was more than enough and he is stuck on the "service before self" mantra. They were advised (but not directed) that it might waste their valuable time with him if they went in guns blazing on the bonus. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
  15. Back on topic...AFPC answered, when asked about why the next O-5 board was slipped, that it's due to the 3 yr TIG requirement to compete for promotion. Basically when they slipped the O-4 boards a few years ago, they bought time on the back end. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
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