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  1. Their fallen member was their PAO. Pretty detailed article there. 🍺
  2. They still do it. I went to Tuscon last year to visit Pima Air, and those quals were going on the whole time I was outside in the museum yard. Very cool, and I live 10 miles north of Chino! So I've seen quite a bit of warbird stuff.
  3. Wonderful response to Kaep seen on Twitter, replying to that brilliant tweet from him - "Relax Colin, Iran ain't signin you either"
  4. I thought I heard they shot/wounded someone on their way out of the jewelry store before they hijacked the UPS truck. Then they shot at the cops once surrounded and bogged down.
  5. When I went thru Basic Loadmaster at Altus, there was a story of a Saudi stud LM who had been failed in Basics (which is entirely academic), was sent home, and was supposedly executed in the airport after de-planing for disgracing the kingdom with his failure. Therefore the ensuing policy was to pass all Saudi studs. Since the story came from one of the retired mil now civilian instructors who had been there a very long time, it was somewhat credible.
  6. So who got to take turns kicking the everliving shit out of the other Saudi studs who stood by filming it?
  7. Got to look at this one a bit at the Chino airshow earlier this year, and it looked great. Great progress from a just year previously, I remembered seeing the freshly-arrived and distinctively Bronco parts piled up at Aero Trader. Now it's flying all over the place.
  8. lol Not for UTAs, my friend...in my experience, orders with travel were only available for Annual Tour, or for any missions that had the funding. But drill weekend? That was on me to get there. I did the non-rev thing as a ground guy. For the most part, it worked. To the OP, what you may run into is needle-dick airline personnel who don't understand what you're doing, and may try to claim that you're using your travel benefits for financial gain. If and when that happens, nuke that shit from orbit, behead the remains. I'm getting all triggered internet tough-guy over this as I ran into that exact situation and I played it soft, thinking I have to get along with my boss/employer and besides the airline making this claim wasn't even my own, it was a partner airline at my airport (on whom I was non-reving for UTA, their flights served my destination direct while mine required 1-2 connections). But the takeaway was that I wished later on that I had been much firmer and put the two station managers in touch with USERRA as mentioned above, as well as with their leadership further up the chain, airlines have extensive participation in the reserve components and some education being dropped from the executive/flying side of things would have made life much easier for me and for any other guardsmen/reservists who happened to work there later on. Meanwhile one of my jackass coworkers was non-reving up to Alaska to do commercial fishing. Okay...
  9. Apparently there was a lot more AF-oriented scenes that were cut to prioritize the comic story. Hopefully the blu-ray release has more content. But it's Disney, who knows, they'll probably make you wait after it's been in the vault for 20 years to get that.
  10. Clayton Bigsby


    First Command still exists, I bank with them and they extended us two full paychecks during the gov shutdown, when USAA comparatively did not for my coworkers. Yeah, we got savings, but I was still working every day and having some funds available and not just raiding the emergency fund was nice (especially when the emergency is fucking ridiculous in the first place). We insure with USAA, one place where they really shone with us was moving HHGs from Hawaii, nobody else would. I've also heard they're good for financing overseas direct vehicle purchases, most banks are leery of extending funds for a vehicle whose VIN doesn't exist yet at the time of purchase. But yeah, I definitely agree, USAA has gone way way downhill. They were next to useless for our VA home buying experience - they call you 'pre-qualified' and won't run any actual numbers until after you've made an offer and have it accepted, leaving the potential to lose earnest money if there are any snags. Navy Fed was way better!
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