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  1. Ice Fishing and Beer Delivery UAVs, Gotta love Minnesota. FAA Grounds Beer Deliver Drone http://www.cnn.com/2014/01/31/tech/innovation/beer-drone-faa/index.html?hpt=hp_t3
  2. Skip the first two minutes of the horrible rendition to see it. http://deadspin.com/5878268/steven-tylers-star+spangled-banner-was-terrible-but-was-it-the-worst-ever
  3. Just found out I'm getting a CAOC tour, any word on the tobacco situation?
  4. Let's remember what this thread is about, losing four fellow aviators, not dick measuring and trolling. Hacker: No they are not the chief pilot. Edit to answer Hacker's question.
  5. The mellon collie end to a great mini series... And thanks to B52gator for knowing where my name comes from. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dFl9OHE-8g
  6. There were a few more there too, like Ebony 02.
  7. Comparing famous Alums: Or this Gentleman:
  8. First the stupid rules article and now this: I'm sure Air Force Times has been trolling these boards, be on the look out for next weeks 12 page expose on De-Motivational Posters and the bio of a Spec Ops Fighter Pilot. No link to the article, you have to pay for it and I'm not buying that thing, anyone read it? Edit: Speeling
  9. This should have its own thread. I was a Cop man myself until my lip fell apart now I only do Skoal Mint.
  10. I think the people who are the most jaded are the fans in Canada. Living in Winnipeg or Quebec City and seeing your teams move to the Southern US where no one cares would be terrible. That's all Bettman's fault, they need to contract some of the teams and let others move back to Canada. Why the league is against the Phoenix team move to Ontario is beyond me... Anyway Game Two starts soon, Go Pens.
  11. While the lockout sucked the stuff that came out of it really helped, it forced them to change the game. Hockey was boring in the late 90s thanks to the trap defense and the lack of scoring. After the lockout they did away with the two line pass rule, moved the blue lines, and created the trapezoid behind the net. All of which has helped the game be as exciting as it is today... Ohh, and Alex Ovechkin helps too. Edit: Forgot the best thing, they got rid of the unholy tie. Shootouts in the regular season are much better.
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