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  1. Ummm, no.... that’s really cute though
  2. Ok, you guys bring up some interesting points to strategize here. So here is my situation: I am retiring and going on terminal leave this summer. I have my availability set to one month after I start terminal so I can take some downtime with family. I would REALLY like to work for FedEx, but I think they don’t even consider you unless you are within a month or two of available. Should I keep my availability as-is and hope to get a close-in interview, or change it to available now, knowing that I’ll actually not be available until a month after I retire (and then change it before the interview)? That feels a lot like lying and gaming the system to me, and I’m not interested in pissing off the company I want to start career #2 in. I’m also a planner when it comes to life and family - and I would like to have my ducks in a row to know that I have a job lined up in retirement.
  3. Great job taking your future into your own hands, ands thanks for serving 20 years of your life to the USAF. I’m coming up on 20 myself next year, I know the job market is really hot right now but a military pension really does give you a lot of flexibility and piece of mind. Question for you: Did you gonkulate all those numbers over your 20 year career or is there a site that lets you plug in some data and spits it out for you? Seems pretty tedious but it is definitely an interesting nugget to have for reference.
  4. What? Does anyone except for this guy actually think that's why there is a pilot retention issue? ACC and AMC/AFSOC are suffering a biblical exodus right now - this is the first I have heard that ACC's is more pronounced because they have single pilot airplanes and the others have copilots. Lord help us if he is the one trying to figure out the why...
  5. Looking at Mil2ATP for my training, they have a nice $8900 bundle with ATP-CTP, ATP written, ATP flight training and practical, Emerald Coast, etc. I see some things on Baseops about them from a few years back, any newer experiences with these guys? Looking to get this done and behind me ASAP so I can focus on AF flying, retirement prep, and airline apps for the next year or so. Thanks.
  6. Well, your SR is required to give you feedback on your PRF if you want it, so I would start there... During that discussion, I would not use the words "should I be excited about my PRF bottom line", but there is no reason you shouldn't ask him directly how he arrived at that BL and how he feels your PRF will compete-- that's called mentorship. You're asking a bunch of internet advice experts who probably don't know you, and are also not actually experts. Ask the man that actually made the assessment.
  7. I have the perfect solution to your problem: why don't you get on your SRs schedule and actually ask him? You're #3 of 36, he obviously knows you. Should be relatively easy to solve this brain teaser... GOs are not robots, and the good ones actually enjoy talking to their airman - and mentoring them.
  8. Timing it exactly right is more important when your company matches a percentage of your contributions. Federal civilian employees have this benefit, and military will likely have it at some point also. If you max your TSP prior to the last month, you lose the employer contribution portion for the remainder of the year.
  9. Very few power outages and internet is fine on base. All power on base is either underground or going there soon - off base that is not the case. Power has not gone out a single time due to a typhoon for me in two years, considering some of the wind that is rather amazing. Internet company is running new fiber basewide. I stream Netflix and anything else I want with no issues. The houses are old but you will get more space on than off for your OHA. Also, traffic can be a huge pain and gate 4 is closed, so if you work on the North side plan accordingly - gate 1 or 3 are likely your only/best options. Liberty policy for Okinawa is the same as the rest of Japan now, changed in January I think.
  10. Classic. I don't fly gunships, but choose one because you can fly LL anytime... Blah blah blah. Not sure I follow.
  11. Anyone have any decent recommendations for good beer places around Okinawa? The Okinawa Brewing Company is pretty good, but has a semi limited selection. The shoppette's here SUCK. Anywhere else in the Pacific but here has a nice selection of IPAs, but every shoppette on this island has absolute garbage beer.
  12. Not sure how long those shenanigans will last before the fems get involved but best of luck with it.
  13. Both of you are so right, and also two of the dorkiest dudes on this forum. Also, one acronym can NEVER mean two things. And doesn't CSAF mean Chief of Staff of the AIr Force, not chief of staff...? If you're going to show your inner dork at least be correct. Think about that next time you're getting a wedgie.
  14. Anyone know if the COS has thrown down the challenge again this year?
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