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  1. I just wanted to revive this topic. We are deep into the summer PCS season and Dan Stevens is still eager to help answer any VA Loan questions anyone may have.
  2. Whoops. Sorry - I'll try and figure this out... standby. OK - I "published" the forums on Tapatalk now. Please let me know if this works... pretty sketchy instructions on their site (they push an "up sell" for Premium Installation).
  3. Tapatalk has now been installed on the Forums. The next time you log on via your mobile device, you will see a prompt that lets you know the Forums are now Tapatalk compatible and that you can download the app from the Android Marketplace or Apple App Store. Tapatalk is a mobile app built specifically for forum access. Different from mobile skin or mobile version that comes with the forum system, Tapatalk allows user to have a unified interface to access multiple forums at the same time. www.tapatalk.com
  4. This is a good topic to start on the baseops SIPR website... (yes there really is a baseops SIPR site).
  5. Not sure why the media and everyone is keying in on his sideline prayers - pro athletes have been praying after touchdowns for many years, yet Tebow is the first to actually be seen in a negative light for praying? Maybe if he had multiple DUIs and illegal firearm charges like most of the stars he'd be more warmly received.
  6. Smokey - any chance you want to contribute corrected / more accurate gouge to the website so that I can replace the out-of-date information?
  7. Enter your FTU Gouge here.
  8. Almost everything you need about the course is on the AF portal page for the 45 AS at: https://www.my.af.mi...123772727040040 The course is divided between the simulator phase, currently under contract with Simuflite in Dallas, and the flying FTU at Keesler AFB. The course is relatively fast paced, but not so much as UPT. It's much faster than Altus, lasting 6 weeks. Instructors and evaluators are big pretty big picture, and appear to genuinely care about getting the students qualified in the important aspects of flying the jet, and out the door. Phrases I'd use to describe the 45t
  9. Seymour Johnson AFB, NC is the home to the F-15E Formal Training Unit (FTU) for F-15E student pilots and Weapon System Officers (WSOs). There are two FTU squadrons; the 333rd Fighter Squadron (FS) "Lancers" and 334th FS "Eagles", in addition to two Operational Squadrons; the 335th FS "Chiefs" and 336th FS "Rockets". The squadrons conduct formal training for initial Strike Eagle qualification (Basic or "B" Course), requalification ("TX" or "Transition" course), Instructor ("I") qualification course, and Senior Officer Course ("SOC"). This page deals primarily with the B-Course. Students in the
  10. Enter your FTU Gouge here.
  11. Enter your FTU Gouge here.
  12. Enter your FTU Gouge here.
  13. CFIC (as of 09-02) TD1: Inprocessing, FlightSafety academics TD2: FlightSafety academics TD3: AM: FlightSafety academics, PM: OFT1 TD4: OFT2 TD5: OFT3 TD6: OFT4 TD7: OFT5 TD8: OFT6 TD9: Report to Flightline Flightline training is 3 rides then a check.
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