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  1. Job is posted for those interested. http://mil.wa.gov/uploads/pdf/agr-jobs/16-065-ang-fighter-officer-225-ads.pdf
  2. People are always asking about where the good deals are anymore, well, here's one. AGR position with the Washington ANG, bonus eligible, non-deployable, live in the awesome PNW, and you still get to fly fighters. It's one of the hidden gems not many know about and it truly is a good deal, outstanding work/family life. We're looking for F-15 IP fighter pilots, current and qualified are highly desired with experience in the ONE mission. However, if you're the right fit for the position we may have the ability to be flexible for a requal or to pull from other fighter MDS (i.e. F-16). If you're interested, shoot me a PM with your .mil address and I'll get in touch so I can give you an insight into the job and answer any questions you might have. Job is not posted as of yet but it should be soon. I just wanted to get the information out there for the masses to start the discussion early. Great place to come for 5 years and build seniority if you've already got that coveted airline job and are trying to get closer to, or make 20. Cheers, Sledy
  3. I had a bud show this to HR and they didn't bite off on it. Just to confirm you negotiated yourself to step 7 or is it implied somewhere in that memo? Any tips for a dude to do that successfully? I've never been an ART so I'm admittedly not too smart on it but would like to help the bros out. Thanks Sledy
  4. Here's my NBoK story, I contacted them in February of this year, 2015, and started working with Amy P. Unique to my situation was that I was coming off MLOA to head back to my airline job and was going to purchase my home right after getting back from my deployment. The issue was I would be on AGR orders for less than a year, and would not have 2 pay stubs from the airline to show proof of income so Amy did an OUTSTANDING job of just taking a copy of my airline contract with my seniority list to show what seat a could hold, and computing my projected income. Way above and beyond but absolutely outstanding! Fast forward a few months and I end of up getting extended on MLOA, home area where I'm going to purchase changes, but she makes it all happen, locks me in at the lowest rates of the year, answers questions on weekends/vacation, and does an incredible job. I honestly can not think of a negative thing to say about the entire process and will/would recommend them to anyone who is ever looking to purchase a home. Great work, thanks for all the help, and I'll be using them for my next home without question. Sledy
  5. Voluntary counts for reduced retirement. Involuntary is specifically excluded under 12304b but it is USERRA exempt. 12301d is not apparently, don't know how many companies would really stick that close to it,but it is. When I nonvol I had to sign a form explaining the benefits of each. All spelled out on the frequent topics home page for ANG VPC-GR. There are about three articles on it that explain them all in detail. They actually had to write it into the policy letter to exempt the non vol. from reduced retirement, it wasn't an oversight. One way to keep dudes volunteering I guess. It's tough to believe. But it's true.
  6. If you involuntarily mobilize for a TSP it is USERRA exempt. However you are not eligible for reduced retirement credit. Added bonus, neither gets you TAMP. I'm on one right now. PM if you guys have questions. If it would've been the desert you bet your ass I would've volunteered. But telling my employer I volunteered to go fly CT, no ing way. Plus I didn't want to burn up USERRA on this thing. The sell for the wife and kids was even more fun. Also, my dwell was only 20 months from my last AEF, which was to the desert and I volunteered for that one. If you volunteer. You have no dwell requirement. There is some good info on the vpgrc webpage that breaks it all down and shows the secaf letter that Donnelly signed years ago to create the guard TSP construct. Sledy
  7. Same question for Fairchild ANG squadron if anyone has some info. Any hiring for dudes out of a different MWS? Thanks in advance.
  8. Holy ing safety gear.....surprised they didn't pad the walls and put packing peanuts in the tank instead of water. Sledy
  9. Anyone know of any books that document or talk about the ADC fighters during the Vietnam era? I've read a bunch of F-105/F-4/F-100 and I've never read much about all the ADC stuff that was going on at the same time. Thanks
  10. Our supply system says they cannot order these for us, been that way for almost a year because they have to buy them with a credit card. Logic was that they had to order our green boots via stock number which means we get McRae or Welco brand. Great thing is they are each about a half size off so when you order an 11 and get Welco, they are a half size too big, so you order a 10.5 and get McRae now they are a half size too small. You ask for another pair and are told you already have your 2 pairs, no boots for you. Awesome. We would be overjoyed to get Belleviles. I think we are the only squadron in the Air Force doing this but apparently it's "the rule". If anyone has any info to help me plead my case I would appreciate it. Sledy
  11. You mean you didn't have to do your derivative training CBT?? That thing was kind of a bitch. Sledy
  12. Here's a toast, he was a good dude and will be missed. Sledy
  13. Report I saw was around 10 tons. The size of a small house is what it was compared too. It left an impact mark in the ice outside of the Russian town that looked about 20 ft in diameter. Sledy http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/02/15/us-russia-meteorite-idUSBRE91E05Z20130215
  14. 2. A great article about him in the January issue of Flying by Martha Lunkin. Good read if you have a few. Sledy
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